BAH Humbug on Black Friday

. . . . and all the rest of that hooooohaaaaa

On Saturday, November 29th, I will be sharing new work and gifts (with purchase), In celebration of you honoring Small Business Saturday and in honor of the enormous accomplishment having a small business is. YEAH BABY!  Stop in to the Phoenix Magyk/Bellandaria store…at Crafted Port LA!!  WOOHOO!!


Many of you know already….and in case you don’t  – I don’t *do* black Friday on any level.  AND my store at Crafted will be closed.  My lovely work wife will be celebrating the holiday with her family, out of state and Friday the 29th is my daughter’s 17th birthday.

I’ve not decorated the store for Christmas either.  That won’t happen until after Thanksgiving . . .please . . .thank you.

In all my 54 years, I have never gotten up at some unspeakable hour the day after Thanksgiving to go shopping. It just isn’t in keeping with who I am. doc4cf6ceeac31ee8124543871

I also believe that the Lovers of Lovelies that I play with, don’t do that either. If you love and appreciate fine art and handmade treasures – you get it and I just know that I will see you on Saturday and we will have a blast!

So stay home, relax, enjoy your family and friends.

Shop small this year….and every year. Know that a “sale” is not always a good thing. Recognize that a handcrafted treasure at the price shown is a treasure of a lifetime and a gift that you will feel so excited to share.

Much Love and light,



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Imperial Topaz

A little known fact. Imperial Topaz is the birthstone for November – not Citrine.  Because imp-topazof the rarity of the color variation of Topaz, many commercial jewelers have convinced people that thier birthstone is Citrine.  It’s also less expensive.

Isn’t that a gorgeous stone?

While pure topaz is actually clear, imperial topaz is orange or yellow. It can also  be found in a pink color, but only very, very rarely. While some believe that topaz is one of the stones in the Bible’s book of Exodus describing the breastplate of a high priest, others think that the translation has been altered enough that the stone was something else.

Large deposits of topaz are actually, naturally found in the USA! However, imperial topaz comes only from Brazil, which makes it more rare and costly, although some recently-discovered orange and pink topaz in Pakistan is being considered imperial as well. Topaz is an igneous rock, which means that it’s formed by cooling magma (yep, we’re talking volcano stones here, people)!

If you’re a bit stagnant right now in life, an imperial topaz piece might be helpful. The wearer or holder of an imperial topaz stone can perhaps expect the following:

Encourage self realization and confidence
Impart strength to quiet wild emotions
Banish bad dreams
Bestow charisma on its user
Topaz draws love to its wearer
Combined with tiger eye, topaz [can] bring wealth and money

Healing properties of Imperial Topaz:
Stimulate the appetite
Aid in nervous exhaustion
Activate life force and metabolism”

Activate my life force? Yes please!

Next month we’ll talk about Zircon – blue . . . which is the birthstone for September, not blue topaz :)

Be well,



*Note: Many thanks to my friend Morgan Culture, who wrote most of this for me, while I was under the influence of pain meds ….recovering from a broken ankle.  MUAH Morgan!!

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Why Art Matters

8227_mWhen I am in a class, and just as often, when I am in my store, I am compelled to remind people:

“You are already creative, even if it isn’t “art” (art being very broad and subjective). You wake up every morning and decide, with the resources at hand, what your day is going t look like; what you will eat; what you will wear; how your schedule is going to go. All those decisions are about intention and you are being creative. I see you as an artist already”

A more important question might be, “why does it matter?”

With all the things we need to do in a day/week/month/year, with all the chaos going on in the world right now . . . why does it matter if I wear something beautiful or if I make something beautiful?

It seems a long standing “rule” that paintings and sculpture are self -explanatory in this regard. Fabulous art evokes thought and feeling.

“More specifically, there is evidence that engagement with artistic activities, either as an observer of the creative efforts of others or as an initiator of one’s own creative efforts, can enhance one’s moods, emotions, and other psychological states as well as have a salient impact on important physiological parameters.2

 Many of us know that. I suspect I am ‘preaching to the choir’. There have been more studies done in recent years than I can keep up with, and with art and music programs being ditched in schools across the country, we are seeing effects that are unwelcome. Art and music activities have proven to increase academic performance, not to mention overall well being.

