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HUZZAH!  Lovers of Lovelies.

In the spirit of Adornment with Meaning, I offer up a couple of video links.  The first was shared with me by my friend, Lindsay and the other I found, just poking around (oh those interweb rabbit holes). Also *warning, strong language* – if “F” words might be offensive to you, please don’t watch – honest.  It’s not my intent to offend anyone, and I can see how a few curse words fit in to the presentations.

I give no further introduction :)

I love them both so much! Presented in both, IMHO, is the idea of how we women present ourselves in public and what do our choices mean or say about us – in a tongue and cheek sort of way and satyrical.  Then there is the idea that, our presentation says nothing about us really and why should we care?

minionshirtAs I have gotten older and have no longer felt compelled to wear make-up or dress a certain way, I have carried that latter idea around like a badge of honor.

In recent years, as a business owner and teacher, no longer in my house or studio 24/7, I’ve come to realize that this may not be my wisest choice any more.  If I showed up in a classroom in sweats and a “Property of Vegas” shirt, I understand it might be difficult to take me seriously.  Purple hair and a Minion shirt are a stretch.

I talk about this in my “Abraca . . . Get Real” eBook – in the section on Adornment. I had come to realize that the way in which I was dressing, was a reflection of how I was feeling on the inside.  Weather it was protest at social convention or depression – how I was dressing had an impact on my energy and how I presented myself to the world.

I do wear a lot of leggings, instead of sweat pants and they are usually the hand painted ones created by my friend Morgan or hand dyed, by my friend Nick.  The t-shirts I wear are either art-shirts from Moira, Jorge or Peggy. There is the occasional Minion shirt as I mentioned and my other fav is “I’m Here, Now what Are Your Other Three Wishes” . . . and of course there is the purple hair. My jewelry – hand made by either myself or my  friend and work-wife Suzanne.

Why?  Because I like them and they represent my personality. What does it say to people? The things I adorn myself with, tell you that I make an effort not to take life too seriously and that I have a sense of whimsy. It also indicates that I have little interest in the name GUCCI on my things – or any other designer. Some of those adornments are really pretty, but I am not about representing them, I’m about representing me.

Adornment is also a community creator. People feel a certain way around me and are more at ease having conversation.  Most often a good Minion shirt is a great conversation starter and I frequently have conversations around “Is that purple in your hair?  Cool” and risk taking :)

Adornment attracts the people I want to play with.

So what are you wearing today? Khakis and a red shirt… bwahahahahaha

OH! If you want a copy of my “Abraca…Get Real” eBook, just sign up for my newsletter – look to your right.  There are a couple of hoops to jump through, and I think you might enjoy it.  If you are already receiving my newsletter, drop me a line and I’ll see to it that you get a copy.

My newsletter is sent (usually) weekly :).  I share a link to this blog, upcoming teaching dates; news of Crafted where I sell my work; work in progress/coming into the store, and sometimes a good joke – most often a bad one :)

Much Love and Light!


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Discussions on Adornment

Here are some excerpts from Facebook postings . . . on the topic of  . . . what else . . . adornment:

Phoenix Magyk
July 9
“I’d love to have a discussion . . . wanna play? Post a response to this question here. What does adornment (of any kind: clothes; hair; make-up/no make-up; tattoos; jewelry; cars; house; furniture . . .) mean for you? Ready . . . set . . . GO!”

Jen: “It use to mean personal identity to the observer but with age it’s come to be a physical reminder to myself of that inner identity.

Susan: “I hear or see “adornment” and think jewelry or other accessories … for a person or perhaps a space, but mostly the former”

Marci: “To accessorize- and to accessorize is to express myself! I go through phases- sometimes I get attached to something and wear it out, literally. But, I’m always trying to change it up. My adornments change as I evolve.”

Pete: “For me adornment is an extension of who I am putting myself out to the world as. I take the time to dress in the style and color of who I want to be when I get to where I am going and that is who I am”

Kelly: “I’m serious when I say my shoes speak about me. I love high heels especially RED. they remind me of feeling feminine and FIERCE”

Suzanne: “Expression of an inner feeling. . . . Adornment helps me communicate my mood, esteem, and personal presence.

Samuel: “The pieces I wear are specifically – and exhaustively – chosen and/or designed to manifest intent and focus the universe’s energies. I most often use Tanzanite, Amazonite and various tourmalines. The design and structure of the settings for them are particularly important in maximizing those energetic properties. Loose stones can be used in direct contact or elixirs. OTOH, my practical, grounded criminal defense attorney wife would just say that they’re pretty.”

HMichelle: “For 20 years of my life I dressed out of necessity. I couldn’t find clothing in my size that expressed who I was. When I turned 40 I found out about art-to-wear and handmade jewelry. So now I dress to empower myself, express myself and just have fun.”

Beverly: “My Daddy told me I don’t need diamonds or thing to adornment me that I’m a natural jewel lol”

Posted 7/19  “I wear a touchstone/talisman, everyday. It isn’t always my intention vessel or another piece of jewelry. Truth be known, I rarely wear my own work…..because it is meant for you – whoever you are, when we find each other. . And I always wear some sort of adornment that anchors me to my intentions. Today’s piece is a bandana I bought from a woman I met on the corner. She was selling them for $3. I bought three and shoved $20 in her hand….she protested. I tried to convince her to up her game and buy some beads and see them on the bandanas, telling her, she’d be able to sell them for more. I raced home and grabbed a box of gear I had and raced back – but she was gone. I felt altered….. grateful… warmed and also aware of where I could end up, if I abandoned my path. I always seem to have a suggestion for folk to up their game…. expand…. be more than we think we are, because when we withhold our light, the world is darker. Today I wear my purple bandana to remind me to expand…not dim my light….to always share who I am. To remind myself that the work I do is valuable ….it’s part of the circle. If I were not doing what I do, I would not have been at the bank that day and I would not have gotten my scarf, that altered my life that day. I wish for the opportunity to run into her again and tell her of her impact – and also give her the box of beads I’m carrying in the car. She is part of the circle…..we are all part of this huge amorphous circle, interconnected….capable of world peace and peace in our homes. I have two questions for you today: what adornment to you wear today as your reminder and in what way will you shine….? Love y’all….really”

