July & August Birthstones

big ruby 04Ruby is the birthstone for July. It is also a corundum, like Sapphire, so it is a hard stone and durable – a 9 on the hardness scale.

Highly prized for it’s color and rarity it is also a pricey stone. For good color material and very clear stones, it will cost you about $800+ per carat.

It is also rich in history and lore – for example, did you know that Rubies are mentioned 4 times in the bible?


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Here are additional articles to learn more. It’s really fascinating.



The wearing of Ruby can also be beneficial energetically. I use it as an empowering stone, representing passion and grace. It’s a “power” stone.

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As many of you know I am a big fan of lab created Ruby. I really appreciate the price break.

Ruby can also be embed or set, in your metal clay work.



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Peridot is the birthstone for August. What a rich color of Olivine it is. It was for centuries confused with Emerald – people believed the 200-ct. gems at the shrine of the Three Holy Kings were emeralds – when in fact they are Peridot.

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It is about a 7 on the hardness scale and a bit more durable than quartz – less abrasion over time.

There is no lab created version of Peridot. There are plenty of simulants like CZ colors that look similar to Peridot. It can be fired in place in metal clay – at lower temperatures.

Considered by early Christians to be a sacred stone, Peridot is a “spiritual” stone known to bring a sense of lightness and centering. You can learn more here:


If you have any questions about these stones . . .comment below or send me an email.

Be well . . . make something everyday, even if it’s trouble . . .

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