Is It Them? Or is It You?

It seems to be THAT time of year, where I stand on a soap box and share the following ideals. *cough, cough* I’ve spent the last three weekends not selling much in my store and, not having sign-ups for classes. I’m not into any kind of “poor me” about this.

It does, however occur to me – things are manufactured, packaged and marketed, and displayed in a place for purchase . . . people buy those things . . . as a result, wheels get greased, salaries are paid, workers eat and pay *their* bills, cogs still move . . . biz keeps flowing – right . . . check . . . ok.

How come, we seem to *see* that as it relates to every other biz on the planet, EXCEPT an art-biz? Or is there some other thinking afoot.

Artists work to create a lovely. The lovely has heart and soul and brings value to the “end user” . . . it has meaning and purpose . . . just as a shirt made in a factory has, or a car . . . or a box of cereal. The artist then packages, markets, and displays the art for sale. We have “overhead” too . . . and we  (I am including myself) – oooo and ahhhh and say it’s “pretty”, or “lovely work” or “cute stuff” or in some cases “STUPENDOUS”.  We might have the money on hand to buy it, or we might have to give up 3 lattes to have it, (we will always ‘find’ money for what we want) and yet, we don’t buy it, or we don’t sign-up for it. How come?

Is it the social/political climate right now? Is it the money? Here’s the real question . . . who are we undervaluing when we don’t make the purchase . . . the artist or ourselves?

I can tell you from personal experience that the artist is *feeling* undervalued, and thinks that perhaps the work is “ugly”. And that’s my problem. After 10 years, I rarely take it personally ….any more 🙂

I believe, in truth, it is us . . . it is me . . . it is YOU that YOU are undervaluing. You tell yourself things like “I don’t deserve nice things”, “I can’t afford it”, “I will wreck it”. As an artist that sells her work, I am familiar with these “objections”, and really, I can tell you all day long, that you DO deserve nice things and please avoid being so self-deprecating . . . which I have said often, if these things are said out loud to me . . . and I’m pretty convinced it makes little impact. You really have to make those decisions for yourself. I know I do.

I JUST did this recently. While having coffee with a friend, I saw a sign for a Tai Chi class series. It’s $144 for 12 sessions – HELLO – that’s $12 a session, and yet, I immediately dismissed it as being too much money. I’ve wanted to do Tai Chi for a very long time . . . so I reminded myself that I have a DVD at home. That’s sad right? I’m giving up a chance to play with others cuz I think it’s too much money, when the really truth is, I’m scared of looking weird and I don’t believe I should treat myself, cuz I have so. many. bills . . . because obviously the last $40 I manifested, will be the last money I ever manifest. Does your brain do this?  . . . gosh there is just no prosperity thinking there. 🙂

So, I’m gonna say, next time you pass up something you really love, ask yourself, “Is it them? Is it the price? or is it some unkind thing I am saying to myself, about myself?”

If it’s a class, (y’all all know I offer classes) . . . is it the price? Is it the time it will take, really? Or is it the unkind thing you are saying in your head about how you “think [you] are not creative”, or you “don’t deserve to do something nice for [yourself] like take 3 hours out of a day and just make something….cuz after all, who is gonna do the dishes, or the laundry?”.

Just sayin’. Treat yourself better, treat yourself well. The people around you will appreciate your happy, centered self. It’s a win-win too. The artisan you buy from is happy too.

Much Love and Light,

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Creativity Saves Lives

12237272_1663842657194985_706759763_nThe belief that I have, that creativity saves lives, is so firm in my core. It is a HUGE part of why I teach and why I create Lovelies for Lovers of.

Grab a cuppa something . . .

How this present journey began.

I am an introvert. I often feel challenged by being around more than one person at a time. I do, however, crave, like many humans, connection with others.  But not just any connection. I prefer deep meaningful connections, which scares some people, and puts casual dating way out of the realm of possibility.

I am a person that enjoys wearing, handmade, well made, pieces of jewelry. One day I found a rune piece in silver. The rune, Uruz, loosely translates as a “strength” rune. At the time, I had some appointments coming up and decided, this is just the intention I needed to focus on for these meetings. I wore my new rune all the day, into the next.  Whenever I felt I was loosing breath, I grabbed the rune tightly and I felt calm. Lo and behold a beautiful pendant had become a talisman for strength.