I believe that jewelry art is just as evocative and just as valuable as painting and sculpture. Would that surprise you? :)

Making things is good for the soul and good for those who observe as well.

Beyond the story I share of how/why I started this work, vs. traditional metal-smith, is the part where I was able to (and still do) retreat into this work when things are off balance/stressful/sad/scary.

Being able to sit, and be still and make something brings peace and relaxation – more often than those moments when I throw my head loop at the wall. It really is my “go-to”. It is my form of meditation and I get ideas and “answers” all the time.

Challenging events happen for people all the time. They can be DEFCON 5 or a DEFCON 1 or maybe just several blips on a personal Richter scale. It’s how we respond to those events that makes a difference in our state of being.

I have, for the most part, grown past my default of victimhood, curling up in a ball and crying all day. Those actions worked for a while . . . until they did not. I still do them sometimes, like when my computer got stolen. It is done with the understanding of releasing energy, not that it will fix the situation.

I’m a mom, an artist, a teacher, a business owner. In moments that seem momentous, I must still move forward . . . even if, imperfectly :)

When all else fails, I make something.

I got a newsletter article in my inbox this morning. Below is a quote from Sara Arey, the author. Sara is an exceptional human, business coach and my mindset coach. I have learned a great deal from her in the last few months and I thought this bit was neat.

“Finding your story is great, but like so very many things in life and in business, it’s not the end result that matters as much as the process you go through in getting there.  What you learn and become along the way.” -Sara Arey

What’s my goal here?

To have you consider the value of making something – daily, and of course for you to consider purchasing handmade treasures.

Art is more than something cool to look at. Adornment has meaning and expression. It can create community or discreate it. It tells people a bit about you. It translates your inner being.

Pinky-and-the-Brain-imageYou know that my master-plan for how to take over the world is to wave my wand and convince you all that doing what you love, and doing it often, will bring about world peace. I suspect things might seem a little boring at first, what with nothing seemingly substantial to talk about, but I’m sure there will still be actresses that do major cosmetic surgery that we can converse about. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I teach metal clay arts. I happen to think metal clay is the neatest thing since sliced bread. I also believe that it provides solace for the soul and an opportunity for growth. My work in this medium has been an incredible journey. Not only has it brought me centeredness when I needed it, I have also learned so much about myself, communities I play in, and other humans. I would go so far as to say, I am a much different person than I was in 2007.

Weather you play with me in an eight-week class, a Mostly OnLine program, or a three-hour mini-adventure. You are going to walk away with far more than technique. You will experience what it is like to have intention in your art and you will realize the healing and meditative benefits of the work, AND, you will have created some beautiful, awesomesauce, fine silver adornment in the process.

Honestly though, if you don’t want any of that extra woowoo, hoohaa, you don’t wanna take a class with me. I’m okay with that.

When you consider purchasing something from me, it’s more than a “bauble”. It’s handcrafted art and it resonated for you, or you would not have looked at it. Resonance is meaning. It’s that energetic moment when you catch your breath a little. It lights your soul. It might even assist you in staying on track with your intentions.

"All Manifests From Thought"

“All Manifests From Thought”

Again, if that’s not what you’re after in your adornment . . . I’m not the artist for you.

I found a couple more articles that I liked on the broader topic. You can check the out.

•“Why Art Matters”

•”Why Do the Arts Matter? Art Creates Community”

When you are ready to learn more about the classes I teach and the work I create, send me an email:

Much Love and Light,





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About That Hair Cut . . . The Really Truth

Note: This is a long “post”. This is a personal reflection that you may or may not find useful. This post is also a recent added chapter to the book I am writing. Enjoy.

crazy-hair_121It seemed TOTALLY impulsive when I first did it. Sometimes I feel inspired to do something “crazy” and then I figure out later why I was so inspired. Sometimes I know I am just afraid and it is necessary for me to take the leap and go with my intuition and then observe all the opportunity for learning that comes from a seeming impulse . . .later”

I believe, when we are children, there is a LOT of compliance .compliance2.8574627_std . . a LOT of control – some veiled as “guidance”, and a whole bunch of “what not to do”. I believe it is where we develop 100% of the fears we battle later in life – childhood. I believe we don’t really learn anything about living a human experience until we reach our twenties and are out the door, trying to figure it out. It does seem to be the convention of a life path right?!?!