Photo: I wear a touchstone/talisman, everyday. It isn't always my intention vessel or another piece of jewelry. Truth be known, I rarely wear my own work.....because it is meant for you - whoever you are, when we find each other. <3. And I always wear some sort of adornment that anchors me to my intentions. Today's piece is a bandana I bought from a woman I met on the corner. She was selling them for $3. I bought three and shoved $20 in her hand....she protested. I tried to convince her to up her game and buy some beads and see them on the bandanas, telling her, she'd be able to sell them for more. I raced home and grabbed a box of gear I had and raced back - but she was gone. I felt altered..... grateful... warmed and also aware of where I could end up, if I abandoned my path. I always seem to have a suggestion for folk to up their game.... expand.... be more than we think we are, because when we withhold our light, the world is darker. Today I wear my purple bandana to remind me to expand...not dim my always share who I am. To remind myself that the work I do is valuable's part of the circle. If I were not doing what I do, I would not have been at the bank that day and I would not have gotten my scarf, that altered my life that day. I wish for the opportunity to run into her again and tell her of her impact - and also give her the box of beads I'm carrying in the car. She is part of the circle.....we are all part of this huge amorphous circle, interconnected....capable of world peace and peace in our homes. I have two questions for you today: what adornment to you wear today as your reminder and in what way will you shine....? Love y'all....really <3

Susanna “Wearing an old silver Madonna today, bought in a scratty flea market in Valencia on a trip with my Mom and my son just after she’d been diagnosed with cancer and wanted one last family holiday. That was 8 years ago and she is cancer free. Still love being a daughter and a mother and letting that love light shine. Feeling yours too, Delia”

Denise “I have always thought of my jewelry in this way, mostly including gemstones. I have rarely heard anyone else speak of this. Just liked your page. Thanks…”


Much Love and light Lovers of Lovelies -Delia

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OH MAN! Off The Rails

train-wreckIn a perfect world, when I edit my emails and blog-posts, I would not leave out a sentence and forget to review it one…more…time.

After my interview with my friend Pete, I was planning a two week break on the weekly interviews and emails. A sentence along those lines was in my last blog and email to you, Lovers of Lovelies, and in the editing process, it was deleted. I am fully committed to blaming by wayward trackpad.

I did that because I knew that I was going to be super busy – the work comes first. I have custom work on the master schedule and I am teaching at the Palos Verdes Art Center and along the way, there really has been malfunctioning electronics and our store assistant moved, which meant being back in the store Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I’m back, however there is no interview because . . . well . . . I never got the questions off to the new interviewee.

So I said all that to say this: Does this happen to you? Do things change in your schedule and you realize one day, that you are just “off“? The rails are buried deep and you cannot find them?

Being in the thick of work-life, and being a mom – while it happens with less frequency these days – a derail still occurs.

When I’m Off-The-Rails

What to do? I bet you know already.  I’m going to share what I do. Once I’ve discovered just how off the rails I am, I:

•  go back and fix/repair/clean-up what needs fixing/repairing/cleaning up – wherever possible

• set an intention for my day – generally everyday. If I am off the rails, it means I haven’t been doing that and so I start again. Journaling daily also helps.

• avoid beating myself up. I recognize and reset and have a piece of chocolate – calling myself a dumb-butt doesn’t help much.

• take time to be quiet during a day and re-center. Deadlines can cause me to forget basics and say things to myself like – “I’ll get quiet, after I get this *thing* done.” Taking time to re-center, allows me to reset priorities and not get splattered. What is centering? Being still and calming my mind and body, so I can think more clearly. It is the absence of electronics/social media/dogs/cats/rabbits/children/other people :)

• make time to get back in touch with trusted advisers. Oh my goodness, it’s so important to have people in my life I can “land” with during busy times and I have been missing that. I am back on the rails.

• You guessed it, I grab an adornment. It isn’t always jewelry. I have things I have attachment to that help me get back to center. I have a bandana I wear on my wrist, which has a story. I have a new shawl, handmade by customer and friend Jolanta, that I now carry with me. I have handmade clothing treasures from all over the place. In general the resonance is about – handmade; being a business owner/mom; commitment to detail and the pursuit of and living of the dream that as an artist, I can make a living.

I’ve created a separate post on adornment and recent discussions on my Facebook page. Check it out here:


Much Love and Light Friends

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” . . . , gemstones are like the hard drives of nature.”

This month I will be sharing a series of e-Interviews with practitioners in the “energy” world.

My goal with these interviews is two fold – one is to share different perspectives on the energy of adornment and the other is to learn more about those perspectives.

petefromFBMy first e-Interview was with Pete Cossaboon from Huntsville, Alabama. I had the incredible pleasure of meeting Pete when I was in Atlanta, at the beginning of June. Pete is what I would call an “Angel communicator” – although he calls himself and “Angel Encourager” ☺ One evening at the conference we were attending, I had a delightful encounter with Pete . . . around my dad. It was very empowering. Among other insights, it said a lot to me about energy and shared connections we all have on different levels. I also discovered that Pete had a love of gems and crystals and believes in the energy they vibrate.

Pete is also a skilled interviewer, having done numerous podcasts and You Tube videos. I was delighted that he was so patient with my e-Interview :)

Thanks so much for agreeing to be “interviewed” for my blog Pete, tell my readers more about yourself?
“So before this year I was completely a creature of Fear. I felt as though if I focused on all the things I was afraid of, that I would be better prepared to deal with anything that happened to me. I realized, that I had attracted my fears to me, through my focus.

This began my quest to discover our true power as vibrational beings, and what is possible. I just celebrated my 50th year on this beautiful planet of ours and I made a decision that I was no longer going to think in terms of “some day”.

I allow myself to be led by Spirit and I stubbornly do not allow the question of how, or what will others think, cross my path. If Spirit inspires me to take action and I feel joy and bliss in the process, than I go for it. I am now finding myself almost constantly in a state of joy, peace, tranquility, and a little giddiness even, LOL.”

