Birthstones . . . a little Catch Up

big ruby 04Ruby is the birthstone for July. It is also a corundum, like Sapphire, so it is a hard stone and durable – a 9 on the hardness scale.

Highly prized for it’s color and rarity it is also a pricey stone. For good color material and very clear stones, it will cost you about $800+ per carat.

It is also rich in history and lore – for example, did you know that Rubies are mentioned 4 times in the bible?

image courtesy of

Here are additional articles to learn more. It’s really fascinating.

The wearing of Ruby can also be beneficial energetically. I use it as an empowering stone, representing passion and grace. It’s a “power” stone.

Read more here:

2015-08-08 16.38.57

Can be found i my store; a large lab created Ruby, wrapped in fine silver

As many of you know I am a big fan of lab created Ruby. I really appreciate the price break.

Ruby can also be fired in place, in metal clay.








image courtesy of

Peridot is the birthstone for August. What a rich color of Olivine it is. It was for centuries confused with Emerald – people believed the 200-ct. gems at the shrine of the Three Holy Kings were emeralds – when in fact they are Peridot.

Learn more here:

It is about a 7 on the hardness scale and a bit more durable than quartz – less abrasion over time.

There is no lab created version of Peridot. There are plenty of simulants like CZ colors that look similar to Peridot. It can be fired n place in metal clay – at lower temperatures.

Considered by early Christians to be a sacred stone, Peridot is a “spiritual” stone known to bring a sense of lightness and centering. You can learn more here:

If you saunter over to my Etsy site, (box to the right) – I have several pieces of both lab created Ruby and natural Peridot available for sale. If you have any questions about these stones . . .comment below or send me an email.

I’ll be doing another post next week on Sapphire. It is my favorite stone on the planet and a primary reason why I am in the business of gems and jewelry. I love to talk about it!

Be well . . . make something everyday, even if it’s trouble . . . and DON’T forget to check out my Calendar page or the Magyk Metal Clay OnLine class page. That class starts on the 22nd!

Much love and light,


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Risk Taking – The Worth of That

Another Big Risk

Another Big Risk

I’ve gotten some questions about the Magyk OnLine 8-Week program and I thought I’d answer them here.

Life is full of risk and challenge and decisions . . . right?!?!.  I’m gonna share a couple of stories about risk taking . . .  *shudder*

For the last three years, my car has needed constant attention and repair. She has been so good to me, despite her illnesses.

A friend had once told me, ” . . . if the car needs more work than it’s worth, it’s time to give it up and get a new one.” I remember saying something like: “YIKES! are you kidding?!?!? I am a starving artist and teacher! I can’t possibly afford that!” He laughed.

Truth is, I’d been working on my mind-set about the starving-artist-syndrome for some time and he knew it. It’s a drum I beat often.

Truth is, I’d grown comfortable with my discomfort because of my limiting beliefs – those nagging thoughts of  “I Can’t _______ ” (fill in the blank) …..all the friggin’ time.

So, I risked it.

I stopped at a dealership on my way home from my store last Sunday. I had told no one, just in case I “failed”.  Two hours later, with the terms I wanted, I drove my new car home.

I am safer, calmer and will be spending FAR less time tending to a car. It’s a lot like hiring an assistant :)

When I started my work in metal clay arts, I had many objections to taking classes – chief among them: the expense  . . . . and what if, I wasn’t good enough – “besides I could learn from books and videos”  I told myself.

Let’s face it, classes aren’t cheap . . . especially certification and after all I am a starving-artist, what do “they” expect of us starving artists.

Truth is, I’d grown comfortable with my discomfort because of my limiting beliefs – those nagging thoughts of  “I Can’t _______ ” (fill in the blank) …..all the friggin’ time.

So I risked it.

I actually paid money for a class in SAN DIEGO . . . and paid for a train ticket (we only had one car) AND a hotel room. I spent three days, learning seven projects – at times, crying and ripping my hair out – and it was the best thing I could have done.