As young adults, many of us are tentative about our choices because we are still waiting for a parent to give the go ahead or deliver the 2 minute penalty on the play (you have to love hockey to get that, and I do).

As full-grown adults, some us spend years in therapy, personal growth courses, and reading self-help books . . . all in an effort to finally own our choices and our power and our life.

How did I come up with this hypothesis? I’ve lived it and dare I say, so have many people I know.

I remember when I lived in my first apartment with a boyfriend. There were some “penalties” on that play, from my dad.

When I wanted to rip up the carpet and paint the walls in that first apartment, I thought my boyfriend was going to have a nervous breakdown. Years later we were married and when we moved in to our first bank-owned home, I said “let’s rip out the kitchen” – he did have a nervous breakdown.

And, it’s not as if I wasn’t scared myself – I was just more practiced at pushing the boundaries of the parent approved actions.

The first time I dyed my hair, something that wasn’t “normal”, was when my son was playing hockey. The team was in the midst of a winning time during a tournament and I told him, if he kept scoring and the team won the tourney, I’d dye my hair blue – the team color.

He did . . . they did . . . and true to my word, I dyed my hair blue. It was an epic fail and eventually went from gun metal gray, to green and it cost me a pretty penny to get it fixed.

Some years later, I put streaks of purple in my hair. It was subtle and no one really noticed much.

i just want you to know, I think this photo a bit garrish :)

i just want you to know, I think this photo a bit garrish :)

In 2011, I went all purple . . . a really bright, what some called, “insane” purple.

It wasn’t the first time I did something that I perceived to be outrageous and despite my determination to be unfazed by the opinions of others – I thought I might have a nervous break down. I mean, coloring one’s hair ALL purple is a really big deal compared to starting a business as an artist and teacher with no money and no business plan – sheesh – this was huge (said with a large dose of sarcasm).

My purple hair became an example of “adornment with meaning”. I love purple . . . it is a royal color and a color of the highest vibration on the spiritual spectrum. It delights me and reminds of moments that were pivotal to my life.

It was also a symbol of not waiting for anyone to say it was ok to do that. I am a big girl and I can live with my decisions and I am in charge of my life – so there – tongue poking out of mouth.

MeHeadtiltIn 2012, I decided that ALL purple was too much for my new business venture and the new teaching opportunities I was going to embark on . . . maybe too shocking . . . and the new stylist agreed that the more subtle purple was “more professional”.

So I caved to some public “penalties” and wrapped my head around this being a good thing, considering my age and having a business and being more public as a metal clay instructor in college venues . . . right?!?!

It’s fine, my choice (cuz I hear friends shouting at me – really Delia?!?!?)

My purple, subtle streaks were an example of adornment of meaning and a way that I created ease in a classroom and community in my life. Some casual polling of artists in classrooms gave me the parent approval that in fact the purple let them know that I was probably pretty easy going and fun to work with. Mission accomplished.

A few weeks ago, a friend who is thriving through breast cancer treatment, posted a photo on Facebook of her very short hair. Eve had decided to keep her hair short, as a symbol of not only her own courage, but the courage she had experienced of others and in honor of another friend who had recently transitioned.

Not only did she keep her hair very short, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she had a ribbon carved into her hair and made it pink!

Not to be a jerk or anything, I said I was thinking of doing that. At the time I thought . . . . because it had been so hot and because to me, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is ALL Cancer Awareness Month. Both my sister and mother transitioned due to cancer.

I immediately thought, after saying I was thinking of doing that . . . that I’d be a jerksauce to shave my hair short, like I was a cancer survivor or something and OMZ, what would people think and people would be shocked and awed . . . again….after the ALL purple episode.

The following Sunday, I found the electric razor, theoretically for dogs, and set it in the bathroom. Monday, without a lot of forethought, I told my daughter I was going to have far less hair when she came home . . . and she was all “yeah right”.