[Pete is very much on fire with several streams of service in the works right now. Read to the end of the post to learn what he is up to and how to contact him. It is so delightful.]

Pete, tell us how you view the “energies” of people?
“I think one of the first things I sense about others is the openness of their energy. This has been a lesson for me because since the love of the Angels comes to me so readily, I want to just pass it around to everyone. I now treat it as a precious treasure and I am able to very quickly see if those surrounding me are ready for the “total download package” or if they will just benefit by me being the happy, positive person I am.

I also can do what I call a “light body scan”. I get a sense of where blockage of energy is and this usually manifests in some sort of pain or dysfunction. I can then direct Angel light energy to that blockage and watch it dissipate. I have a complete belief and knowing that since we are all just energy, that using the power of the Angels as they guide me, can have a restorative effect, but there has to be a belief in the person receiving the energy also.”

One reason I was drawn to Pete, beyond his exceptional character and energy, was his love of gemstones. We had a chance to talk about how he values the energy of stones and I wanted him to share, in his own words, what that is all about.

Pete, share with us your understanding of gemstones and how they relate to energies?
“As the Angels have explained to me, gemstones are like the hard drives of nature. Their crystalline structure basically captures and holds energy that we can plug in to kind of like a battery. When we hold a charged gem, the gem will basically swap the negative energies that we contain and release to us the positive energy that they have been storing. When you get attuned to your gem, you know when it is ready to be “recharged”.

I also want to say that with gems, it is all in your belief and intentions. Some purists are concerned with if a gem is completely natural and how it was mined. I like sparkly stuff so if it has been treated for more color or faceted to capture more light, I am even happier and give more love to the gem.”

Do you believe that certain gemstones provide certain benefits?
“I think I answered this in the last question, but yes I do. I think that this is for each person to decide, for themselves. Some people are very attached to say garnets which for me have a rich connection to blood which is the bringer of life energy. Others are quite superstitious of opals but I find them lovely and rather mysterious with their opaque and glittery look. I do have a set of chakra stones that help me to sleep peacefully and not need as much rest. I also plan on getting a rather large emerald and perhaps a sapphire to see what kind of power they will send my way. I am quite excited about that but am waiting until I get complete inspiration to do so.”


That’s Pete’s hand . . . holding Pete’s lovelies

How do you use gems and minerals in your daily life?
“For me gems and minerals are lovely to look at and fantastic to hold. I love the warmth and energy that they convey to me. I put my case that holds my favorites in my breast pocket and I can just feel their energy pulse through me, it is quite lovely. As I said before they are becoming a part of my Angel work as it is a tangible way for me to send Angel love and power on to my clients.”

Would you agree that rocks from the earth carry energy? Memory?
“Oh absolutely. They are the hard drives of nature and they will suck up and dispel negative energy from us to be recycled into clean pure energy and pass beautiful positive energy to us if we will believe in it. They also love to be adored and told how beautiful they are. They love the appreciation and pass their appreciation right back to us. Some believe that gems that have been mined harshly or treated and faceted hold that mistreatment. I believe these gems have a special kind of power to pass on. Just like humans that have endured and overcome the biggest adversities have the most to give, so the same for me with gems.”

Pete, I use a lot of man-made gems in my work. My philosophy on that is, they are free from historical energy and can be charged more easily with the energy of the new owner. How do you feel about that?
“I believe it is whatever your intention is. I love a good cubic zirconia. Man-made gems are usually either synthetic or simulant meaning they either are made to just look like a particular gem or they have the same characteristics as gems. Everything comes from nature in some form or another. If someone has been inspired to create something beautiful to be admired than that love and attention is a form of energy and energy never goes away it just changes form. So definitely it can convey a very clean almost childlike innocence that can be quite lovely to behold and imbue with whatever kind of energy you want to store and enjoy.”

Do metals ever become a part of your work with gems?
“Metals are a wonderful way to hold and protect our precious darlings. The only reason that all of my gems aren’t held in metal is because that is not my skill set. So for now some of my babies are set in metals and I wear them when I feel inspired. My loose lovelies are kept in cases, jars, bags, or with my Chakra stones, loose under my mattress. But yes I think that a lovely pendant on a chain or a ring set with a beauty takes that energy and like a live wire plugged in, the energy just circles around the metal.”

Which metals do you find to be the ‘best’ in vibration? And for what purpose?
“Most of my gems are held in sterling silver simply from a cost aspect. I find sterling to be quite pure and also sturdy and heavy giving a very solid durable feel that lets me know it can take the punches with me. So I definitely feel the power and strength of sterling. I have a few gems in gold and I find the purer the gold the more sun energy they tend to convey. I love to hold a lovely set in 18K yellow gold and I can feel the vibration like it wants to jump out of my hand. My absolute favorite is platinum. Platinum is awesome because it keeps it’s shine and it is so durable. So if money was out of the question I would go platinum all the way baby!”

As you know, I am a “fine silver” expert, I believe that fine silver, with it’s absence of other alloys, allows for great “draw” of energies? How do you feel about that?
“I adore silver. I recently got my mother to give me her old wedding set of silver which I plan to have refinished and one day pass on to my daughter. There is just something about handling silver. It is so heavy and pure and durable. It is like the rock of the Earth and yet so gorgeous with a deep almost milky look to it as if you are looking within the metal and not just at the surface. I become quite entranced with silver and it must be that draw that you speak of.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the Lovers of Lovelies out there?
“Find what resonates with you and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Each of us has our favorite color, favorite cut, or maybe you enjoy a rough stone for the natural look. Keep in mind that almost every gemstone comes in a variety of colors and that if a gem is man-made, if it is made with the best of intentions than it is as worthy as the finest gem. Don’t value a gem by what you should insure it for, value it for the meaning that it brings to you. One of my favorite gems is one that I received as a gift, and it has a retail value in a low price range. I wouldn’t give anything for it though, because it was given with love and that is worth it all. It is therefore priceless. Love gems, adore them, and tell them you adore them because they adore you. Oh and also be mindful of others gems. Touching a gem can put unintended energy in to it, so always ask permission before you handle someone else’s lovely and be mindful of the vibration you are at when you do.”
Thank you for this opportunity • Love, Peace, Release
Pete Cossaboon