That risk . . . that one . . . where it seemed “stupid/impossible/crazy” – and I did it any way . . . that was the new beginning of my path. I run my own store, I teach often.

It is not without it’s ups and downs and my transitions to greater possibility are much faster. My skills are excellent, my confidence soars with each success, because I know what I am doing.

How ’bout you?

As promised, here are the questions and the answers about the Magyk OnLine 8-week experience . . . thus far.  Launching, September 22 . . . on a computer screen near you.

“Delia, what makes you so skilled at this and have you written a book I could look at?”

I’ve been working in the medium of metal clay since 2007. I am a Rio Grande Certified Artisan and Level 1, 2, & 3 PMC Connection Artisan. I am also Certified to teach Level 1 and 2 PMCC Certs.

More than all the paper certs, I practice the art daily. I soar, I flop, I learn, I experiment, I learn, I practice, I learn.  I have also been teaching since 2007 and it is in “classrooms” that I learn the most . . . helping others, observing technique, supporting strengths.

I am *so* skilled at this, because I practice and am open to learning and I love what I do.

Nope, I don’t have a book I have written or am a part of and only one self-published tutorial. You can find it on Etsy :)

“I was also wondering if I needed to already have a lot of skill to be in this class?”

Absolutely not. Where ever you are is where we will meet. I won’t lie, having some basic understanding of the material and how it works, could be helpful – but it is not required. Beginners welcome.

“I don’t want to just watch videos and ask questions in a forum. You said this was “live”, do you mean that? Other programs say they are live and then aren’t”

It is live!  You are gonna to see me on your computer screen and I will be showing you skills to practice and work on, and we will likely talk about metal clay, our pets and our families too. :)

“What if I have to miss a class meeting for some reason?

We will schedule a time to get you caught up.

“What about all the supplies I need to get, that’s a lot of stuff.”

It is! And I look at it this way: if you are going to invest your resources into 8 – weeks of learning metal clay arts, then you are probably pretty serious about it right . . . ? So why not invest in the tools you will need to keep your experience alive, after the class.  Start out slow….don’t buy everything at once, you don’t need to. Also, built into the program is a pack o’ gifts you get from me, that will have some tools you’ll need . . . shhhhhhh that’s a surprise.

Are you ready to risk it? Learn more HERE  Send me an email if you have more questions:  Let’s DO THIS!  Class starts September 22, at your desk, 7pm!


Much love and light,


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Just a Bit on Alexandrite

Alexandrite is the birthstone for June.

I have a couple of links for you to check out on this marvelous stone. To summarize: Alexandrite is the color change variety of Chrysoberyl. Legend has it that the man who discovered Alexandrite, in the Ural Mountains of Russia, named it after Tsar Alexander II – which I suspect was a you-better-have kinda thing J. Aside from Russia, Alexandrite has been found in Brazil, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Madagascar – not Mexico. From the start of lab grown corundum (sapphire) – the color change variety was passed off as both natural Alexandrite and lab grown Alexandrite – so be thoughtful when you purchase. There really is a lab grown synthetic Alexandrite – having the same mineral and chemical components as the natural material. Although I have no natural Alexandrite, I have lab grown material available at $60/carat and simulated (color change corundum) at $20/carat.

In this picture it's raspberry color :)

Lab grown Alexandrite. In this picture it’s raspberry color :)

“Alex” is said to aid in healing some physical illnesses.  Contemporary practitioners of crystal healing have agreed that it may be helpful in treating challenges of the spleen and pancreas and possibly regeneration of neurological tissues. Don’t eat them though. Please go to a practitioner for guidance and usage. :)

Alexandrites are also great for energetically promoting self-esteem and appreciation of the world around us. The stone can assist a person in developing “inner energy changes” which correspond with intention. Alexandrites will aid in centering yourself. Again, don’t eat them, WEAR them :)

Here are the links, I promised:

Lab grown Alexandrite is also fire-safe in fine silver metal clay, at 1470. BONUS!