That next day, while at a coffee shop, I saw a person who was wearing a rune necklace. Without much thought (which surprised me), I blurted out “WHAT RUNE IS THAT?!?”. Startled, the person looked at me, offered a slight smile, and then we began to chat about runes and rune study. Connection around creativity had begun.

We walked out of the shop together and headed to our respective cars and talked of meeting up again. This new person in my life, shared that there were others I might like to meet – “Others….” I murmured . . . 🙂

Just as I reached my car . . .


. . . an asteroid fell from the sky and landed on the once pretty coffee shop.

SEE!  Creativity saved my life.



Okay, I jest a bit, and let’s add some components to the mix.

I am also challenged by depressive episodes and anxiety challenges. My depressions are cyclical and in the old days could last for a month. Nowadays cycles only last for a day or two, at most a week.

I am also “energy sensitive”, which can cause, during tumultuous times, for me to feel much like a cat on a hot tin roof. In the old days, I would need to not communicate/leave the house for days at a time. Nowadays, I am able to quickly identify the sources and “manage” my anxieties. I still have that rune.

Putting the components together I am a mixed assortment of human condition that kinda needed saving . . . from the perspective of a community I could reach out to, when I needed to. In those moments in the coffee shop, I created insta-connection . . .

SEE! Creativity SAVED me 🙂

[Note: the above rune meets rune story is VERY true in it’s spirit, however the actual event had to be modified]

Here’s the ‘other’ side. This is a timeline of sorts.

There I was, a self identified Introvert, prone to cycles of depression and spontaneous actions, similar to a squirrel on crack.

Years of working at it, transformed how I responded to things . . . and I was always seeking.

I began to grasp ownership of my skill as an Empath and Intuitive and began to journey more into how I can be of service. I had once been a counselor, but felt that was not the journey for me.

I also felt a strong pull to adornment making. I felt my trajectory had to be pieces of meaning . . . talismans . . . adornment that is resonant.

I had spent a few years working in a somewhat traditional jewelry making environment, and then discovered a newish medium . . . metal clay. Metal Clay Art & Classes I teach


I spent days scouring the internet, buying books, looking at videos and trying to understand the magic of the material.

Of course I decided I needed to teach this to others and of course, I was going to save the world with RUNES  . . .  and Chop characters, and tiny Tarot cards in resin and Warrior’s Creeds and pentacles and any other piece of meaning someone wanted me to make! Remember, I had been saved by a RUNE.


So I dove in and instantaneously decided to build a business with this new sliced bread.

I kinda followed in the footsteps of those before me who had businesses making jewelry. I did big exhibits and little exhibits and took a class or two and built a website, created an Etsy site and signed up for expensive business coaching and spent a lot of time, flying by the seat of my pants.

I often look upon those days with both a wince and a slight chuckle . . . some memories bring about an uproarious laugh.

I started this journey in late 2007.

Although I had overcome a lot of challenges in action and thinking about having a jewelry and teaching business, there were still pieces I couldn’t quite figure out.

By 2011, I was exhausted, burnt to a crisp and hated everyone. I had no money, my marriage was in flames; my sister, whom I’d been distant from for 15 years, was dying; my other relationships were nearly nonexistent and my children weren’t speaking to me much (divorce villain). I quit!

I announced the “close” of my business. I was going to move on and get a “real job” and get a divorce and somehow, live happily every after.

June 2011, I closed the business.

July 14, 2011 – my husband moved out, my children were angry

July 27, 2011 – my sister died

2a5d13c9e900ec21930ffa32cf9223c2I felt smashed into a 1000 pieces. It was all too much in such a short period of time. The dark days were returning . . . it was as if the clocks of the ‘verse had been turned backwards. I wanted all the hurt to end.

For a long while, I wandered about aimlessly. I had no thought of putting any pieces together. Day to day, I just did what was in front of me. I took care of my daughter, took care of the pets, ate, slept, took deep breaths, cried often – rinsed, repeated. I spoke to very few people and the idea of “healing” from all the hurt, was far from my plan.