Here’s more about Pete and how to find him! Also, some out-takes. It was hard to edit this☺

“I am currently involved in four major projects. I have a new YouTube talk show that I co-host, produce, and edit at . It is focused on issues surrounding the LGBT community in a fun and informative way. I also am developing my business as an Angel Encourager and am working on my new website at . I am being led to do Angel readings for others – what I call light body scans where I search for blocked energy and dispersing it with Angel light, Angel empowered gems, and providing teaching and meditation materials to achieve the “Angel Mindset”. I am working with other entrepreneurs, to help them produce products and videos to enhance their business. I am developing a course including an “Angel 365 Word of The Day” card set to help others to learn their true nature and come into their God intended abundance and happiness. I am beta testing this with some guys in prison. My belief is that if these are Universal truths, than they are true for everyone existing on this planet today. The Angels know that I am in complete knowing that what they inspire me to do is the truth and that they are being called upon to bring this truth to everyone! I also continue to maintain my blog and interview inspiring people who are bringing life transformation at . Oh I also have a thriving eBay business called Smart, Savvy, Sophisticated because I love to shop and I love to sell for more than I paid for it, LOL and I have a full time business that I am preparing to pass along to someone else as a field inspector for mortgage companies.

The Angels are inspiring me to continue my hardcore workout routine and I have stepped up my training sessions because they are preparing me to take on more of their energy. So I know that there is a lot that they have available for me to do and I see myself giving talks and lectures and being given the privilege of touching many peoples lives with the power of the Angels. I am really enjoying life for the first time as an energetic, authentic, vibrational being and I know it only gets better from here.

Out-takes ☺ Be sure to read his story of an ‘argument’ with Spirit about having to give a gem away.

Pete, tell my readers more about yourself?
Hi Delia, it was such a pleasure meeting you in Atlanta and being able to connect with Spirit for you. It is so enlivening for me and fills me with such energy, I want to just do it more and more.

My main objective in going to Atlanta for the UYB conference was to uplevel myself and discover what is possible by meeting others who are making their dreams come true. My eyes were absolutely opened wide and I am now so dedicated to discovering all the possibilities that I usually have to make myself go to sleep. I’m like a five year old, I don’t want to miss a thing!

Pete, tell us how you view the “energies” of people?

Once I connect with a person and they are open, I am able to see colors usually around their neck/head region. I am still learning how to translate the colors but so far I have seen pink which to me means a lovely kind spirit, blue/indigo/purple which for me means that archangel Michael and possibly Gabriel are present and that this person is ready to send their message out to the world, and a golden/yellow glow which means there is some Strong energy that is ready to express itself. I am sure there are more colors for me to encounter, but I won’t know until I experience them and the angels give me their meaning before I can interpret them. . . . I can then direct angel light energy to that blockage and watch it dissipate and I have had it reported to me that this helps the person I am scanning and brings relief. I do want to say that I am not a medical person, and that I am solely following the guidance that the angels give me. . . . Plus one should always do as they see fit for their situation and I believe that we have a wonderful medical system in place for a reason and that we should all take advantage of that if the need arises. I just believe that a more holistic approach works best rather than just having patients swallow pills and have operations. But that is my personal opinion and everyone should do every thing that they can to achieve their best health.

. . . you get attuned to your gem, you know when it is ready to be “recharged”. For me that is usually every seven days or so. There are basically three ways that I know to charge a gem and each one has it’s own characteristic type of energy that it charges the gem with. You can place the gem in the moonlight and the more romantic/peaceful energies are given to the gem, in full sunlight and you get pure, positive power, or you can simply hold an intention for your gem to be filled with Earth energy that gives it the newness and freshness of Spring. I should say four ways as the one that has been taught to me recently is to imbue gems with angel energy. The angels basically tell me which gem to hold in to my hand for a particular person and they have me hold my intention to fill the gem with whatever energy the angels know will bring the highest good for the recipient. These energies are not specific but rather broad such as abundance (usually a citrine), health (usually an amethyst but not always) , improved relations (usually a rose quartz or moonstone), being able to speak out your intentions (blue topaz), spiritual connection (amethyst), etc My life coach asked me tonight how I was going to keep my beliefs high for my desires manifesting and to keep focused on my bliss. The angels immediately brought to mind my favorite amethyst pendant that is on a silver chain. I knew that I had to imbue my darling with angel power of belief and spiritual connection and wear it. I usually don’t like to wear jewelry for an extended time but I am wearing it now and plan on continuing to wear it until I am told otherwise.

The other interesting thing about gems is that we don’t actually own them. They are ours for a season and then sometimes they move on either by being lost or by us being inspired to give them away. I have two interesting stories on that. I brought a number of gems with me to Atlanta but I also brought my darling citrine and my lovely blue topaz. I was told by Spirit on Wednesday that I would be giving one of my favorites away and I was like, “Oh no I won’t”, and Spirit was like “Uhuh we will see about that.” So the next day I went to lunch with one of my new friends and we had a wonderful time of bonding. As we were walking back, she related a story of hardship her son was experiencing. Tears started to flow down my face because all of a sudden I knew I was supposed to give her my very large, very clear, quite gorgeous blue topaz baby for her son. I stopped her, pulled out the special case and gave her the gem sobbing like a baby with love, gratitude, and a little bit of missing my baby already. The next day she gave me a gem that she carried with her and that is so special to me I can’t even tell you. Also, at the conference Spirit told me to pack 8 jars of gems with sapphire for power, citrine for abundance, blue topaz for voice, peridot for new growth, amethyst for spiritual connection, smokey quartz to block negative energy, and in just a couple moonstone for relationship. I had given away 7 of the jars and I had one jar left. I kept being shown this one person in my mind during the conference and I told Spirit if I am to talk to this person than they will walk by me when the conference ends. No sooner did they say good night but this person walked right by me. I went up and said, “I have the strangest thing to say to you. Spirit wants me to talk to you is there anything you want to talk about?” We had a great conversation and I told them what I saw and we were about to leave when Spirit said this is the person. I immediately said “Sit down” and proceeded to hand over the jar of gems. The receiver broke down in sobs. I don’t know what meaning this had for them but I know that a message had been delivered through me and I was so grateful for the opportunity. Oh also, I was directed to imbue an amethyst for one of my friends in prison. I know I can’t send it to them so I am supposed to hold it for him. I had it with me while in the car and planned to put it in the case with my enormous citrine so that it could be charged and kept safe. I didn’t know where it was and I stopped and went in to a restaurant. When I came back out to the car I looked down and right by my car door was the amethyst laying on the pavement saying “Here I am pick me up” I almost burst out laughing and picked him up and put him in the case. Spirit really does have a sense of humor.