Much Love and Light,


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“Gladiator of Love & Joy” and Touchstones

Some people have suggested, including my business coach, that I prep emails/blogs ahead of time. I’ve been resistant.  This morning I heard some things and remembered why I am kinda resistant.

Hay House produces a “World Summit”.  There are videos and audios of some of the most spectacular minds, world wide, all sharing what they do, how they help people and ways to be more emboldened in life.

I was listening to an audio presentation with Mike DooleyTUT Notes from the Universe. He had a lot to share, and what struck me was the idea, almost necessity, to “immerse yourself in truth”

The truth, at least for me, being that there is good in the world….good in my life…good in humanity.

When the world seems topsy turvy with negative events, it is sometimes a challenge to remember that AND the more I focus on good, the more good I create.

There are a lot of ways that I give myself daily reminders to focus on the magyk of life.  I have books I read, audios I listen to, a vision board, I dance, I sing . . . and what works for me most often is the adornment I wear. Day to day, in particular, I am purposeful about what jewelry I wear.

If I feel like I need a super boost on any day, I wear “Through Smoke”.
You can read about it here: through smoke. In summary, that piece was and still is, about walking through challenges.

Every day, I wear my “teaching” vessel and my light-side, dark-side piece.  “vessel” and “light-side, dark-side” are links so you can see the pieces and accompanying story :)

These particular pieces are my go-to-grab-and-remember – why I do what I do and to be in more peace and love during challenging times.

I’m not a Pollyanna. No day is without a challenge, even if it is a very small one . . . like needing to get gas . . . or having forgotten and having to call AAA :) Even small challenges can throw a monkey wrench into a day.

Having a touchstone in my hand (or around my neck) when I cannot look at a vision board or read a book, helps me re-center and handle life’s moments with more grace and ease.

“…be reminded that you are a gladiator of love and joy!” -Mike Dooley, World Summit May 2015.

What do you do? How do you take moments to re-center? Does it make sense to live life with intention?

How can I help you today? What can we create together that will help you – and be beautiful to wear ;). Send me an email . . . lets schedule a call.

Here’s what one client had to say:

“Through a process of question and answer, sketching out ideas, concepts and design possibilities in words and actual images, Delia skillfully and very sensitively fashioned a piece of jewelry that really makes my heart sing. Not only that, she intuited characteristics that I wasn’t consciously aware of and fused them into the intention of the final piece, which makes it very special and powerful in holding my highest intentions for my inner development.” – Susanna

Check out my Testimonials page for more.

Much Love and Light,







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Fun Facts About Emeralds


Image courtesy of Sparkle N Dazzle Gems

In March I talked about Aquamarine, which is a beryl.  Did you know that Emerald is also a Beryl and included in the top 4 list of precious stones?

Emeralds are the green variety of beryl, a mineral which comes in several other colors that are sometimes also used as gems, such as aquamarine which is blue, heliodor which is yellow, morganite which is pink and colorless goshenite.”

Emerald is the birthstone for May babies :) wink wink – that would be me.

And this from Crystal Cure: “Emerald is a stone of great harmony, wisdom and love. Giving your lover an Emerald will bring the lover closer if the giver’s motives are pure love. The Emerald can be a bridge between 2 people. The Emerald vibrates with love.”

Love, wisdom, harmony . . . all associated with abundance which the energy of Emerald is all about really.  And it looks so awesome in silver :)

I personally love Emerald, and would still love it even if it weren’t my birthstone, however, I am more appreciative of synthetic (lab grown) emerald versus natural emerald. LabEm Ears grown material is exactly the same as the natural material – except it has no carbon spots, gas bubbles or other inclusions.  I have some synthetic emerald listed on my Etsy site.

Synthetic emerald can be fired in place, in metal clay, whereas natural material cannot because of it’s inclusions. BONUS!