One day, I went into my studio for something. I had not been in there since June. I stepped in, panned the room . . . and could not remember why I was in there. My eyes landed on my work space. Still laid out with tools and material and a few unfinished pieces.

I sat without really thinking about it, I picked up tools, I started working.

Sometime passed and I looked up and it was dark outside.  There were 7 new pieces in front of me ready for the kiln. She popped them in the kiln and stepped out in to the hot air . . . and quickly dashed to the house where there was additional air conditioning 🙂

Although it was dark, things felt brighter. I sat down and wrote at my computer for over an hour. There was clarity…there was hope….there was creativity in that writing.

A few crashed hard drives later, that writing has been lost, and I remember most of what I learned that day. Above all, what I remember is my decision.

I decided to pick myself up, abandon the notion of a “real job” and get back to work. “There are so many people that need to be creating to get through, whatever it is that has smashed them.”

SEE! Creativity saved my life.

My creativity saved me . . . literally . . . from despair.

In 2013, when my father passed away, being able to sit and make things with playdoh, saved me from an intense despair and helped me get centered and stay centered.

OH MY GOODNESS! Interesting read Delia, but what’s the point.

I’ll summarize.

I cannot possibly list all the ways that being creative is beneficial. I mean, I think, it centers us, calms us, creates community, brings us back to love, allows self-expression and enriches the lives of others…..and SO MUCH MORE. What I can say with out a doubt, it that being creative has transformed others and in my own experience, it has literally saved my life.

There are many more ‘parts’ to my story, and you’ll have to wait for the book.

cracked-heart,-dry-land,-water-146173The art I create, is partly informed by my life experiences and meant to be of value to others. Clients pay me a lot of money to create cool lovelies for them that, that have meaning and won’t be found in another store. They are pieces that are informed by their experiences that they share, represent them and often broaden their community, or as in the case of my rune, help them in their daily life.

The teaching I do, is informed by the skills I have amassed and my life experiences.

Others’ life experiences may not be as intense as the ones I’ve had  . . . or those experiences might be more intense than mine. In the end, life events are life events and they affect us.

If you are looking for a way to thrive through life and reach past events in a really creative way . . . take a class.

Are you an introvert? Do you walk through depression and anxiety?  I know what that is like . . . read the story again if you need to. I hear you . . . I see you.

I created an online class with the express purpose of providing an experience that doesn’t put pressure on you to talk to anyone/show your work or even ask a question. I can tell you that asking questions and showing your work, will benefit you, and you don’t have to. It really can be an experience of “art therapy” that is personal to you. You will find it peaceful, meditative and fun. Mistakes are celebrated and encouraged . . . self deprecation is discouraged and met with love.

Think about it, but not for long.

The next series of the Magyk 6 week Online class in metal clay, starts next Tuesday. Learn more here: Magyk Online

It just might save your life.

Much Love and Light,







PS. There is not a ton of scientifical data (I know I made up that word), demonstrating the value of creating and our mental health, however I found some sources that might interest you:

“Why Art Saves Lives”

“Can Art Save A Life”

Assorted articles of a psychological nature



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Fun Facts About Emeralds


Image courtesy of Sparkle N Dazzle Gems

The Luxurious May Birthstone

In March I talked about Aquamarine, which is a beryl.  Did you know that Emerald is also a Beryl and included in the top 4 list of precious stones?

Emeralds are the green variety of beryl, a mineral which comes in several other colors that are sometimes also used as gems, such as aquamarine which is blue, heliodor which is yellow, morganite which is pink and colorless goshenite.”

Emerald is the birthstone for May babies 🙂 wink wink – that would be me.

And this from Crystal Cure: “Emerald is a stone of great harmony, wisdom and love. Giving your lover an Emerald will bring the lover closer if the giver’s motives are pure love. The Emerald can be a bridge between 2 people. The Emerald vibrates with love.”

Love, wisdom, harmony . . . all associated with abundance which the energy of Emerald is all about really.  And it looks so awesome in silver 🙂

I personally love Emerald, and would still love it even if it weren’t my birthstone, however, I am more appreciative of synthetic (lab grown) emerald versus natural emerald. LabEm Ears grown material is exactly the same as the natural material – except it has no carbon spots, gas bubbles or other inclusions.