I dropped her off, got home, went directly into the bathroom, hoped I had picked the right attachment, and shaved my head to about a .25 – .5 inch off my scalp. And I still was not clear WHY I had felt compelled to do such a thing. I did know, that had I not done it that very moment, I never would have. I would have chickened out.IMG_5662


My immediate attachments to this action were: it’s cooler, less hair product, yes I do support my sisters pushing against cancer, I do acknowledge and honor my mother and my sister, and I need a reminder of what a poor choice smoking is.

Another thing that came up was: what defines feminine?

All of that is very valid and true.

The really truth? I cut my hair off because I could. I cut my hair off because I was done being afraid of what any one will think. I AM SO DONE BEING AFRAID OF WHAT OTHER’S WILL THINK OF ME.

I am growing up, everyday. I am a big girl, doing big girl things (no tongue poking out). While I do not handle all things with perfection . . . nor all things with grace . . . I am making it happen. More important than any ego-centered fear, I am being of service to those that would like to play with me. I am living a life I choose and moving in and out of what happens that I do not choose, with as much love and grace as possible.

So let me hear it. What is your “hair” story?

Make something everyday, even if it’s trouble.

Much love and light,



PS. The Really Truth reference comes from a story I heard a very long time ago. ‘A woman is in front of her dressing mirror. She and her husband are getting ready to go out for the evening to celebrate their anniversary. The woman catches her husband looking at her from the reflection of her dressing mirror. It’s suddenly a quiet, intimate moment. She turns to him and says, “Husband, do you love me?” He replies quickly, “Yes, of course.” She then asks him, “Husband, are you having an affair?” Less quickly and looking more thoughtful, he replies “Why no. Are you?”

A smile appears on her face. “Do you want to know the truth, or the REALLY truth?” The husband looked confused, “Just tell me the truth.” She replies “No, I am not having an affair.” He feels satisfied with this.

Moments later, they are ready to leave. The husband looks at his wife, enjoying her beauty, then he says “Darling, what did you mean by ‘truth and really truth’?”

“Well my dear, I told you the truth. Had you wanted to know the really truth, I would have said: Not anymore.”

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October Birthstone

Carved Opal. photo from

Carved Opal. photo from

The highly underrated Opal is the true birthstone of October. Pink Tourmaline is the alternative, and we’ll get to that later.

Opal is what many of us in the gem trade call, a “water stone” and yes, I just put that hat on.

“The Opal dates back to prehistoric times.  It is a non-crystallized silica, which is a mineral found near the earth’s surface in areas where ancient geothermal hot springs once existed.  As the hot springs dried up, layers of the silica, combined with water, were deposited into the cracks and cavities of the bedrock, forming Opal.  This gemstone actually contains up to 30% water, so it must be protected from heat or harsh chemicals, both of which will cause drying and may lead to cracking and loss of iridescence.  Opal must also be guarded from blows, since it is relatively soft and breaks easily.”

Over the centuries, as more deposits of Sapphire/Ruby were found . . . as well as Spinel and shiny red Garnets, Opal became les and less of a precious gem and nowadays, unless you are a true collector, no one seems to care about opal much. Please don’t tell the Australians though :). Some of the more gorgeous and most expensive opal comes out of Southern Australia.

Australian Opal. photo from:

Australian Opal. photo from:

The stone can be difficult to mine, cut and polish and is prone to breakage. In my US Jem days, my dad refused to set the stone in a ring . . . “EARRINGS and PENDANTS ONLY” he’d bluster . . . and then wink at me.

I love Opal, however, I do not work with it often, because I prefer a faceted stone. Opal is know to increase memory and decrease confusion. Try wearing them as earrings, right next to the brain :)


Pink Tourmaline. photo from

Pink Tourmaline is the alternative to Opal. A lot less fragile and pretty shiny, there are many that prefer it over Opal. I think it is mostly because, what we frequently see of Opal is white and bland, as opposed to the beautiful blue, green and “black” color.

