Private Metal Clay Magyk Programs


Private Metal Clay Magyk Program – Mostly OnLine

3-month; 6-month; 1 year options.


  • Weekly Skype session
  • Personalized lesson plan
  • Email access for questions
  • Facebook group to share ideas and get support
  • Focused coaching
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • In person tutoring sessions
  • Printed tutorials
      • May include (6 mos/1 yr programs):

      • Participation in single session(s) in any “live” class
      • Tutoring and mentoring, for marketing and selling your work
      • Mentoring on teaching the craft
      • Private access to video tutorials and your Skype sessions for later review

Some reasons why this might be for you:

        • You watched a lot of You Tube videos and have A LOT of questions.

        • You’ve been in classes and not gotten the individual time you needed.

        • You drive distances to take classes, using up valuable time you could be using for eating and making.

        • You have great ideas for pieces in your head, and want to make them real.

        • You enjoy learning, in your comfy clothes and at a slower pace.

        • You are unsure of your “genre”.

        • You are unsure where you want to go with your art – sell it? teach it? throw it on a shelf and just love it? give it away as gifts?

Some things that might occur if you choose to play:

        • More confidence
        • Greater skill and inventive techniques
        • Finding your voice
        • The healing that comes from working with your hands
        • More knowledge of the medium and engineering
        • Finished pieces designed & made by YOU

Want more information? Click this READY link. You’ll be sending me an email with your inquiry. I answer emails within 24 hours and when you click “READY”, I will know it, feel it and be SUPER excited for you.






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