Synthetic emerald can be fired in place, in metal clay, whereas natural material cannot because of it’s inclusions. BONUS!

Folk ask me all the time, too, about the energies in a natural emerald versus a synthetic (lab grown emerald).  When playing with natural stones of any kind, remember this: natural stones carry historical energies from where they were found and much of the energy of all who have touched them since – CLEANSE YOUR GEMS/and crystals.  If you happen upon a stone that was born/dug up near an ancient burial site, for example, look out.

Since the mineral structure of a synthetic emerald is the same as a natural emerald, it will carry energy….but not from where it was born – that environment is pretty clean. It may have some energy from those who have touched it, before you did, however that is pretty transitory. When I sell synthetic emerald, it’s been cleansed and discharged, so that it may be charged by it’s new owner 🙂  Hope that clarifies things.

BTW – an “inclusion” is material within a stone that ‘marks’ it. In the case of emerald, it naturally has carbon spots, gas bubbles and other markings in it from it’s growth process.

Emerald is an 7 – 8 hardness, which is close to Sapphire, however, I do not recommend it for rings or bracelets, because it can get abrasions and possibly fracture, from wear.  It looks lovely in pendants or earrings, and as Cleopatra would have it, in a crown 🙂

Did you know that it is also difficult to cut to avoid shattering? And that the most prized Emerald, comes from Columbia?

Here’s another link for more information gemologically: GIA

Much Love and Light,




Other resources for information on Emerald:

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. . . of the last few weeks

Made ’em ….delivered ’em

Taught ’em

Made it  . . . delivered it

enjoyed the hail…as did my gnomes

made it – in store

made it – in store

taught it

working on it, the stego

made it . . . delivered it

working on it, the drawing of the stego

cleaned ’em

made it – in store

made it – in store

made it – in store

taught it


Coming up . . . a blog on how art saves lives 🙂 Magyk Mini-Intro 4/17; Whimsical Rings 4/23 & 4/30, and open studio on 4/24 . . . May 7 – Fold It, Hang It, Color It

Much love and light,


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Diamonds? April Birthstone

OK…. if you know me, you know how I feel about diamonds.


unheated white sapphire from Sri Lanka

While highly praised for centuries and hyped as “A girl’s best friend” and “two months of salary…” – I ALWAYS recommend a natural white sapphire to my clients before I will assist them with a diamond.  When my clients are insistent, I refer them to the best people I know in the business.

K…wanna know the coolest thing about sapphires….besides that they are often white?  Sapphire comes in over 450 colors/color variations AND they are more durable than a diamond.  That’s right….I said that.  While diamonds are a 10 hardness and Sapphire a 9 – sapphires don’t have cleeeeeeeavage 🙂  WOOHOO. And while they don’t have the same refraction (rainbowy colors in light) they are still awesomesauce….less expensive and just down right pretty.


I have maybe one white sapphire in stock over a carat….that is natural, and I have a large selection of sizes and shapes in smaller carat weights.  AND I have a large selection of all kinds of sizes and shapes in synthetic sapphire (remember, a synthetic sapphire has the same mineral/chemical components as it’s natural counter part).  Send me an email when you’d like to know more.

Why I don’t like diamonds?  Wuhl . . . I don’t want to be too negative, especially for those who appreciate diamonds . . . wear them and love them . . . and here’s the deal . . .

Diamonds are born with natural fracture points called cleavage. It’s one of the reasons that they are truly difficult to cut.  Unless you pay more than about $1000/ct. for a diamond, you are likely to get a “commercial grade” diamond with cleavage, which if the diamond gets knocked around, will cause the diamond to break – and that is something most jewelry store employees don’t have the guts to tell any one.

“Miner’s cut” diamonds from the 18th century, are pretty dang cool, but hard to find – and they were obtained/sold in a time before the Big Box Diamond industry began to control the flow, cutting and selling of diamonds. The cleavage was pretty much ignored and one could see enough fire to make it worth having. (some history on cutting

Around 1900, better cutting methods came along, thus the inevitable emphasis on cut, color, clarity and carat weight.  Around this time the price started to jump, various controls started to take place and ultimately people starting considering it an “investment stone”.  BTW, if someone is looking for a “used” diamond, it is highly unlikely they will pay more than what you paid for it . . . just saying . . . a diamond has to be of extraordinary quality and mayhaps worn by royalty, before anyone is going to pay more for it, than what was paid for it.

