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PsatchelOver the years, I have shared some of these answers, and it’s about time they were in one place – right?!?!. They are questions I hear often. Feel free to ask more.

Are you from Phoenix, Arizona?

Nope. Phoenix is actually a nickname and my first business incarnation was Phoenix Rizing. I got tired of “rising”, so I became Phoenix Designs and eventually thought that that was boring and not in alignment with what I really do – hence the change, two years ago, to Phoenix Magyk – my name + what I create 🙂

What does “Magyk” mean, then?

Magyk is anything and everything we have intended.  It is that energy of our intentions, manifest in action, whether negative or positive, that has a result.

Recently, a friend put it this way: “When you were a child and you scrapped your knee and your loved one bent down, placed a band-aid on the scrape and kissed the boo-boo – you felt better – that’s Magyk.” -Susanna

Your loved one intended for you to feel better, with all the love in his/her heart.  With that one gesture, intended with so much love – it’s as if you were touched with a magic wand – and that my friends is serious, intended, energy in motion, energy manifest – MAGYK!

Why do you spell it that way?

Because is it one of the oldest forms of spelling the word. This spelling is one variation from Middle English – 1100 to 1500 BCE – a time frame that resonates for me – Magyk is as old as time itself.

What does “Magyk” have to do with Jewelry?

Ummmmm Just about everything? LOL When I create a piece, it is done with an intention. My intention is more specific when the piece is a custom order and when making pieces for the store, my intentions are more general.

What is a Mage?

A Mage is a person who practices from many spiritual traditions – pulling from several, according to what works for the practitioner.  A teacher I once had explained it to me this way:

“Being a Mage, means having no home [religion]. You are tolerant and respectful of all faiths and practices and you adopt and make use of the best practices for your evolution into the person you want to be.  This evolution will also allow you to help many because you are not trapped by any one belief – you entertain all possibility without judgment”. -Joe

Sounds super heavy right?.

Being a Mage is like being a member of the Universalist Church – no particular slant, just belief and faith in things I am able to tap into.

Are you evil?

Only when I haven’t had enough sleep, coffee, or food 🙂

Do you have a wand?

I do.  As a matter of fact, I have several.  When I am admonishing my children for something, It is usually my finger.  When I am wondering about the house, it’s usually a pencil or a pen.  When I am making things, it is usually a pin tool.  A “wand” is a physical tool to direct intention 🙂

Why do you use divination tools like Tarot and Runes?

Because they are fun and colorful AND like a wand, the physical tools I use to discover and understand energies.

I have a good friend who is so good at ‘listening’ to his senses and intuition that he can hear the guidance it provides him.  I cannot . . . yet.  The cards, stones, or other tools I use allow me to translate energies I feel in a more clear way, just as my physical tools help me shape my final pieces.

I do not use any tool to ‘divine’ a future. I don’t believe in fate and I believe that if you know your potential future, you have already changed it, and that you will likely create a lot of anxiety over something that hasn’t happened yet. 🙂

Divination tools are great translation devices of your subconscious – a great examination of what you might be drawing to you.

What do you mean when you say you are Intuitive and an Empath?

I happen to feel that these two things go together.

Have you ever had a weird feeling that something was awry with someone close to you . . . and when you talked to him/her you found out that in fact he/she was experiencing a challenging time?  That’s being intuitive; it’s an energy connection we have with others, and it is most strong with people we really care about.  Many of us have dismissed these senses – I did for many years, fearing I was losing my marbles.  Nowadays, I feel confident. My willingness to tap in, helps me design the perfect piece for clients.

Have you ever been around someone who is throwing up and your own gag reflex goes into high gear? LOL That’s what being an Empath is like, for me.  It’s the ability to be empathetic to the 100th power. I actually feel what others feel. It was, for many years, REALLY confusing and difficult for me.  I would encounter an angry person, hug them, and feel instantly angry for no particular reason. I spent a lot of time trying to discover why I felt so bad after these encounters.  One day, someone told me what might be going on and it all made sense.

Listening to my Intuition and examining my empathy through awareness of what is happening in my present, gives me unique skill I am delighted to share with others.

Are you a Witch?

Nope, but I know a few and I love them and that is how they identify themselves, like I call myself a Mage and others call themselves Catholic.

Do you ‘do’ RITUALS?

Yes, every morning I get up…. go to the bathroom, get some coffee, grab my phone, take the dogs out, and look at Facebook while I wait for the pups to do their thing 🙂

That, my Lovelies, is a “ritual”, and I have many I might do in a day. How about you? Rituals are how I start the day, recenter myself during the day and wind down for bed – bathroom; brush teeth; change into jammies.

If you wanna know weather I chant, light magyk candles, dance naked under the moonlight, have a cauldron, drink blood, or play with knives . . . ? ummm no – at least to some of those, see below.

I sometimes chant to myself, “Puppies and flowers, bubbles and rainbows” when I am especially stressed – it distracts my conscious mind.

I do, also, from time to time create ‘energy fields’ around me to help me center and avoid distractions. In some paths, this is called, “casting a circle”.

I light candles as a calming action if I take a bath, which I rarely have time for.  I also light candles if my house stinks.

There are techniques for using candles to create/manifest intention. Have you ever written down a wish/intention/prayer on a piece of paper, and after it came to be, you tossed the paper?  “Candle Magyk” works similarly – and I do not do that.

No one would want to see me dancing naked and I see no point in it.

I own a small cauldron that I thought looked really cool that holds small jewelry.

Absolutely I play with knives – well, sharp scalpel blades in my work with metal clay 🙂

I believe in 21st century magyk.  The capes, cauldrons, wands and such were tools and adornment of identification that are no longer necessary to participate and practice magyk.

Can you read minds?

Thank the Ancients – NO!

Mayhaps this answered some of your burning questions – pun intended.  LOL If not, feel free to ask. What is really important for you to know is that I won’t hex you or your loved ones.  What I will do, is intend and create the best piece possible for you . . . that in a metal clay class, I see you as an artist trying out a new medium and I intend for you to have fun . . . and this is all my kind of Magyk.

Much Love and Light.


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