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“It’s been a few weeks now since I received my one of a kind bracelet that Delia made for me as a tribute to my cat, Misty.  I told her when I was describing what I wanted, Misty had an amazing attitude and always persevered no matter what the obstacle.  This bracelet is a reminder to me to have more of an optimistic attitude like she did.  I wear it every day, and it is really reminding me to try to be more positive even when it’s not so easy to be.
The bracelet itself is beautiful, so even if it weren’t a tribute piece, it would still be a nice piece of jewelry to wear on a daily basis.  Delia’s design couldn’t have been more perfect… simple and elegant and captured exactly what I wanted, the words “Master Misty’s Mindset” along with a picture of her beautiful face!

Thank you so much for creating this keepsake I will have forever.  I hope I don’t need to do this again anytime soon, but I will definitely come back to Delia should the need arise again.  It’s a great way to keep my lost loved one close by, never to be forgotten.

All the best,

Jina Jani, San Pedro, CA.

March, 2014


That is the lovely Susanna, wearing her piece.

That is the lovely Susanna, wearing her piece.

“I love handmade things and art work created with heart and soul. Delia’s Resonant Jewelry really intrigued me, but I had no idea what to expect or what a piece might look like.

Through a process of question and answer, sketching out ideas, concepts and design possibilities in words and actual images, Delia skillfully and very sensitively fashioned a piece of jewelry that really makes my heart sing. Not only that, she intuited characteristics that I wasn’t consciously aware of and fused them into the intention of the final piece, which makes it very special and powerful in holding my highest intentions for my inner development.

It’s beautifully made, really comfortable and versatile to wear – as well as totally unique and timeless.

I love it, and I love her!”IMG_3838

Susanna Grace, Sheffield, England
June 2014


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