And I’m just not gonna talk about “Blood Diamond”.

This might seem like a pretty negative take on things . . . and it kinda is.  I am just not a fan of all the hype about diamonds and the misconceptions people are ‘sold’ and I especially dislike the controls on the market.  DON’T be hypnotized. 🙂

In the meantime . . . be well….live with intention!

Much love and light,


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It’s March!

Faceted Aquamarine

Natural, faceted Aquamarine from my collection

Birthstone: Aquamarine   Astrological signs: Pisces and Aries

Aquamarine (aqua) is a Beryl, along with emerald.  Most usually found in Brazil, it is often blue to blue green in color.  It’s clarity and closeness to blue in color, makes it more valuable. Greenish ones don’t sell for as much.  I’ve always viewed the purchase of stones as a purely ‘eye of the beholder thing’.  The true investment in a gemstone is how you feel when you own it.

Stories of old, reference the stone as the ‘sea stone’ and it has long been considered the lucky stone for the sailor.

There is no lab grown aqua equivalent and so, from a metaphysical standpoint, a simulated would not be as valuable energetically. If you were to “use it” as quartz, which is what it is born from as a lab grown material, then that would work.

There are a few ideas on the uses of aqua, magykly/spiritually/energetically. Some believe it to be a throat Chakra stone and valuable for arthritis .  I was taught that aqua is a meditation stone and beneficial for clarity and calming the nerves. It has always worked well for me.

For our Pisces friends: yellow sapphire, topaz, red coral and pearl are your “lucky gems”. I’d recommend working with a blue topaz or an aqua.

For the Aries in the crowd: red coral, carnelian, pearl, yellow sapphire, golden topaz and garnet are your “lucky gems” Similarly for Pisces, I recommend aqua, and yellow sapphire – rooted in the winds, they are also excellent for both signs.

Ultimately, as always, I say, have what you love and what resonates for you.  While stones/crystals often have a connection to some energies, they can be cleansed and charged for what is important to you :).

A quick word about lab grown sapphire:  You know I use it often. I am mindful of where my stones come from and I am sensitive to energies of turmoil. So remember, lab sapphire and ruby have the same mineral and chemical components as the natural stone. So if a natural yellow sapphire seems crazy expensive to you, consider a lab grown stone and I do have some :).

I saw some pretty aqua’s at this site: Gem Select

Lastly, I have in stock, some natural rough aqua and a few faceted pieces and some really lovely simulated ones.  Let me know if you have an interest – additional pics and pricing by request 🙂 [email protected]

Much love and light,


Natural Golden-Yellow Sapphire

Natural yellow/gold sapphire

Rough Aqua

“Rough” Aqua

Simulated Aqua

Simulated, faceted Aqua


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And Time Passes

classic clock with moving pointer

classic clock with moving pointer

Time. What an interesting thing. Of course centuries ago, time was not a big deal. Days were spent figuring out how to survive. It was just sun up and sun down. People hunted and ate and foraged and created shelter and fought off predators . . . rinse and repeat.

As we have evolved, there are now clocks . . . dates . . . deadlines . . .“work hours”, “school hours” “open hours” “closed hours”. In the hours, we are doing the same thing – maintaining our shelters, foraging for food, resting, eating and fighting off “predators”. For the homeless, that can be rough . . . really rough. For those of us fortunate to have a roof over our heads, not as rough. We just call it something different . . . right?

Why so philosophical?

It’s not because I see time as “precious”. It’s because I value the things that occur during time.

It began, really, after my mother passed away in 1986. Nothing like a death in the family to cause a pause and reality check on what’s important, right?

Since that event, I have been fairly diligent about “family first”, my relationships with others, second, and my relationship with society, third.

Along the way, there have been other events that have occurred, that serve as reminders to me of what my priorities with my time need to be . . . and it is always “family first”.

