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Alexandrite is the birthstone for June.

I have a couple of links for you to check out on this marvelous stone. To summarize: Alexandrite is the color change variety of Chrysoberyl. Legend has it that the man who discovered Alexandrite, in the Ural Mountains of Russia, named it after Tsar Alexander II – which I suspect was a you-better-have, kinda thing.

Aside from Russia, Alexandrite has been found in Brazil, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Madagascar – not Mexico. From the start of lab grown corundum (sapphire) – the color change variety was passed off as both natural Alexandrite and lab grown Alexandrite – so be thoughtful when you purchase.

There really is a lab grown synthetic Alexandrite – having the same mineral and chemical components as the natural material. Although I have no natural Alexandrite, I have lab grown material available at $60/carat and simulated (color change corundum) at $20/carat.

In this picture it's raspberry color :)
Lab grown Alexandrite. In this picture it’s raspberry color 🙂
custom jewelry, magyk custom work, ring, fine silver adornment

A ring I made for a client last year. There is a lab created Alexandrite and a lab created Emerald

“Alex” is said to aid in healing some physical illnesses.  Contemporary practitioners of crystal healing have agreed that it may be helpful in treating challenges of the spleen and pancreas and possibly regeneration of neurological tissues. Don’t eat them though. Please go to a practitioner for guidance and usage. 🙂

Alexandrites are also great for energetically promoting self-esteem and appreciation of the world around us. The stone can assist a person in developing “inner energy changes” which correspond with intention. Alexandrites will aid in centering yourself. Again, don’t eat them, WEAR them 🙂

Here are the links, I promised:



Lab grown Alexandrite is also fire-safe in fine silver metal clay, at 1470. BONUS!

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