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A Word or 100s on Adornment

04-IMG_1355As Father’s Day approaches I cannot help but consider where I was a year ago this week . . . in Oregon, saying goodbye to my Dad. As if I don’t think about my family at least 10 times a day :) Thank you so much to everyone that sent cards and emails and visited me at the store. I was so warmed by your expressions . . . and I have been hearing from folks this week. Honestly, it is delightful to be thought of.

A HUGE shift took place in my work and life as a result of my father’s passing. Among other events, It really propelled my focus on adornment of meaning/jewelry of intention and it’s current incarnation Resonant Jewelry. From the experience, was born the “Through Smoke” piece, as well as “Rest Easy” and “Veridical Gal”. These pieces have been wonderful remembrances of loved ones – and wonderful touchstones of intention for my present and future – as I hoped they would be for others.

Through Smoke. When my dad was teaching me to drive, a million years ago, he once said, “If there is ever an accident in front of you, I want you to maintain your course and drive straight through the smoke.” I looked at him as if he were crazy and of course said, “You are crazy daddy.” Being the former race car drive he was, he chuckled and explained that when an accident occurs, the impact and inertia, drives the debris away from the initial point of impact. If one swerves to the left or right, one will run smack into the debris, so “Drive through the smoke honey.”

I have had the honor of creating remembrance jewelry for a few clients in this last year and it has been an exciting journey. I have also created many intention pieces for clients this year as well.

I said all that to address this: I have gotten some push back on my price for Resonant Jewelry and you know what . . . I totally get it, It’s a lot of money. So maybe I haven’t shared this idea in a way that works – where you really get what I am doing.

You’ve all heard me talk about this a lot – • Adornment speaks for the wearer, as well as communicates a bit about you, before you even speak ☺ • Adornment ought to have resonance and meaning – other wise why would you wear it ? You don’t leave the house with mud on your face. • Adornment of meaning can certainly be whimsical and delightful and it is not required to be somber. “Through Smoke” has a delightful story attached to it – yes it has meaning in terms of walking through challenges, AND it makes me smile every day. Rumor has it that the people I made a similar piece for in this last year, smile too! • Adornment can create community. Think of bumper stickers you have seen on cars, or that you put on your own. Think of uniforms that you have seen. Maybe you have seen someone wearing a jewelry piece and you recognize it. In all cases you are perhaps drawn to that person because of a sense of belonging and simpatico – or not ☺ • Living a life of intention versus happenstance is super cool and having adornment that acts as a touchstone of that is even cooler. Imagine for a moment, driving in traffic and being able to grab a hard silver object with the word “love” tucked inside and suddenly you are calmer. Imagine for a moment, feeling really challenged in a situation and around your neck is a pendant that was made especially for you, with the intention of “Courage” radiating from it, and you feel more centered, instantly as you touch it. • Having a handmade, one of a kind, fine silver adornment, just doesn’t happen over night. You need to be clear, that when I am making a piece for you, I am not thinking about anyone or anything else.

What would you pay to express yourself more fully? What would you pay to have a touchstone that brings a new energy to your moment? What would you pay to be reminded of your intentions for a day, a week, a month, a whole year? What would you pay to meet and be in relationship to the artist that creates that handmade lovely, just for you?

When you are ready, I will be here.

Fine silver bracelet for Scott. Representative of his energy work.

Fine silver bracelet for Scott. Representative of his energy work.

Fine silver ID type bracelet A Sigil was created for this piece Ask me about that.

Fine silver ID type bracelet
A Sigil was created for this piece
Ask me about that.

Fine silver pendant . . . reminding us all to relax a little.

Fine silver pendant . . . reminding us all to relax a little.

A fine silver ring created for Tonya Dooley of Cutie Pie That

A fine silver ring created for Tonya Dooley of Cutie Pie That

Fine silver Rune piece created. There were two - for Father and Son :)

Fine silver Rune piece created. There were two – for Father and Son :)

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Just a Bit on Alexandrite

Alexandrite is the birthstone for June. In order to avoid having you leave my email list for emails that are too long .

I have a couple of links for you to check out on this marvelous stone. To summarize: Alexandrite is the color change variety of Chrysoberyl. Legend has it that the man who discovered Alexandrite, in the Ural Mountains of Russia, named it after Tsar Alexander II – which I suspect was a you-better-have kinda thing J. Aside from Russia, Alexandrite has been found in Brazil, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Madagascar – not Mexico. From the start of lab grown corundum (sapphire) – the color change variety was passed off as both natural Alexandrite and lab grown Alexandrite – so be thoughtful when you purchase. There really is a lab grown synthetic Alexandrite – having the same mineral and chemical components as the natural material. Although I have no natural Alexandrite, I have lab grown material available at $60/carat and simulated (color change corundum) at $20/carat.

In this picture it's raspberry color :)

Lab grown Alexandrite. In this picture it’s raspberry color :)

“Alex” is said to aid in healing some physical illnesses.  Contemporary practitioners of crystal healing have agreed that it may be helpful in treating challenges of the spleen and pancreas and possibly regeneration of neurological tissues. Don’t eat them though. Please go to a practitioner for guidance and usage. :)

Alexandrites are also great for energetically promoting self-esteem and appreciation of the world around us. The stone can assist a person in developing “inner energy changes” which correspond with intention. Alexandrites will aid in centering yourself. Again, don’t eat them, WEAR them :)

Here are the links, I promised:

Much Love and Light,


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Fun Facts About Emeralds

. . . and other cool ideas!