“An alternate birthstone for October, Pink Tourmaline has the seemingly magical property of pyroelectricity.  Scientifically speaking, this means that when heated, the gem takes on a static electric charge, making it capable of attracting lightweight objects. No wonder this gemstone was revered for its mystical properties centuries ago!  Considered the “stone of the muse,” it was believed to stimulate the creative process of its wearer.”

I love tourmaline of all colors. I lean towards watermelon, a combination of pinks and greens. AND a good pink Tourmaline is really stunning. The one pictured above IS stunning. Tourmaline is known for healing . . . emotional/spiritual. I like to think the name derives from turmoil :).  Is great to wear in any jewelry item. It it is in a bracelet, wear it on your left hand.

So there ya go!  Opal lovers unite! Tourmaline lovers have something to celebrate too.

Be well and much love and light,



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Light Side • Dark Side

thThroughout my life, I have battled my dark side. In the early years it was “diagnosed” as “depression” and “anxiety disorder”. If you’ve had this going on in your life, you know the challenges of mood swings, irritability, irrational thought . . . curling up in a ball on the floor . . . that sort of thing. There are many whose struggle is so great, medication is necessary and for others, they have succumbed in various ways.

I speak light of “it” these days because I have come to embrace, rather than shun that part of me . . . because, after all, “it” is a part of me. I now think my dark side will always be there.

It was when I met a Jungian Psychologist, that I came to understand “Autonomous Complex” and began to see my shadow self, how it worked for me and ways in which it did not work for me. You can learn more here: Jung Foundation

Rather than shun . . . judge . . . ignore my shadow self – I embrace, own, acknowledge and frequently have conversations out loud in the middle of my living room with my shadow self :)

I no longer curl up in a ball or distance myself from other humans for extended periods of time. I do find myself drawn to large quantities of ice cream and an over indulgence in bad TV. . . . and a bit of snark-a-tude.

Several months ago, my store partner, aka work-wife, the beautiful Suzanne of Belandaria, brought in to the store, a lovely terminated Aventurine crystal. I was immediately drawn to it and had to have it. On the bench several weeks later was a “Light Side – Dark Side” piece I’d been playing with . . . a moon/angel face on one side and a skully face on the other. Once finished, it seemed to go well with the crystal.IMG_4503

“Green Aventurine is the stone of luck and chance. It is said to increase perception and creative insight. It is a heart chakra stone.” ( What a perfect match! And a perfect way to adorn myself with a symbol of the work I do to embrace my dark side and light side together. In the picture on the right, it is shown with the “Light-Side” up and the other important-to-me embellishments. It might also be challenging to see the detail on the bezel around the stone that Suzanne created.

I wear it everyday. I also get lots of inquiries and compliments.  As a result, Susanne and I collaborated to create some for the store.IMG_5607This larger image shows the detail of the bezels and the faces much better.

So there are 5, available in the store. Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Lapis, and Flourite.  If you want one, hurry up. Celebrate all parts of you. Embrace all parts of you. Join all parts of you. And adorn yourself with a symbol of the embracing.

Much Love and LightIMG_4386


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SAPPHIRE and some other stuff . . .

Sapph.72ct303.68The end of September is quickly approaching. EGADS time flies! The birthstone for September is SAPPHIRE. Did you know that Sapphire has been identified in about 450 color variations? Experts in the field of gemology have identified color variants and placed different value on them. For example, “cornflower blue” sapphire . . . which is a softer, brighter, blue is valued higher per carat than the very dark, almost “black” sapphire that many of us are used to seeing. The above pictured sapphire (I nabbed from Gem Select) is .72 carats and sells for right around $400 per carat. Various shades of pink sapphire are valued differently depending on the in intensity of the color . . . pale pink is valued from $50 – $75 per carat, whereas very saturated hot pink runs in the neighborhood of $150+ per carat :). Sapph.92ct136.40 The pictured pink sapphires weigh .92 carat in total, AND they are smallish and palish. They are selling for roughly $148 per carat.  Also included in pricing is the cut, shape and size. Smaller sapphires might go for less per carat, no mater how pretty they are. Check out this link so see more of what I am talking about..

