Magyk – Intention Adornment

Like me, many of you practice the art of setting a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly intention . . . a focus that helps guide your daily actions or responses to circumstances. For example, I wear and “Intention Vessel”, everyday I pop a word or phrase into the vessel and when my

flow of intention is interrupted by some event, I can grab my vessel and remind myself of how I want to be that day.

I’m creating this for you in a unique way that I won’t be showing off anywhere else.

Based in a tradition of writing one’s intention down, removing some letters and making a design from the remaining letters – a powerful, intentional, symbol will be carved into fine silver or bronze, for a wearable piece. Something you can grab and remind yourself of how you want to be.

Each month, based on a theme (outlined below) you’ll receive either a:

A pendant
A pair of earrings
A Bracelet

Monthly Themes:
Alignment – February
Renewal – March
Connection – April
Love – May
Possibility – June
Thrive – July
Abundance – August
Gratitude – September
New Beginnings – October

The cost? One month – $85 in Fine Silver; $65 in Bronze – The value? PRICELESS. Imagine for a moment that you wear a piece, no one else can read, and it helps you refocus/recenter throughout your day . . . that’s some pretty special magyk.

You can purchase a three month Magyk – Intention Pouch for $178.50 in fine silver; $136.50 in bronze (that’s a 30% savings on lovelies)

Each piece will be handmade when ordered, and based on a few questions you will answer for me, the piece will be created with you – top of mind – collaboratively.

NOTE: When you decide to play, your order must be received by the 1st of the month, in order to receive your finished piece by mid-month. The earlier you order, the sooner you’ll get the piece . . . so if you play monthly, you can for example order mid-month in March to get your new intention piece at the beginning of April. I’m loosely indicating here, that it will take two weeks.

Here’s where things get just a wee tricky – I cannot make a sample piece for each month. Part of the design, will include your answers to the questions I pose – which you will receive after you place your order. WHY? Because every piece will be for you, not just some design I’ve created.

I can share, that your piece might look something like this:







It will be swirly, never ending, illegible to others . . . secret-special just for you.

Ready to play?  Cool – Pay me and let’s do this!

Press the button that works for you and you’ll be transported to PayPal. Within 24 hours you’ll get a confirmation and the secret, special questions.

Fine Silver – 1 month – $85

Bronze – 1 month – $65

Fine Silver – 3 month $178.50

Bronze – 3 month $136.50

After our check-in and I receive the answers to my burning questions – in two weeks, you’ll receive your ready-to-wear, secret-special Magyk Intention Adornment along with some other cool gifties, which may include: an aromatherapy candle, an essential oil, motivational cards, a gem-crystal or . . . ? All packed in a pretty box. If you’d like to gift this opportunity to someone, you can do that with the full assurance that it will be lovely and packaged lovely.

OH! Have questions? send me an email: [email protected]

Much Love and Light,