Under that family first umbrella, are a lot of details. There of course is the need-to-drop-all-other-things-cuz-someone-in-the-family-needs-my-attention/focus/help-right now. There is an understanding that self-care is super important to all the rest. There is also the foraging, maintaining shelter, and fighting off perceived predators :). How do I do all that? I make things and I sell them. I teach things, and people take my classes. Simple, right?

Not really. Making things and teaching things and “selling” that to others can be a daunting task, full of “what if people feel BUGGED by all the times I mention the things.” And “I have to remember to mention all the things on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest” . . . and what are the best ways/words to use to make the invitation . . . and more random, sometimes, doubtful thoughts.

I mention that, because people do get bugged and they drop off from my mailing list and sometimes they send me an email and tell me, they feel bugged.

Then again, there just isn’t time to waste. We just never know what’s going to happen today . . . tomorrow . . . in the next five years.

What if, wearing a handmade piece of jewelry art, really does change your outlook on yourself, your day, your world and as a result, you smile more and that brightens someone else’s day? Or what if, you are wearing an Intention Vessel and in it is the word Love, and because of that, rather than yelling at someone or bashing your car into their rear end, you grab your vessel and you feel an immediate sense of calm?

What if, learning a new art medium brought you time to be quiet and creative? What if it were healing and meditative? What if enhancing your skills in a medium you already play in, brought you more joy . . . the possibility of a new career . . . enriched community experience?

What if you go back to school after 20 years and get that degree you’ve always wanted?

What if, you did nothing?

Sometimes people get bugged and other times they miss out.

Recently I’ve received emails asking me “why was the Skirball class cancelled?” and “bummer, I was going to sign up for the 8-week, but now it is cancelled”, and “what happened to the resin work class at Glendale.”

The classes were cancelled because not enough people signed up, with enough time for me to order material. It happens and I am sorry some folk that are going to miss out.

Let me go back to my discussion of time now. At 1a on Tuesday, I was in the ER with my daughter. She had an event that we are still trying to figure out. She felt faint, I got to her in time, but she slipped from my grasp and landed on the tile floor with a sickening smack to the head and had a small seizure.

She’s had 7 surgeries . . . and this event shook us. It shook us because we had no cause to foist it on to and ultimately that leaves us a little stuck in “now what?”.

We think we have some clues now. We need to take time to do a few things differently. We had a chat about what we are doing with our time, a chat that happens, I am sure in places all over the world, when there is a health “scare”.

And what if we do nothing?

I cannot help but to consider all the things I have said I wasn’t ready for . . . or that I’ll do “when I have more time” or “when I think I can afford it.”

I would not be a parent! I would not be a Certified Artisan. I would not have a business. I would not be teaching anything. It’s a longer list, really.

I’m going to keep inviting you, whether you like it or not :). I hope you’ll reconsider whatever your objections and perceived limitations are, and join me in a class or purchase a lovely. I promise we will have fun and I promise it will enrich your life in some way.

Much Love and Light,IMG_4386

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Amethyst . . . OH! IT’S PURPLE!

Amethyst…the beautiful  birthstone of February!

Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz. I’ve always known it to be the stone of . . .’drunks and fools’ 🙂

While not suitable as a ‘fire in place’ stone, for metal clay work, it’s certainly awesome post fire.

“Amethyst, the gemstone believed by ancient Greeks and Romans to ward off the intoxicating powers of Bacchus, also is said to keep the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted. Throughout history, the gemstone has been associated with many myths, legends, religions, and numerous cultures.”

Amethyst were found in Russia and featured in royal jewelry. Brazil is the primary source, these days, and it is also found in Zambia.

Benefit from the power of Amethyst jewelry

  • Spiritual insight
  • Promotes a sense of good judgment
  • Provokes honesty
  • Encourages a quiet and calm mind
  • Aids in meditation to find deep inner peace
  • Comfort at times of loss or grief
  • Aids dreaming, inspiration and intuition
  • Helps balance the crown (brow) chakra

“Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience, and peace.

Emotionally, amethyst is used in crystal healing to help heal personal losses and grief, bringing one gently past. Amethyst has a gently sedative energy that can promote peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. It also is said to bring emotional stability and inner strength. This stability and strength not only helps one hold firm in one’s life, but it can enhance flexibility and cooperation. To be flexible at need is a sure sign of strength.”