Sapphire is also a 9 on the Mohs harness scale. Which means it is pretty hard. Sapphire grit is often used to polish diamonds. It freaks people out when I say this, and sapphire is more durable than a diamond – there is no natural cleavage :)

Metaphysically, Sapphire is associated with prosperity, life force and energetically attracts joy and peace.  Sapphire also assists in opening the mind to beauty and intuition.  Sapphire is a stone of wisdom, with each color containing its own unique energy vibration and information.

I have often added Sapphire with the Rune “Thurisaz”.  There are differing ideas on what this Rune means. My interpretation has been and remains that a trixster is at work in my energy field and it’s a good idea to use my energy towards the positive. I recently saw a post on Facebook  . . . a lovely photo with the caption: “The temptation to quit will be greatest, just before you are about to succeed.”  These are the moments when I thrown on my Thurisaz Rune with it’s lovely, lab grown, blue sapphire :)  I also add Sapphire to the “Wisdom” chop.

Is Sapphire your birthstone? Do you just like it? What is your favorite color? How do you wear it?

Sign-up for my newsletter and learn more! Cruise the site – learn more! Order a fine silver adornment . . . you know you want to! Read on below the rocks, for the “other stuff”.

Much Love and Light!

IMG_4386 minionshirt


OK. . . the other stuff . . . kinda a rant, so if your not into that, stop reading now.

Last week I did not make a blog post. I started to and then I think I thought better of it, because I was really frustrated.

I pound the proverbial drum, a lot, about making a living as an artist, dropping the starving artist syndrome, and the value of an artists work.

I had an experience in the store that is pretty familiar to me. A woman picked up a pendant, looked at the price and decided that it was too expensive and criticized the pricing based on the size of the piece and the weight of the chain.

So now that I have had another week to calm down, I will say this much to everyone out there who is considering a handmade piece of adornment – weather it is clothing, a piece for your home/office, or jewelry: The work you encounter when in a handmade market environment – is HANDMADE. That means that an artist, sat down and considered materials on hand and a design and in general, gave up time on something else to carefully craft that object. Most artists use quality material and these objects take time, consideration and love of the craft, whatever it is. Most artists have spent hours honing their craft and maintain buckets of “fails” in the corner of a room somewhere. Most artists of the handmade sort, don’t charge enough for their time and quality materials – they get scared of criticism in pricing and often only charge for the materials. Most artists have training in their craft, either through self-taught methods or more formal classes – an investment of time and energy and often money, that ought to be included in how they price their work, just like in any other profession – and often is not. I will also say, that these ideals I have, include those that teach their craft – I personally experience complaint over what I charge for a class and materials fees.

So the next time you pick up a handmade item, consider all that went into it. You are not in a Target/Walmart or other big box store . . . in which often you will find “handmade” goods that are created by laborers who get paid very little and don’t much care what they make and the materials are usually cheap.

Handmade works have value and resonance. They bring a good feeling to your soul, they represent how you want to be in the world . . . don’t let that representation be “cheap” and uncaring. Treat yourself well and buy handmade from an artisan. Treat the artists you know well, and support them by buying from them and recognizing the value of their time and intention.

Artists!  You know what I will say, however, I’m gonna say it again. VALUE the work you do, the talent you have, the gifts you bring to the world and charge for your work accordingly.  When people pay more for quality work, they treat it better, they are treating themselves better and YOU are contributing to the planet in a very big way.  I love you fellow Artisans.


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Runes and Chops • Chops and Runes • Oh My Intention




The Runes are a form of alphabet developed in Northern Europe, essentially they represent the Old Norse language used by the Scandinavian peoples up to about 700AD. The precise origins of the Runes is unclear and the subject of debate, however it is thought that the evolution of the German Rune alphabet was complete by 200AD. The word itself is thought to translate as ‘secret whisper’, another possible translation is from the German ‘raunen’ meaning ‘to carve’.

There are 24 Runic symbols in the Elder Futhark tradition. The Runes are were often connected with the Viking gods and mythology.

Symbolically, each Rune has a meaning, for example Fehu, the first Rune in the Futhark, is literally (and loosely) associated with cattle and wealth. In modern times, it has become a symbol of abundance and possibility in all areas of one’s life.