Image courtesy of Sparkle N Dazzle Gems

Did you know, that Emerald (color) was the Pantone Color for 2013?

In March I shared about Aquamarine, which is a beryl.  Did you know that Emerald is also a Beryl and included in the top 4 list of precious stones?

“In modern usage the precious stones are diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald, with all other gemstones being semi-precious. Wikipedia

Emeralds are the green variety of beryl, a mineral which comes in many other colors that are sometimes also used as gems, such as blue aquamarine, yellow heliodor, pink morganite and colorless goshenite.”

Emerald is the birthstone for May babies :) wink wink – that would be me.

And this from Crystal Cure: “Emerald is a stone of great harmony, wisdom and love. Giving your lover an Emerald will bring the lover closer if the giver’s motives are pure love. The Emerald can be a bridge between 2 people. The Emerald vibrates with love.”

I personally love Emerald, and would still love it if it weren’t my birthstone, however, I am more appreciative of synthetic (lab grown) emerald versus natural emerald. LabEm Ears grown material is exactly the same as the natural material – except it has no carbon spots or other inclusions.  I have some synthetic emerald listed on my Etsy site.


I love the way emerald looks and feels.  It’s a beautiful stone. It can also be fired in place in metal clay, whereas natural material cannot because of it’s inclusions. BONUS!

BTW – an “inclusion” is material within a stone that ‘marks’ it. In the case of emerald, it naturally has carbon spots in it from it’s high-heat growth process..

Emerald is about a 7.5 – 8 hardness, which is close to sapphire, however, I do not recommend it for rings or bracelets, because it can get abrasions from wear.  It looks lovely in pendants or earrings, and as Cleopatra would have it, in a crown :)

Having some challenges in your life? Consider a “Fehu” rune in fine silver.  It is an IMG_3796awesome rune for drawing abundance into your life . . . in all areas.  Also – a Courage Kanji might do the trick J  Ask me how I know  . . . and ask me to make you one!

Be well!  Have a great week! Go make something! OR – ask me to whip you up something with an emerald.

Much Love and Light,


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Appreciation And I’m going to take over the world!

Things I thought my mom said . . . LOL Never.

“How on earth can you see the TV sitting so far back?”
“Yeah, I used to skip school a lot, too”
“Just leave all the lights on … it makes the house look more cheery”
“Let me smell that shirt — Yeah, it’s good for another week”
“Go ahead and keep that stray dog, honey. I’ll be glad to feed and walk him every day”
“Well, if Jenny’s mamma says it’s OK, that’s good enough for me.”
“The curfew is just a general time to shoot for. It’s not like I’m running a prison around here.”
“I don’t have a tissue with me … just use your sleeve”
“Don’t bother wearing a jacket – the wind-chill is bound to improve”

Of course I’ve been thinking of Mother’s Day a lot.  I understand it to be a “Hallmark Holiday” right? And I am still happy the day was created. It is always a mixture of meaning/not meaning/expectation/anticipation – trying not to have expectation :).

My mother passed away in ’86 . . . my birthday sometimes lands on Mother’s day . . . I am a mother. Today, I just miss heavy hand prints in pie tins, handmade cards with hand prints, burnt toast and weird eggs :). And I am grateful to be a “MAHM”.

Today, I say, Thank you to my children for all the experiences that have pushed me so hard . . . to be a better person :). I feel certain I haven’t always been so good at the MAHM thing and while my children might agree, they’d also agree it’s been a heck of a ride, thus far.

May your Sunday be filled with much love and joy and maybe some burnt toast and weird eggs :)

I am also appreciative of creating fine silver work for clients.  I feel so honored and I learn so much.

This beautiful piece headed off to the UK this week – a symbol of so much intention for the woman who will wear it. I’ve gained a new friend and insight into another person’s journey. IMG_3838

This is work in progress. These are “Moira” patterned. The symbol is representative of an unfurling plant . . . growth and new beginnings. These are for my store-mate, Suzanne.IMG_3924

I love what I do . . . what I get to do.  I love teaching. Tonight, a 3-week Introduction to Metal Clay starts at Glendale Community College. I look forward to all the new things we all will experience.

Come by Crafted, there is still time to pick out something for MAHM or treat yourself and get some gifts to go with. The gifts, my appreciation for your purchase, are: a bar of handmade soap from neighbor store Zona; a lavender votive from Artisan Candle at the end of my row, John made the sandlewood candles I put my Runes into. and a $5 Coupon from D’Bomz Chocolate, right next to me and Suzanne. Chris has some choco-strawberries that ARE you-need-a-napkin-for this-so-no-chocolate-falls-on-the-floor-good! Gotta get ‘em if she’s gotta ‘em (strawberry season is coming to and end.

I may not physically be at the store at all this weekend – perhaps the late afternoon on Saturday. I am playing at the Otis College of Art and Design Open House – sharing all the news on why everyone should take an 8 week class with me. If the traffic isn’t horrendous, I will be at Crafted in the late afternoon. I am not going to be at the store on Friday or Sunday – and HEY!  Don’t let that stop you.  Anastassia can help you on Friday and Sunday and Suzanne the best work wife EVER will be there on Saturday.



It’s that time of year again?  As is my practice sometimes, I share about some feedback I recently received. I would not usually address it, really – but I felt a little bugged. The issue is the perception that I care little about events outside my immediate “world”. I think it’s because I don’t blog about *things* or include political statements in my emails.

Truth is, I care deeply about world events, climate change, the right to choose and equal rights for all – many happenings and circumstances outside my immediate community.

Over the lifetime of my business, so far, I though I’d been more forthcoming and vulnerable about the things I do care about. I have ‘lost’ friends, clients, potential clients, students and potential students over that which we might disagree. I have also brought into my life an equal number of people who have similar beliefs to mine.

If you have reasons why you do not take my classes, or buy my work – that’s cool – they are probably really good reasons, however, I would respectfully request that those reasons not include “you are an evil, selfish, self-centered woman and all you care about is your classes and weather you can get money out of us”.