Folk ask me all the time, too, about the energies in a natural emerald versus a synthetic (lab grown emerald).  When playing with natural stones of any kind, remember this: natural stones carry historical energies from where they were found and much of the energy of all who have touched them since – CLEANSE YOUR GEMS/and crystals.  If you happen upon a stone that was born/dug up near an ancient burial site, for example, look out.

Since the mineral structure of a synthetic emerald is the same as a natural emerald, it will carry energy….but not from where it was born – that environment is pretty clean. It may have some energy from those who have touched it, before you did, however that is pretty transitory. When I sell synthetic emerald, it’s been cleansed and discharged, so that it may be charged by it’s new owner :)  Hope that clarifies things.

BTW – an “inclusion” is material within a stone that ‘marks’ it. In the case of emerald, it naturally has carbon spots, gas bubbles and other markings in it from it’s growth process.

Emerald is an 8 hardness, which is close to Sapphire, however, I do not recommend it for rings or bracelets, because it can get abrasions and possibly fracture, from wear.  It looks lovely in pendants or earrings, and as Cleopatra would have it, in a crown :)

Did you know that it is also difficult to cut to avoid shattering? And that the most prived Emerald, comes from Columbia.

Much Love and Light,




Other resources for information on Emerald:

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SAPPHIRE . . . awesome sapphire

Sapph.72ct303.68On the heels of my attack on diamonds last week, I thought I’d share more about sapphire :)

I hope I have been forgiven.

Sapphire has been identified in about 450 color variations. Experts in the field of gemology have identified color variants and placed different value on them. For example, “cornflower blue” sapphire . . . which is a softer, brighter, blue is valued higher per carat than the very dark, almost “black” sapphire that many of us are used to seeing. The above pictured sapphire (I nabbed from Gem Select) is .72 carats and sells for right around $400 per carat. Various shades of pink sapphire are valued differently depending on the in intensity of the color . . . pale pink is valued from $50 – $75 per carat, whereas very saturated hot pink runs in the neighborhood of $150+ per carat :). Sapph.92ct136.40 The pictured pink sapphires weigh .92 carat in total, AND they are smallish and palish. They are selling for roughly $148 per carat.  Also included in pricing is the cut, shape and size. Smaller sapphires might go for less per carat, no mater how pretty they are. Check out this link so see more of what I am talking about..

I’ve been excited to see a movement towards color stones in engagement and wedding rings :)  You just know how much I love non-convention.

Sapphire is also a 9 on the Mohs harness scale. Which means it is pretty hard. Sapphire grit is often used to polish diamonds. It freaks people out when I say this, and sapphire is more durable than a diamond – there is no natural cleavage :) Sometimes a sapphire has “twinning planes” (where crystals grow side by side) – which under very stressful situations or heat, could cause a sapphire to break. This is a factor of “bad” sapphire . . . in other words, most in the field can see it right away in an “included” stone and avoid stressing that stone or pick another one.

Metaphysically, Sapphire is associated with prosperity, life force and energetically attracts joy and peace.  Sapphire also assists in opening the mind to beauty and intuition.  Sapphire is a stone of wisdom, with each color containing its own unique energy vibration and information.

I have often added Sapphire with the Rune “Thurisaz”.  There are differing ideas on what this Rune means. My interpretation has been and remains that a trixster is at work in my energy field and it’s a good idea to use my energy towards the positive. I recently saw a post on Facebook  . . . a lovely photo with the caption: “The temptation to quit will be greatest, just before you are about to succeed.”  These are the moments when I thrown on my Thurisaz Rune with it’s lovely, lab grown, blue sapphire :)  I also add Sapphire to the “Wisdom” chop.

Is Sapphire your birthstone? Do you just like it? What is your favorite color? How do you wear it?

Sign-up for my newsletter and learn more! Cruise the site – learn more! Order a fine silver adornment . . . you know you want to!

Much Love and Light!





