Resonant Jewelry and My Story

Recent Commissions: “The End Is The Beginning”; “All Manifest From Thought”; Hex- “Order, Simplicity, Harmony, Beauty, Gratitude, Joy”; “Trust Life – Embrace Death” Many thanks to Mary Edwards for her photography work. [email protected]

“Symbols are designed to stimulate the mind so that it can contact the deeper, more powerful realms of the unconscious Universal Mind.”  Nick Ferrell, “Magical Pathworking”

I create fine silver adornment that is resonant to the wearer.

‘Whoa Delia!  What the heck does that mean?

Based on few basic principals and a dash of Magyk, when you wear a piece custom created for you, you draw to you, people places and things that are in alignment with your intention(s). Additionally, it will be a piece to hold on to that will assist you in remembering your intention and staying on track – a touchstone.

What are those basic principles Delia?

  • All things are energy, and fine silver is magnetic in nature.
  • We crave community – we enjoy being with the like minded
  • We love wearing lovely things
  • We all have a story to express
  • Adornment allows us to share that story without even opening our mouth . . . at first 🙂

Here is my story.

When I was a child, I used to watch my mother get dressed for work.  I was particularly fond of her pearls . . . I loved the way they felt . . . cool and soft, yet stable and in my little hands.  My mother was always the epitome of class and style, in my eyes. Her shoes matched her dress, matched her purse and her jewelry was always perfectly in sync. When she was all done, she seemed to walk taller and with more grace than usual. Once, my mother told me, that someday, when I got married, the pearls would be mine.

That's my mother in the middle, wearing the special pearls. My sister is to the left and that's me to the right. 1985 OH! That 80's hair!

That’s my mother in the middle, wearing the special pearls. My sister is to the left and that’s me to the right. 1985 OH! That 80’s hair!

My mother passed away in 1986, and true to *her* promise, in ’88 when I got married, my dad gave me her pearls, which despite the high collar on my gown, I wore them proudly. More importantly, I remember feeling transported to that memory of having played with them when I was little and I felt like she was there that day. Someday those pearls will be my daughter’s. There she is, one year old, playing with them. What a touchstone of love, right?!?!

My baby girl...with those pearls

My baby girl…with those pearls

I’m venturing a guess that you have pieces like this in your collection.  Weather you are a man or woman – you likely have a treasured adornment that belonged to someone; a watch, a ring a broach? Or by now, you have adornment that you have purchased, that you’ll be passing on. The Intention Vessel that I wear virtually daily, will also belong to my daughter some day.

When I created that piece, it became the symbol of my continued commitment to create Resonant Jewelry and to teach that type of intention in creation. I use this piece as a touchstone often. When I am tired or scared, it is a physical reminder of why I do what I do. People who enjoy playing with me, are also the ones drawn to this vessel. It is a conversation starter and I am often presented with an opportunity to share what I do and learn more about another person.

The Hart Vessel - not for sale

Fine silver Magyk Vessel


It was 2007 when I started working with fine silver in metal clay form. I taught my first class that year too. And the journey continues.

More recently (June of 2013), an event happened that would bring all the pieces together – touchstones, adornment of meaning, my intuitive skill. That was when my father passed away. My sister had passed in 2011 and I was now, kinda alone.  So in 2013, feeling fully connected to an understanding of Resonant Jewelry in my own life, my journey in this field has been all about that. This core, is also the space from which I teach.

Read more here:

I have been fortunate enough to be commissioned to create Word of The Year pieces; Word/Sigil bracelets and pendants; custom Tarot and Loteria pieces and I have a consistent stock of Kanji, Rune and “Warriors Creed” pieces available in my store, among other delightful treasures.

I am now offering a unique opportunity to work with me – from far and away. Click: PLAY WITH ME!  to learn how it works. Save time, connect with me, allow me the opportunity to create that Resonant Jewelry piece that speaks for you all from the comfort of your home/office/PJ’s.

Metal clay is an art medium of clay binder combined with fine metal particles. Formed, dried and then fired (torch or kiln) – the binder burns off and the creator is left with fine metal.  I specifically create in fine silver, which is .999 pure silver. Sterling silver contains copper – fine silver does not. The material comes in silver, gold, copper, bronze and other base metals – from several manufacturers.

I am a Certified PMC Artisan, through Rio Grande. I am a Level 3 Certified Artisan through PMC Connection and in 2012, received my Certification as a Level 1 Instructor with PMCC. All that tells you that I am a skilled technician.

I am also a Mage, an Intuitive and an Empath – which really aren’t separate in their energetic and spiritual definition or value – it just seems to clarify for many, my touch of Magyk. I bring to the table a unique set of ‘other’ skills which will gift you with a very unique experience and a treasured adornment.

With metal clay there is so much that can be expressed and created.  I really see the possibilities. It has been a perfect playground for me.  Creation is manifestation of intention; for myself and my clients. I believe you will find my expressions unique.  They are always a compilation of life as I see it; past, present, future . . . and you’ll enjoy owning an original, handcrafted adornment.  My work should resonate for you and when you wear it, it will be an energetic glow of you.

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