I would be a liar, liar, pants on fire if I said I did not find the above statement – which is a quote from an email – hurtful – and I think I get it.  And I had to laugh as I thought about writing this – “aren’t I demonstrating self centeredness by being worried about what people think of me . . . YIKES! and, Somehow, I have not helped, some people get to know who I am and why I do what I do.

I am NOT everyone’s cuppa tea. I am totally OK with that. We wouldn’t have fun together right? If I am not your cuppa tea, please don’t buy my work, entertain a custom piece or enroll in a class – it’s all good.

I’ve thought a lot about this and barring a list of causes I believe in and support in multiple ways (which is a LOT longer that what I’ve already said in general) – I will leave you with this little bit more (well sorta little bit).

This is a lot about who I am and why I do what I do.  I really am trying, as Brain put it so succinctly to Pinky – trying to “take over the world” . . . Once upon a time, I was an instructor in a personal growth organization. One of the core beliefs of the organization and something we taught in courses, was ‘once you get past your issues, it’s time to think globally’.  When I stopped teaching,  I was scared about how I was going to ‘change the world’. The founder’s wife said this to me: “Sometimes the way we change the world is by starting at home Delia – how we are in our everyday lives and relationships; how we raise our children. You have so much love, you are so talented and creative, you care so much – start at home Delia. The child you have now, will be an adult tomorrow, who impacts the world. The child you may/may not intend to have in the future, will be an adult, who impacts the world – maybe as children, they impact the smaller world you will live in. Every life you touch in your daily life, will have an impact on another life, on so on. Be a teacher in your daily life. Live in love and in service everyday and you will change the world. If you look at Bill’s life [the founder] and you see how many lives he has changed – good or bad, you can see that one man can make a difference in the lives of many and it will change the world. Now go change the world” -Tracey ’92

No always perfect? You betcha – there have been some epic fails along the way. Words I have attempted to live by?  You betcha.

I’m gonna go make something . . . impact someone – I’m gonna try and take over the world with Brain. And if you don’t like me, it’s all good.  Go in peace, love and light . . . find the people you do love and like and hug them . . . impact them, treat them with respect . . . honor your relationships.

Much love and light y’all


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Oh YES Mother’s Day Approaches

What’s in the shop that’s great for MAHMZ? (that’s how hear it when my daughter wants something LOL)

Last Sunday, I made some picks of what I think might be perfect.

IMG_3776First up is a fine silver bow, hand folded, with a wee lab Ruby on a sterling chain.

Then we have another fine silver bow, also hand folded with sunstone dangles on a sterling chain.IMG_3779

Next on the menu is a fine silver ‘bar’ with a lab Ruby and sterling chain.IMG_3783

And finally I’ve shared a fine silver bead, with patina, on leather and a lovely briolette Sunstone dangle.IMG_3793

Need more hints/suggestions?  Swing by the store and allow me the opportunity to be your personal shopper.

Don’t have time to get to the store?  Send me an email.  I can take a quick pic. of a few things, and still get a lovely to you (?) before Mother’s Day.

This coming weekend ONLY May 3 and 4 – purchases come with free gifts and attractively packaged in a purple bag.

Don’t be shy about forwarding this to your loved ones as a big ‘brick’ hint :).

Here are some additional ideas of gifts from around Crafted.

Phoenix Picks For Mother’s Day


“Lana” Earrings by Belandaria

Of course you can choose something wonderful from my store partner, Suzanne of Belandaria.  She has a collection of earrings that are to-exclaim-about and many more delightful rings and bracelets and pendants.


Pendants by Belandaria


Pasta Dinner Basket
Red Car Market

Avoid burnt toast and runny eggs . . . give her a muffin in the morn and create lunch instead. Red Car Market, right across the way from my store, has a sweet package of gourmet pasta, sauce and salad dressing. Just add water (for the pasta) and a salad /bread and you are good to go! I bought this ‘kit’ one night after a long day at the store. You won’t be disappointed.


Upcycled Mason Designs

Does MAHM enjoy potpourri or maybe a great container for bath salts?  These Upcycled Mason Designs are just the ticket. There are even ones that come with pumps for liquids and if she likes birds . . . a bird feeder.  I love these.  Reasonably priced, eco-friendly and masterfully engineered. I have three with the drinking straw tops. You can find Virginia kitty corner from my old space.


Bags by Mama O’s

Does MAHM need a new bag to add to her collection? Check out these handmade creations from Mama O’s within Krazy Korner on my aisle.  It’s a mother and son team and not only are there great purses, there are fabulous works of art in ceramic and glass.


Bracelet by Cafe Arte


Beads by CGM

In the mood to share something unique that isn’t fine silver or sterling.  My friends at Café Arte and Beads by CGM have an assortment of both intricately beaded treasures and polymer creations.  I’ve got my eye on that bracelet.

There are sweet treats, art by Lindsay Sochar; vintage finds from The Vintage Stop; photography art by Arlene Carley and the JAM!  DON’T forget the Jam from Paradise Preserves.

Really, everyone at Crafted is my friend and these are just some of my picks this week.

What are the surprises with your purchase from me?  Not telling. It’s a surprise. Hint? They may involve luxurious bath time and chocolate.IMG_3859 IMG_3802 IMG_3799

On Crafted’s site, they have a Gift Guide for Mother’s Day that is definitely worth checking out. AND this weekend, as with the following, there are ALL kinds of fun activities.

Have a splendid week and if you are non-mom, get her something nice. If your a MAHM like me, get yourself something nice.

Much love and light,


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Why Bucky is About My Work

Not that it has much to do with fine silver adornment or classes….? AND I bought a bunny last Sunday.  You see, there was this petting zoo at Crafted and the young lady proprietor had many bunnies, including a few babies, and well I asked if any were for sale, assuming she’d say no . . . and she in fact said yes. The rest is future. We are now the proud caretakers of a Lion Head baby rabbit and he is called Bucky Barnes (Cpt. America’s sidekick).  Say Hi Bucky:

Based on the idea that no action is really random, I got to thinking . . . about my career in fine silver and Bucky was just the right teacher. I’ve wanted a bunny for a long time and I used lots of reasons and excuses for why I did not own one – three dogs and a cat being top on the list of ‘OooooH NO, we are not getting a bunny’.  Bucky has not met the dogs yet and the cat is not sure what to do, however, he has become a delightful, if not distracting, addition to the Phoenix Zoo.  I am so, so happy I took the plunge.