Beyond the ancient alphabet and written language the Runes provided, they were also used as talisman’s and divination in Pagan communities.

I love them as intention pieces. Each of the 24, has it’s own meaning, and serve as a focus.

I don’t use Runes (or other methods) for divination. It is my belief that tools such as Runes and Tarot cards are “translators” of our most inner energies – a glimpse into the subconscious if you will.




Historically the “Chop” was and still is, a seal. Seal carving is an ancient art. Seals have become an indispensable item for signing important documents – the owners “signature” or family “crest” was carved in stone or wood. Over time, some seals are still created for their practical functions, and some seals are created purely as works of art.

The works of art are generally, single character symbols representing a state of being, eg: Harmony; Dream; Love; Good Fortune.

You can guess why I love these right?!?! Like the Runes, a single carved Chop “character” piece represents and draws to the bearer/wearer that state of being or intention.

I strongly believe in the value of living a life of intention. What many of us do not consider is that we already do . . . negatively. When we are angry/hurt/afraid and we strike out in some way, we are having a response and we intend to do some sort of “harm”, with our actions. However, when something good happens, we don’t consider that we may have intended that! We often think its “fate” or “good luck”, falling into a default Karmic mode, believing we ‘must’ve done something right for this good thing to happen’.

I suggest that to live a life in freedom from worry and relishing responsibility – understand this one idea and it all makes sense – where your attention goes, energy flows.

Own it! Something great happened, because you intended it. There are no accidents on either side of the scale. :)

So, are you looking for a quality, fine silver adornment – to create community, express yourself . . . stay focused on your path? The Rune and Chop adornments I make are hand-carved into fine silver, with you in mind, as is any custom piece I make. You are part of the process and we can work online to create the spectacular adornment that will suit your needs.

Poke around the site and touch base with me, I’d love to work with you. Live magykally . . . live intentionally.

Much Love and Light







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Myths and Paths

CrazyBunnyWhen I was a child, I grew up with two parents . . .one identified as a practicing Methodist….the other a practicing Catholic. I also witnessed a great deal of dysfunction. To say that there was a great deal of mixed messages and religious confusion, would be an understatement.

Like many other children of my era, I was also taught to believe in The Tooth Fairy; The Sand Man; The Boogie Man; Santa Clause, and The Easter Bunny, – along with the Golly Green Giant and the belief that cheese was spelled K-R-A-F-T.

As I got older, each of the mythical beings were poofed away, and it would be increasingly more difficult for me to have a belief in a “God” or a “Jesus”.

In my own life experiences, as an adult, there was a great deal of judgment and shaming of behaviors and a million unanswered “prayers”, that left me with a belief that I was not worthy of good things/right things/a happy life – clearly I had so many sins in the “con” column – I was simply doomed.

Well . . . that was all a downer right? And surely you are sayin’ – “what is the point of this over-sharing Delia?”

Here is the point: I’ve done a great deal of growing and learning since I was a child and since I was 23 y.o., and became aware of all that “stuff”.

Today, without a lot more story, I believe in the divinity within us all. I believe, that each person walks a path in life, that is right for them. It is never my job to judge a persons path, it is instead my job to discern weather I want to walk along side them.

MOSTLY, I believe that a path that includes Intention, provides me with a trajectory to follow. Intention allows me self-responsibility and choice. I create the life I want and if I create something I later discover I don’t want, I have the option to dis-create it. Yup, dis-create is my made-up word . . . and I like it.

There will always be events for which I have no control . . . like an earthquake, AND I can still have responsibility for how I move forward. That’s what responsibility means . . . the ability to respond. I learned that from my business coach and it opened up a whole new area of my heart. :)

If my house were to be destroyed, I could stand and cry, or I could find my pets, dig through the rubble for what is important to me and find a place to rest my head. If an earthquake happens and my house is intact, I can remain un-dramatic about the event and be of more help to others who were affected.

Intention will create a journey of self-discovery and a deeper understanding of the world around you.

I have a dream . . . it’s really HUGE. I dream that one day, when everyone is living a life of intention and feels centered and happy with their choices, there will be world peace . . . finally!

