Creativity Saves Lives

12237272_1663842657194985_706759763_nThe belief that I have, that creativity saves lives, is so firm in my core. It is a HUGE part of why I teach and why I create Lovelies for Lovers of.

Grab a cuppa something . . .

How this present journey began.

I am an introvert. I often feel challenged by being around more than one person at a time. I do, however, crave, like many humans, connection with others.  But not just any connection. I prefer deep meaningful connections, which scares some people, and puts casual dating way out of the realm of possibility.

I am a person that enjoys wearing, handmade, well made, pieces of jewelry. One day I found a rune piece in silver. The rune, Uruz, loosely translates as a “strength” rune. At the time, I had some appointments coming up and decided, this is just the intention I needed to focus on for these meetings. I wore my new rune all the day, into the next.  Whenever I felt I was loosing breath, I grabbed the rune tightly and I felt calm. Lo and behold a beautiful pendant had become a talisman for strength.

That next day, while at a coffee shop, I saw a person who was wearing a rune necklace. Without much thought (which surprised me), I blurted out “WHAT RUNE IS THAT?!?”. Startled, the person looked at me, offered a slight smile, and then we began to chat about runes and rune study. Connection around creativity had begun.

We walked out of the shop together and headed to our respective cars and talked of meeting up again. This new person in my life, shared that there were others I might like to meet – “Others….” I murmured . . . 🙂

Just as I reached my car . . .


. . . an asteroid fell from the sky and landed on the once pretty coffee shop.

SEE!  Creativity saved my life.



Okay, I jest a bit, and let’s add some components to the mix.

I am also challenged by depressive episodes and anxiety challenges. My depressions are cyclical and in the old days could last for a month. Nowadays cycles only last for a day or two, at most a week.

I am also “energy sensitive”, which can cause, during tumultuous times, for me to feel much like a cat on a hot tin roof. In the old days, I would need to not communicate/leave the house for days at a time. Nowadays, I am able to quickly identify the sources and “manage” my anxieties. I still have that rune.

Putting the components together I am a mixed assortment of human condition that kinda needed saving . . . from the perspective of a community I could reach out to, when I needed to. In those moments in the coffee shop, I created insta-connection . . .

SEE! Creativity SAVED me 🙂

[Note: the above rune meets rune story is VERY true in it’s spirit, however the actual event had to be modified]

Here’s the ‘other’ side. This is a timeline of sorts.

There I was, a self identified Introvert, prone to cycles of depression and spontaneous actions, similar to a squirrel on crack.

Years of working at it, transformed how I responded to things . . . and I was always seeking.

I began to grasp ownership of my skill as an Empath and Intuitive and began to journey more into how I can be of service. I had once been a counselor, but felt that was not the journey for me.

I also felt a strong pull to adornment making. I felt my trajectory had to be pieces of meaning . . . talismans . . . adornment that is resonant.

I had spent a few years working in a somewhat traditional jewelry making environment, and then discovered a newish medium . . . metal clay. Metal Clay Art & Classes I teach


I spent days scouring the internet, buying books, looking at videos and trying to understand the magic of the material.

Of course I decided I needed to teach this to others and of course, I was going to save the world with RUNES  . . .  and Chop characters, and tiny Tarot cards in resin and Warrior’s Creeds and pentacles and any other piece of meaning someone wanted me to make! Remember, I had been saved by a RUNE.


So I dove in and instantaneously decided to build a business with this new sliced bread.

I kinda followed in the footsteps of those before me who had businesses making jewelry. I did big exhibits and little exhibits and took a class or two and built a website, created an Etsy site and signed up for expensive business coaching and spent a lot of time, flying by the seat of my pants.

I often look upon those days with both a wince and a slight chuckle . . . some memories bring about an uproarious laugh.

I started this journey in late 2007.

Although I had overcome a lot of challenges in action and thinking about having a jewelry and teaching business, there were still pieces I couldn’t quite figure out.