Need an adornment with amethyst?  Want an adornment with amethyst?  Send me an email, I’m happy to assist you.


Much Love and light,


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Sale? Discount? Coupons?!?!?

As Martin Luther King Day came and went, as I do every year, I had strong emotions about the mind-set of, for the most part, of “big box retailers”.  ‘It’s MLK DAY! Time to buy a mattress on sale . . . or a refrigerator…or clothes…or jewelry…or a car. As if that were the core message Martin Luther King would want to share on his birthday, or any other day for that matter.

I’ve also been doing some marketing research. Marketing is a huge part of my business . . . really, who wants to keep having parties when no one knows about them?  It’s important though, that my marketing is in congruence with who I am. As my business coach onece said – “It doesn’t have to be smarmy.”

I recently watched a tutorial on ‘how to get a million sales on Pinterest’ and the first thing suggested in creating my business pin, was to offer a “discount coupon”. Ummm yick, I don’t make widgets, carpet or mattresses.

My friend and marketing expert-team member recently lifted an eye brow at my use of a unicorn in some of my product shots for the Etsy site. It’s a bit kitchsy . . . maybe even unprofessional.  I get it. After a wee bit of chatting, it’s agreed that the unicorn stays. Why? -because, a unicorn is very ME.  I have agreed to a shot with a solely white background and she has agreed that I get to keep the unicorn 🙂2016-01-14 10.36.43

It goes on like this in all aspects of my work, weather it be teaching or making. I’m kinda unconventional like that. Recently someone said I was “wasting so much valuable time, doing ‘live’ teaching. You should do videos.”  Well, yeah,  . . . nope.  I hated watching videos and not being able to ask questions, and the clients I work with are a lot like me. I enjoy seeing them and sharing our work and time over Skype and sometimes we just talk about life. [Insert plug for OnLine Class starting in February – HERE] Marketing… LOL . . . see I I just slid that little promo right in there…OPEN AND ABOVE BOARD.

I said all that to say – again – that I don’t do sales, coupons or discounts. Why? – cuz I don’t make widgets, carpet, or mattresses. What that means is that I don’t mass produce anything, and my time and talent has value. Each piece I make is made, by hand, one at a time. Each class I teach, is taught in that moment and the artists I am working with are the only students at the table in that moment – they all create, whatever it is they are going to create and I am mindful of their strengths and needs.

Another reason I don’t do that is, I think it devalues the work. I am telling people, by having a sale, that the piece/class is not worth what you would have paid – that in fact, I must be overcharging for my work in the first place, if I can afford to discount. Ummm ewww. That kinda stuff ticks me off, I cannot imagine what clients and potential clients would feel. It always burns my butt a bit when I need something, and I buy that something, and a week later, it’s on “clearance sale”. If I could wait to get the thing, I spose I would and then I’d be staring at circulars or websites waiting for the sale. I really do have better uses for my time.

I do offer gifts with purchases. I do this, not as a gimmick, but as a shown of appreciation for your purchase, an acknowledgement of your time and also, it supports fellow makers.  This month, I’ve been offering cake pops from Drunken Cake Pops and a cool loofah soap from Pretty and Perky. Last year, for Mother’s Day I offered a gift pack of smell good lovelies from Pretty and Perky.2016-01-22 15.28.32-2

This year I am offering an opportunity for some fabulous person out there (and you are all fabulous) to have me make a custom piece that only you will own. No – as a matter of fact I am not planning to reproduce the piece you suggested . . . I’m not looking for new design ideas from you. I really am offering up a gift and it is a collaborative gift. This issue, presented in the form of a rather bitter question, came to me and I thought I’d clarify.

What I get from these moments is how “trained” and often “jaded” people feel. I get it, and I am sorry and if you are one of those people that needs a sale to buy my work, or take my class(es), you are not my kinda client, and it’s really okay. Sometimes buying something on “sale” causes a person to feel like they are winning something. I think wearing handcrafted adornment that is well made and well priced is winning. I think learning something new, going past your perceived limitations of creativity is winning.

I do provide a returning customer gift to those that have purchased from me before . I just think that if you appreciate my work enough to collect it, you ought to be honored for that.