Handmade works have value and resonance. They bring a good feeling to your soul, they represent how you want to be in the world . . . don’t let that representation be “cheap” and uncaring. Treat yourself well and buy handmade from an artisan. Treat the artists you know well, and support them by buying from them and recognizing the value of their time and intention. – Delia M. T. 2014

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OK…. if you know me, you know how I feel about diamonds.


unheated white sapphire from Sri Lanka

While highly praised for centuries and hyped as “A girl’s best friend” and “two months of salary…” – I ALWAYS recommend a natural white sapphire to my clients before I will assist them with a diamond.  When my clients are insistent, I refer them to the best people I know in the business.

Why? Wuhl . . . I don’t want to be too negative, especially for those who appreciate diamonds . . . wear them and love them . . . and here’s the deal . . .

Diamonds are born with natural fracture points called cleavage. It’s one of the reasons that they are truly difficult to cut.  Unless you pay more than about $1000/ct. for a diamond, you are likely to get a “commercial grade” diamond with cleavage, which if the diamond gets knocked around, will cause the diamond to break – and that is something most jewelry store employees don’t have the guts to tell any one.

“Miner’s cut” diamonds from the 18th century, are pretty dang cool, but hard to find – and they were obtained/sold in a time before the Big Box Diamond industry began to control the flow, cutting and selling of diamonds. The cleavage was pretty much ignored and one could see enough fire to make it worth having. (some history on cutting

Around 1900, better cutting methods came along, thus the inevitable emphasis on cut, color, clarity and carat weight.  Around this time the price started to jump, various controls started to take place and ultimately people starting considering it an “investment stone”.  BTW, if someone is looking for a “used” diamond, it is highly unlikely they will pay more than what you paid for it . . . just saying . . . a diamond has to be of extraordinary quality and mayhaps worn by royalty, before anyone is going to pay more for it, than what was paid for it.

And I’m just not gonna talk about “Blood Diamond”.

This might seem like a pretty negative take on things . . . and it kinda is.  I am just not a fan of all the hype about diamonds and the misconceptions people are ‘sold’ and I especially dislike the controls on the market.  DON’T be hypnotized. :)

I’m sorry if you think I’m a jerk now . . . and have burst a bubble…honest!  If you love diamonds, awesomesauce . . . I still love you.  I’m just not a fan.

K…wanna know the coolest thing about sapphires….besides that they are often white?  Sapphire comes in over 450 colors/color variations AND they are more durable than a diamond.  That’s right….I said that.  While diamonds are a 10 hardness and Sapphire a 9 – sapphires don’t have cleeeeeeeavage :)  WOOHOO. And while they don’t have the same refraction (rainbowy colors in light) they are still awesomesauce….less expensive and just down right pretty.


I have maybe one white sapphire in stock over a carat….that is natural, and I have a large selection of sizes and shapes in smaller carat weights.  AND I have a large selection of all kinds of sizes and shapes in synthetic sapphire (remember, a synthetic sapphire has the same mineral/chemical components as it’s natural counter part).  Send me an email when you’d like to know more.

In the meantime . . . be well….live with intention!

Much love and light,


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Doin the Do, Cuz Ya Gotta

Batman_social_constructionSocial Constructs! GAH! What is it: “Social constructionism or the social construction of reality (also social concept) is a theory of knowledge in sociology and communication theory that examines the development of jointly constructed understandings of the world.”

WHOA, that’s a lot of words.

It’s the things you *gotta* do, because it is expected of you, because “that is just the way it’s done”.

Some of those things are really right on . . . pay the bills and you still have light, food, water and metal clay supplies.

Some of those things are really twitchy, like  . . . gotta have a degree to get a good job;  gotta get married and have babies; gotta . . . gotta . . . gotta.

In my world recently, my daughter has been getting her “acceptance” letters for colleges  . . . and the not-accepted letters . . . some by email – ah technology of the day. The good news is, she is pondering four “offers”.

Prior to these events, she walked through SAT hell and all the anxiety and self-doubt that went with it. And mommy too – driving her to the test site felt similar to driving her to the gallows.