I live my dream by first providing clients with an adornment that resonates their intention and anchors them to their intention and assists them in living that intention.

Additionally, I provide an opportunity for people to learn an art form that creates healing, centering, discovery and the possibility of a new adventure.

How can I support you today? What assistance may I provide for your trajectory? Are you feeling challenged in some way and desire an adornment that will help you to refocus daily?

Are you searching for an outlet for the ideas in your head? Does your soul yearn to bring more beauty to the world?

Poke around my site to learn more about me. Join my mailing list and get my free e-book, “Abraca . . . Get Real” – look to your right for the box to sign-up. Contact me, and tell me about your path. Post it here . . .?

Much love and light,


PS. I do believe in magyk . . . Intention + action = super cool result. And I do believe in the energy and spirit of Santa and Fairies :)

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Why I Won’t Make The “Energy” chop Again . . .

IMG_4895I recently had the opportunity to watch a snippet of video from a conference in Costa Rica – “Awesomefest 2010”. Wish’d I’d known about it.

The section I saw was a presentation by Christie Marie Sheldon, Love or Above. She is an Energy Healer. She was talking about “energy blocks”.

In summary, she speaks to the idea that our “points of view create our reality”. I happen to support this idea. And I bet, if you really think about it, you would too.

Every thought and action carries with it an energy. It can have a negative effect or a positive effect . . . an outcome we appreciate or an outcome we were not really expecting. That’s why I believe that we want to be conscious of what we speak, as well as what we do. Generally what we speak is what we mean and best to make it positive. I’m sure you’ve heard people say things like, ‘careful what you pray for’ ? Our spoken words are like a prayer…a spell…a stated intention.

I found this definition, which I thought was kinda fitting.

Energy – in physics, this is an indirectly observed quantity often understood as the ability of a physical system to do work on other physical systems.[1][2] Since work is defined as a force acting through a distance (a length of space), energy is always equivalent to the ability to exert pulls or pushes against the basic forces of nature, along a path of a certain length.”

I know there are a lot of words there. Here’s how it fits, perhaps, metaphysically or spiritually speaking.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, is a graduate of the Yokohama Municipal University’s department of humanities and sciences, with a focus on International Relations.

In 1992, he received certification in Alternative Medicine and was introduced to the concept of micro cluster water in the US and Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology. He then began to research and discover the “mystery” of water.

The research was performed on frozen water and then slices were put under a microscope. Below is a very brief summary of his work from his website:

“The result was that we always observed beautiful crystals after giving good words, playing good music, and showing, playing, or offering pure prayer to water. On the other hand, we observed disfigured crystals in the opposite situation. Moreover, we never observed identical crystals.”

DrEmotoI can’t take credit for this find, it came from the Sheldon video. I was inspired to look up Dr. Emoto and his research. My initial thought was how, growing up, we learned that talking to plants made a difference in how they grew. As I got older, I never looked it up and had believed it to be a myth. Now I’m not so sure. I believe Dr. Emoto’s research demonstrates that various types of energy in motion have effect.

YO! Delia! The chop? What about the “Energy” chop.

OH! Yeah! Here’s why I won’t make it again. It’s too broad and has the potential to be charged negatively, by the unconscious wearer. I think it is best to encourage the Lover of Lovelies to adorn with a more specific intention, like “Love”, or “Courage”.  Just that simple.

I believe that adornment needs to always draw beautifully and “speak” beautifully.  While beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder, we know that hate in any form is never beautiful – even to the beholder.

In the video, Sheldon also goes further to explain, in her view, how one person can make a difference in the world energetically – really – backed by facts. I was impressed, supportive and inspired to do more research. Look up the “Maharishi Effect”. If you are older and have forgotten, you’ll find it interesting. If you are younger and never heard of it, you’ll find it stunning.

I’ve been working on my own thinking related to possibility vs. what I hallucinate cannot occur. It’s been an interesting journey. Pondering the words I use and the way I think and where it comes from and how long I’ve been thinking particular ways, about particular things.

Have something to share about energy and people and thoughts and intention and people and adornment? Make a comment below, or submit a guest post.  I promise you’ll get all the credit! Do it!  Right now!

Much Love and light


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