New Adventures Await . . .

Hello Lovers of Lovelies and those that love making them πŸ™‚

I have decided to move out of my store space at Crafted. Right off the bat, I want you all to know that this does not mean that I am “quitting” or shutting down my business. Quite the contrary in fact!

I am still available for custom work, and in the coming days there will be a gallery and shopping cart on the site, here, for you to see work and buy work. I will also be going back on the road at assorted shows, so stay tuned.

I will also continue teaching – however, classes for the balance of March are cancelled and the dates for April are on hold until I find that perfect space to teach them in. By the way, if you have suggestions, I’m all ears. It’s still in my “master plan” to move to the area.

There is a part of me that sad. I will miss my every weekend interactions with those of you that come often to Crafted, as well as my fellow artisans. It’s quite a diverse group and it’s always fun to talk about life, the ‘verse and everything.

I will treasure a great deal, all my experiences for these last 4…almost 5 years. If you are new to my site, I’ve had a ‘heart-space’ at Crafted since the doors opened in 2012. I saw the building before it was refurbished . . . I have been witness to the ebbs and flows and growing pains and incredible celebrations. I met incredible clients and phenomenal artists. I have seen artists and staff come and go, and now it’s my turn.

From the perspectives of my art and my understanding of making art my business, I have grown up at Crafted. I have learned so much. I’ve experienced a wealth of support and encouragement, I have laughed, cried, danced and slept at my desk – made things and taught things. It has been a tremendous joy (most days πŸ˜‰ ) to be a part of this community

What a ride!

It’s time now for me to experience new wild rides and experience other places and other people. I’m not leaving anything behind . . . just moving forward . . . towards, new growth and expansion.

If you know me, you know I have ideas already, however nothing I’m ready to share just yet πŸ™‚ AND please know that I am still here, still making and still teaching.

Reach out if you have questions. concerns, or a need for a lovely.

I hope you will join me in celebrating the unfolding of new adventures. Thank you for all your love, through purchase, kind words and playing in classes. I look forward to seeing you on my new road(s), I will definitely keep you posted.


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I am a mom, artist and teacher!
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