Why are these moments challenging? Because, the truth of my daughter is not reflected in an SAT or an “acceptance” letter that proves she is somehow more worthy than another child. The truth of my daughter is reflected in the light of her eyes and the joy of her laughter.

Do I sound a little ugly about this? I feel a little ugly about this.

We have lived a roller coaster of: win-lose; happy-sad; devastated-thrilled; scared-emboldened. Her perception of her worth has gotten a little wrapped up in the responses she is getting. She is throwing it off  . . . and it is hard . . . ask me how I know.

So being the teen that she is, the off-beat conventions that her mother practices – positive thoughts; dancing when stressed; eating well; sleeping more; carrying around a talisman; taking time for mini-meditations; creating something; HAVING A BUSINESS – well “they don’t work mom!”

I get it. I did the same. Everything my wise mom said, when I was 18, was clearly BS as far as I was concerned.

We she was younger . . . when I was younger, the world seemed so much happier and safer and there was far less of a responsibility factor. As all children get older and more aware, the world seems a bit more daunting and conformity to construct seems easier.

Back in the day, I wasn’t ever allowed to speak the truth to my parents, as I saw it. Every rejection of their constructs was accompanied by passive-aggressive misbehavior :) I feel super grateful that I have good communication with both my children. We have very little of that hoohaa.

So here I am, this pretty non-traditional mom. I gave up a four year scholarship because I did not want to be a lawyer; I ran away from home when I was 18; I don’t have a college degree; I got married after I found out I was pregnant; I ended my marriage after 24 years; I am committed to being an artist and staying self employed AND I have this crazy notion that special adornments help people and that making things is good for the planet . . . that one person CAN make a difference . . . one person at a time.

She sees, right now, as I did when I was her age: “I gotta do well in school and on all these tests, and then I’ll get into a good school and then I will graduate and have a great job and all will be right with the world.” And she is a bit conflicted.

So with all the changes in the world since I graduated from HS in 1979, all the new technology, all the new thinking . . . we still see racism; homophobia; starving babies; water shortages; intense, divisive, political discord and, a social convention that says: “I gotta do well in school and on all these tests, and then I’ll get into a good school and then I will graduate and have a great job and all will be right with the world.”  She is soooo conflicted.

And where does her schism come in? She recognizes that, that isn’t who she is. On some level she knows better, and feels “trapped”. Her fear of breaking from the pack is so overwhelming that she tries to conform. I certainly tried when I was her age and I have subsequently tried to conform, over, and over again. If you feel like you are up against an entire population of conformists . . . what’s a girl to do.

We know better don’t we?  We adult people. LOL

My daughter is a powerfully spirited, talented, funny, critical thinking, loyal to her friends, fierce about the “injustices” she sees – young woman. I see the glimmer of resistance and I quietly laud her daily. I secretly put a rune into her backpack and I send her off into the world. Every time I hear her say “NO, that’s not ok”, I scream HUZZAH  . . . on the inside. She has to find her way.

Those that have broken from the pack – chosen to step into the courage of a calling deep within their soul – have brought many great things to our world. There are cures we would not have if a scientist had stayed silent or scared. There are technologies that help us in so many ways, that we would not experience if inventors had stayed silent and fearful. Amelia would not have flown . . . Sally Ride would not be the hero we know her to be.  President Obama, would not be the first black President of the United staes, had he not overcome the thoughts of conventions. We’ve come a long way baby . . .

So today, I grab my vessel and I remind myself of my intentions . . . to see more peace, to see more love . . .  be more peace and be more love. And as I hold my vessel pretty tightly in my grasp, I wonder what she will become when she breaks from the pack.

tumblr_lbrjoolSQu1qde31ko1_500Much love and light,IMG_4386

Make something everyday . . . even if it’s trouble.

