Zircon – A December Lovely

From Geology.com. Check out their site, interesting article on Zirconium

In the Middle ages, thought to bring sleep, and drive away evil. In Victorian times, used in English estate jewelry. Zircon – GORGEOUS Zircon, is the birthstone for December

. . . and never to be confused with cubic zirconium or CZ as it is known. Zircon has been confused with diamonds as well, due to it’s “fire” and particularly, white Zircon.

Zircon comes in several colors: white; blue; yellow; brown; green; orange and golden colors. Blue and white are the most known. And did you know:

Some zircons—usually green ones—display much lower values for these properties than others. Scientists have determined that the crystal structures of these gems were almost completely broken down by radioactive elements—often present in zircon as impurities—that damaged the gems’ crystal structure over long periods of geological time. https://www.gia.edu/zircon-description

It’s radioactive . . . there’s a song there somewhere. It’s nothing to be alarmed over, it is how it grows in in environment, with trace amounts of uranium. https://www.gia.edu/gia-faq-zircon-radioactive

I’m a fan of mostly blue,  white and golden or brown color. I recently found some – yummy. Since I don’t have a permanent marketplace to share lovelies with you all in person, I created an eBay store for the stones from The Vault.

In ’92, my father started a gem and jewelry business, mostly sapphires. I worked with him from ’94 – 2001, which is when he decided to retire. The stones from “The Vault”, are those from that business.



  • Provides spiritual protection
  • Energizes all chakras
  • Assists in overcoming depleted energy
  • Encourages the ability to recognize and receive spiritual guidance
  • Assists in cleansing toxins from the body, it can be used to assist in withdrawal from tobacco, sugar, caffeine or other harmful substances


So WOW…why not a Zircon.

Turquoise is considered the alternative, recently, so was Tanzanite.

AND the gems I have and sell, have been ethically sourced and fairly traded. I have some issues with the ways in which some folk have run roughshod over others, in order to take from them. Please, if you buy Turquoise, buy it from Native distributors/crafts person/artisan. Turquoise does not keep growing…it’s not renewable. Please give a look at this article: http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2015/3/6/international-run-on-turquoise-gives-native-american-artisans-the-blues.html.

Tanzanite… well that’s just sad. The Tanzanite market has been pretty much taken over by De Beers, or as it is being referred to, “The De Beers Model”. As the story goes, there was concern about smuggling and stealing and people started dying and so since De Beers was so great at stopping smuggling and stealing of diamonds (seen “Blood Diamond”?), guidelines and procedures they had created are being adopted. whew . . . I’ll say no more, it upsets me.

My online store, housed here, from this website is brimming with lovelies, both with and without gemstones. You can also see and purchase various natural stones I still have available from my eBay store – phoenixmagyk-dmt.

For all the December babies . . . you have choices. I think the best ones are Zircon, with it’s variety of colors . . . like Sapphire.


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