By 2011, I was exhausted, burnt to a crisp and hated everyone. I had no money, my marriage was in flames; my sister, whom I’d been distant from for 15 years, was dying; my other relationships were nearly nonexistent and my children weren’t speaking to me much (divorce villain). I quit!

I announced the “close” of my business. I was going to move on and get a “real job” and get a divorce and somehow, live happily every after.

June 2011, I closed the business.

July 14, 2011 – my husband moved out, my children were angry

July 27, 2011 – my sister died

2a5d13c9e900ec21930ffa32cf9223c2I felt smashed into a 1000 pieces. It was all too much in such a short period of time. The dark days were returning . . . it was as if the clocks of the ‘verse had been turned backwards. I wanted all the hurt to end.

For a long while, I wandered about aimlessly. I had no thought of putting any pieces together. Day to day, I just did what was in front of me. I took care of my daughter, took care of the pets, ate, slept, took deep breaths, cried often – rinsed, repeated. I spoke to very few people and the idea of “healing” from all the hurt, was far from my plan.

One day, I went into my studio for something. I had not been in there since June. I stepped in, panned the room . . . and could not remember why I was in there. My eyes landed on my work space. Still laid out with tools and material and a few unfinished pieces.

I sat without really thinking about it, I picked up tools, I started working.

Sometime passed and I looked up and it was dark outside.  There were 7 new pieces in front of me ready for the kiln. She popped them in the kiln and stepped out in to the hot air . . . and quickly dashed to the house where there was additional air conditioning 🙂

Although it was dark, things felt brighter. I sat down and wrote at my computer for over an hour. There was clarity…there was hope….there was creativity in that writing.

A few crashed hard drives later, that writing has been lost, and I remember most of what I learned that day. Above all, what I remember is my decision.

I decided to pick myself up, abandon the notion of a “real job” and get back to work. “There are so many people that need to be creating to get through, whatever it is that has smashed them.”

SEE! Creativity saved my life.

My creativity saved me . . . literally . . . from despair.

In 2013, when my father passed away, being able to sit and make things with playdoh, saved me from an intense despair and helped me get centered and stay centered.

OH MY GOODNESS! Interesting read Delia, but what’s the point.

I’ll summarize.

I cannot possibly list all the ways that being creative is beneficial. I mean, I think, it centers us, calms us, creates community, brings us back to love, allows self-expression and enriches the lives of others…..and SO MUCH MORE. What I can say with out a doubt, it that being creative has transformed others and in my own experience, it has literally saved my life.

There are many more ‘parts’ to my story, and you’ll have to wait for the book.

cracked-heart,-dry-land,-water-146173The art I create, is partly informed by my life experiences and meant to be of value to others. Clients pay me a lot of money to create cool lovelies for them that, that have meaning and won’t be found in another store. They are pieces that are informed by their experiences that they share, represent them and often broaden their community, or as in the case of my rune, help them in their daily life.

The teaching I do, is informed by the skills I have amassed and my life experiences.

Others’ life experiences may not be as intense as the ones I’ve had  . . . or those experiences might be more intense than mine. In the end, life events are life events and they affect us.

If you are looking for a way to thrive through life and reach past events in a really creative way . . . take a class.

Are you an introvert? Do you walk through depression and anxiety?  I know what that is like . . . read the story again if you need to. I hear you . . . I see you.

I created an online class with the express purpose of providing an experience that doesn’t put pressure on you to talk to anyone/show your work or even ask a question. I can tell you that asking questions and showing your work, will benefit you, and you don’t have to. It really can be an experience of “art therapy” that is personal to you. You will find it peaceful, meditative and fun. Mistakes are celebrated and encouraged . . . self deprecation is discouraged and met with love.

Think about it, but not for long.

The next series of the Magyk 6 week Online class in metal clay, starts next Tuesday. Learn more here: Magyk Online

It just might save your life.

Much Love and Light,







PS. There is not a ton of scientifical data (I know I made up that word), demonstrating the value of creating and our mental health, however I found some sources that might interest you:

“Why Art Saves Lives”

“Can Art Save A Life”

Assorted articles of a psychological nature




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