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A Few Words on Adornment

DSC_0085You’ve all heard me talk about this a lot –

• Adornment speaks for the wearer, as well as communicates a bit about you, before you even speak ☺

• Adornment ought to have resonance and meaning – other wise why would you wear it ? You don’t leave the house with mud on your face.

• Adornment of meaning can certainly be whimsical and delightful and it is not required to be somber.

• Adornment can create community. Think of bumper stickers you have seen on cars, or that you put on your own car. Think of uniforms that you have seen. Maybe you have seen someone wearing a jewelry piece and you recognize it. In all cases you are perhaps drawn to that person because of a sense of belonging and simpatico – or not ☺

• Living a life of intention versus happenstance is super cool and having adornment that acts as a touchstone of that is even cooler. Imagine for a moment, driving in traffic and being able to grab a hard silver object with the word “love” tucked inside and suddenly you are calmer. Imagine for a moment, feeling really challenged in a situation and around your neck is a pendant that was made especially for you, with the intention of “Courage” radiating from it, and you feel more centered, instantly, as you touch it.

• Having a handmade, one of a kind, fine silver adornment, is just plain cool.

How would it feel to express yourself more fully? How would it feel to have a touchstone that brings a new energy to your moment? How would it feel to be reminded of your intentions for a day, a week, a month, a whole year?

Much Love and Light,


When you are ready, I will be here.



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Runes and Chops • Chops and Runes • Oh My Intention




The Runes are a form of alphabet developed in Northern Europe, essentially they represent the Old Norse language used by the Scandinavian peoples up to about 700AD. The precise origins of the Runes is unclear and the subject of debate, however it is thought that the evolution of the German Rune alphabet was complete by 200AD. The word itself is thought to translate as ‘secret whisper’, another possible translation is from the German ‘raunen’ meaning ‘to carve’.

There are 24 Runic symbols in the Elder Futhark tradition. The Runes are were often connected with the Viking gods and mythology.

Symbolically, each Rune has a meaning, for example Fehu, the first Rune in the Futhark, is literally (and loosely) associated with cattle and wealth. In modern times, it has become a symbol of abundance and possibility in all areas of one’s life.

Beyond the ancient alphabet and written language the Runes provided, they were also used as talismans and divination in Pagan communities.

I love them as intention pieces. Each of the 24, has it’s own meaning, and serve as a focus.

I don’t use Runes (or other methods) for divination. It is my belief that tools such as Runes and Tarot cards are “translators” of our most inner energies – a glimpse into the subconscious if you will.




Historically the “Chop” was and still is, a seal. Seal carving is an ancient art. Seals have become an indispensable item for signing important documents – the owners “signature” or family “crest” was carved in stone or wood. Over time, some seals are still created for their practical functions, and some seals are created purely as works of art.

The works of art are generally, single character symbols representing a state of being, eg: Harmony; Dream; Love; Good Fortune.

You can guess why I love these right?!?! Like the Runes, a single carved Chop “character” piece represents and draws to the bearer/wearer that state of being or intention.

I strongly believe in the value of living a life of intention. What many of us do not consider is that we already do . . . negatively. When we are angry/hurt/afraid and we strike out in some way, we are having a response and we intend to do some sort of “harm”, with our actions. However, when something good happens, we don’t consider that we may have intended that! We often think its “fate” or “good luck”, falling into a default Karmic mode, believing we ‘must’ve done something right for this good thing to happen’.

I suggest that to live a life in freedom from worry and relishing responsibility – understand this one idea and it all makes sense – where your attention goes, energy flows.

Own it! Something great happened, because you intended it. There are no accidents on either side of the scale. :)

So, are you looking for a quality, fine silver adornment – to create community, express yourself . . . stay focused on your path? The Rune and Chop adornments I make are hand-carved into fine silver, with you in mind, as is any custom piece I make. You are part of the process and we can work online to create the spectacular adornment that will suit your needs.

Poke around the site and touch base with me, I’d love to work with you. Live magykly . . . live intentionally.

Much Love and Light







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