I do offer pricing on my work and for my classes, that I think values me and my talent and honors you and where you choose to spend your money.

I do this work full time – teaching and selling what I makenosales-300x201. It is how I “make a living” . . . how I pay the electric bill; buy food and gas – It IS my job.  It means something to me to have happy students leave a table and feel good about what they created and the time they spent; to have a happy adornment wearer walk with their head, mayhaps, a bit higher, because of how they feel when they wear a Phoenix Original.

I love what I do and I love my clients.  Thanks for loving me back 🙂

Oh hey, there’s new work on the Etsy site and more to be placed soon.  I’ve been making up a storm. Check out the link to the right.

Much Love and Light,


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Magyk Gift

Gift-BoxHere is your chance to have a piece of Phoenix Magyk Artistry for FREE.

Go to Facebook and like my Phoenix Magyk page, if you have not already.  Once a month I’ll make a post: “Open To Ideas”.  In reply to that post, make your idea known.  You can describe it, post a picture of a similar thing, post a sketch you’ve made. Posting will be allowed for 5 days. At the end of five days, I’ll put all the ideas on strips of paper, throw them in my favorite pink hat and draw one.  I’ll post the name of the winner and in 2 – 3 weeks you’ll have a new piece . . . a Phoenix Original, a work of art that you gently nudged me to make.

Backstory: Aaaaalllll the time folks tell me, “Oh, you ought to make this” –insert “Mezuzah” vessels; mini-wands; bunny ears; bows and more. You have seen some of these things already.

A long time ago I was teaching a class on earrings. My daughter said, “Let’s make a box”. Feeling certain I had directions somewhere for doing this, I said “Sure”. The directions I thought I had, were in fact for making hinges, in what I thought was a complicated way. The group I was teaching was all full of ideas on how I ought to make the hinge knuckles and subsequently the box.  It was an awesome exchange of energy!  For three days I worked out the engineering and made my first box. Boxes of all sorts are now part of my repertoire in the store.  It wasn’t the first time my daughter had pushed me to make something I did not already know how to make and the process has been fondly called: “Cliff Diving”

Now, if I made everything people told me I should make, I’d have a store full of some very cool one-of-a-kind works of art . . . which would be great if it all sold. Really, one of a kind work is something I do, more often formed from custom work. If I made 5 Mezuzah vessels, it’s likely I wouldn’t sell them for a long time.  What you find in the store are the pieces I am known for, like Chinese Chop Character pendants, and Rune pendants, single stone shaped pieces, intention vessels, Warrior’s Creed pendants (I made a ring once at the behest of a friend).

I digress, a little.  So here is the skinny.  I LOVE an artistic challenge, so I am giving you a chance to tell me what to make. If I pick your plan from the ideas I receive in the month, you get to own that piece for . . . free and forever.

So let me repeat: Go to Facebook and like my Phoenix Magyk page, if you have not already.  Once a month I’ll make a post: “Open To Ideas”.  In reply to that post, make your idea known.  You can describe it, post a picture of a similar thing, post a sketch you’ve made. Posting will be allowed for 5 days. At the end of five days, I’ll put all the ideas on strips of paper, throw them in my favorite pink hat and draw one.  I’ll post the name of the winner and in 2 – 3 weeks you’ll have a new piece . . . a Phoenix Original, a work of art that you gently nudged me to make.

 “Awwww shucks”  Some perimeters/boundaries/guidelines:

Avoid asking me to make a 1 foot tall sculpture of a horse/elephant/giraffe/head bust. That is on my bucket list, however, it will take more time than 2 -3 weeks and a lot of material. Small horses are ok. Keep your sizing to around 2” or less.  I will make rings, earrings, pendants, bracelet centerpieces and small chotskies.

Avoid requesting gold or diamonds. Gold is artificially inflated at a very high price and if you make me – the item will be SUPER small. Diamonds? Well…. Let’s just say, “Blood Diamond” was real.

So let’s review:

Go to Facebook and “Like” Phoenix Magyk.  Look for the “Open to Ideas” post. Reply with your idea, stay tuned to see if you are a winner. You can play every month, however, just one entry per month.

Ready! Set! Gooooooooooo!



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