Before entering the world of metal clay, I did a lot of research on jewelry making. After deciding on metal clay as my medium, I bought some clay and gear and stared at it for a long time. I was afraid of it, of doing it wrong, setting my house on fire . . . that sort of thing – my daughter was the first member of the Phoenix Magyk team to roll out a piece.  It took a week for me to think it was dry enough, and gather my wits to use the torch to fire it. Once I took the plunge, it’s been a ride full of all-a-rounds.

My work has been enriching and empowering – it is my meditation, my contribution to the world and my demonstration to others of possibility.

Nothing would have happened if I just kept staring at it. Nothing would have happened if I kept telling myself, ‘I am not artistic’, or ‘that it was too expensive’ or ‘it’s too hard’, or ‘I have to kiln fire everything’ or . . . or . . . or.

I am primarily sell taught and did not take a class until 2009.  By then I’d taught a few classes, and done my first show :)  The class I took was the Rio Grande Certification class. Had I not been working with the material for over a year, I would have run from that first class, screaming – 7 projects in three days.

************Taking additional classes improved my skills and boosted my confidence. It was in my Level 1 Certification class that I decided to go all the way to Level 3 and become an Certification Instructor. Not everyone will decide that, and taking a class is a good thing for practicing and learning new technique – any class, weather it is Level 1 or Secret Spaces :) I could not be where I am today were it not for the additional learning I have done. I still learn when I teach.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I have a sense that there are a bunch of artists out there not taking the plunge and you tell yourself all kinds of *things* that keep you from moving forward.

Stop doing that. If you have never touched the material, you are robbing yourself of the opportunity to experience a fabulous medium that is easier to use than you think.  If you’ve been working with the material and have not taken advantage of an advanced class . . . you are robbing yourself of an opportunity to boost your skill set and confidence.

What are some pros of taking a class?

  • It’s life affirming to be creative.
  • You’ll discover that you are more artistic than you thought.
  • You broaden your community of like-minded people, including introverts like me.
  • You will feel energized by risk taking and experimentation.
  • You get to light something on fire.
  • You get to tell your friends and loved ones what kind of fun you are having.
  • You can make gifts galore and not feel compelled to buy an expensive fine silver piece from me.
  • You’ll learn the fine art of ‘happy accident’.
  • You will understand that a ‘mistake’ is not permanent.
  • You will laugh and be relaxed.

Cons of taking a metal clay class?

  • The drive/time? It might be a day trip.  What is it worth to have fun for a few hours?  To gain new skill? To consider possibility? To make something yourself?
  • It’s expensive. You might have to buy some tools/clay. I can walk you through that. It’s easier than you think. I also teach ‘clay conservation’ projects like hollow forms, and mixed media applications.  Additionally, if you finally take the plunge and do the Level 1 training, you’ll get a discount form many of the suppliers.
  • There’s no place to work in my house. Do you have a desk/dining room table/card table? That’s all the space you need to work in really. We can talk about pet hair later :)
  • You are terrified of a torch. I know right?!?! Just so we are clear, it is a small “micro torch”.  In all of my intro classes, I teach you how to use one and I SWEAR it’s way safer and easier than you might think.
  • You are feeling just plain scared. Ummmm do it anyway.  The worst thing that can happen, IMHO, is you will have used up some hours of time, you can’t get back, used up some gas, put some wear and tear on your tires AND in any class, you’ll walk away with at least one new adornment that is resonant to you.

Metal-Clay-DemoReady to plunge?

Classes coming up:

May 3 and 4Level 1 Certification Training. 4 pieces in two days. Boost your skill set and confidence level.  The price of the class includes a tool kit and all the clay you need for the projects. It is a lot of fun and after completion you get a discount on future purchases form PMC Connection and other distributors. This is a class for the artist who has worked with the material for at least six months/has taken a class of some sort. If you are someone considering teaching, this is also an excellent boost to curriculum planing and understanding class management. You can sign up here:

May 6, 13 & 20Metal Alchemy – Introduction to Metal Clay. This is a 3 week, intensive introduction to the material. There is a lot of time to consider design, play with the material and perhaps create more than one piece. In week one, I talk A LOT, to give you a broad amount of information AND to get your gears going. Week 2, we hit the mat rolling and implement what we are learning, by doing.  Week 3 is completion of pieces and a time for additional questions and learning. Class takes place at Glendale Community College:

May 10, 17, & 24 Secret Spaces. A three week intensive on how to make a large container.  In week 1 we wrap an armature in clay to begin forming the container. Week two, we actually remove the armature and green-ware finish the piece, I’ll take it home and kiln fire it. Week three – brush and patina if desired. In the third week I will also give instruction on how to make a box with a hinged lid. This class requires that you come with at lease 45 grams of PMC+.  I will have other tools and materials. This class takes place at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles. You can sign up today using the link below. $100 covers tuition, handouts and additional materials.
**NEW** Mini-intro to Metal Clay @ 1450 Ocean -5/15 Learn more here:
Pay your materials fee using the links below. You will be taken to PayPal MAY 15 – 6:30 – 9:30:

$65 Materials fee – includes, handout, pack of clay, one small gemstone and use of any and all necessary tools and materials to complete the project. You need only bring water and eye magnification if that is useful to you. Advanced registration is REQUIRED. Questions?

May 25 Mini-Intro to Metal Clay. This is a 3 hour fast paced, introduction. It’s $85 for three hours. This includes clay, a gemstone, a handout, use of tools and extras like paste, syringe and paper clays.  I walk you through rolling it out, texture, cutting, stone setting, firing and finishing. You can sign up today, using this link.

May 31 Metal Alchemy – Introduction to Metal Clay.  This is all day introduction class that takes place at the Skirball Cultural Center. I do this as a representative of Otis College of Art and Design. This is a condensed version of a three week version and an extended version of the mini-intro that takes place at Crafted. You can sign-up here:

Questions? Send me an email . . . put a comment on this page, I realy do pay attention.

Much love and light,



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