Is It Them? Or is It You?

It seems to be THAT time of year, where I stand on a soap box and share the following ideals. *cough, cough* I’ve spent the last three weekends not selling much in my store and, not having sign-ups for classes. I’m not into any kind of “poor me” about this.

It does, however occur to me – things are manufactured, packaged and marketed, and displayed in a place for purchase . . . people buy those things . . . as a result, wheels get greased, salaries are paid, workers eat and pay *their* bills, cogs still move . . . biz keeps flowing – right . . . check . . . ok.

How come, we seem to *see* that as it relates to every other biz on the planet, EXCEPT an art-biz? Or is there some other thinking afoot.

Artists work to create a lovely. The lovely has heart and soul and brings value to the “end user” . . . it has meaning and purpose . . . just as a shirt made in a factory has, or a car . . . or a box of cereal. The artist then packages, markets, and displays the art for sale. We have “overhead” too . . . and we  (I am including myself) – oooo and ahhhh and say it’s “pretty”, or “lovely work” or “cute stuff” or in some cases “STUPENDOUS”.  We might have the money on hand to buy it, or we might have to give up 3 lattes to have it, (we will always ‘find’ money for what we want) and yet, we don’t buy it, or we don’t sign-up for it. How come?

Is it the social/political climate right now? Is it the money? Here’s the real question . . . who are we undervaluing when we don’t make the purchase . . . the artist or ourselves?

I can tell you from personal experience that the artist is *feeling* undervalued, and thinks that perhaps the work is “ugly”. And that’s my problem. After 10 years, I rarely take it personally ….any more 🙂

I believe, in truth, it is us . . . it is me . . . it is YOU that YOU are undervaluing. You tell yourself things like “I don’t deserve nice things”, “I can’t afford it”, “I will wreck it”. As an artist that sells her work, I am familiar with these “objections”, and really, I can tell you all day long, that you DO deserve nice things and please avoid being so self-deprecating . . . which I have said often, if these things are said out loud to me . . . and I’m pretty convinced it makes little impact. You really have to make those decisions for yourself. I know I do.

I JUST did this recently. While having coffee with a friend, I saw a sign for a Tai Chi class series. It’s $144 for 12 sessions – HELLO – that’s $12 a session, and yet, I immediately dismissed it as being too much money. I’ve wanted to do Tai Chi for a very long time . . . so I reminded myself that I have a DVD at home. That’s sad right? I’m giving up a chance to play with others cuz I think it’s too much money, when the really truth is, I’m scared of looking weird and I don’t believe I should treat myself, cuz I have so. many. bills . . . because obviously the last $40 I manifested, will be the last money I ever manifest. Does your brain do this?  . . . gosh there is just no prosperity thinking there. 🙂

So, I’m gonna say, next time you pass up something you really love, ask yourself, “Is it them? Is it the price? or is it some unkind thing I am saying to myself, about myself?”

If it’s a class, (y’all all know I offer classes) . . . is it the price? Is it the time it will take, really? Or is it the unkind thing you are saying in your head about how you “think [you] are not creative”, or you “don’t deserve to do something nice for [yourself] like take 3 hours out of a day and just make something….cuz after all, who is gonna do the dishes, or the laundry?”.

Just sayin’. Treat yourself better, treat yourself well. The people around you will appreciate your happy, centered self. It’s a win-win too. The artisan you buy from is happy too.

Much Love and Light,


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