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My name is Delia Marsellos-Traister, Owner and Chief Creator of Phoenix Magyk & Imprecious.  I am an Adornment Concierge and I teach metal clay arts.

Here’s a little background

A bunch of things have happened – mostly on purpose – you know, I was born; grew up; spent time in assorted educational institutions; had jobs – some I thought might be careers . . . and then . . .

Having worked in the gem business with my father since ’94, I decided to be the artist I always wanted to be and I began to dabble in the creative art of metal clay – specifically fine silver and bronze. That was in 2006 and I have not looked back (much) since then. You can check out “Magyk Shopping” or if you’d like something special, send me an email: [email protected] *copy and paste the email. My site is experiencing gremlins that are not linking properly.

I offer my work and also teach metal clay art online.

I am the proud parent of two children, Shane and Devyn.  I am also responsible to four, four-legged creatures; Jelly Bean; Thor; Artemis (or Arty), and last but certainly not least, Magic the kitteh. *Thor, the black and white Boston Terrier, passed away in September of 2017, and we have added a new fur-baby to Casa Phoenix, “Link” the kitty.

Thus far, I’ve lived a bunch o’ years of events . . . adventures . . . challenges. If you chose to experience more about me, observe this site and you will.
NOW – go make something . . . every day . . . even if it’s trouble 🙂



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