A Crooked Path: New Moves at Crafted!

At the stores on my b-day“Crooked path?” What does that mean Delia?

It means, for me, that my life and my work are never traveled in straight lines. The journey has curves and valleys. However, in an effort to be a ‘business woman,’ setting up good practices, I started pacing in a rut… In an effort to remain committed and determined, I kept repeating the same practices and expecting different results. You know, “how they define insanity.” πŸ™‚

At this point in my magykal crafting I realized it was time for some big changes, and so I moved the store. Yes, I gave up my double-wide store space in Crafted Port at the Port of Los Angeles, and out of the ashes of one space I rise again in another! “Phoenyx Magyk!”

I am pleased to announce my ‘partnership’ with Suzanne Colucci of Belandaria Designs!

In our wonderful new shared space you can find us crafting, laughing, and expanding in new crafty-cahoots, front and center at Crafted, Studio #A152.
Thank you as always for your stupendous support!
Love-love-loveity-love your support, hurrah’s and friendship!
Be well!Delia

About Phoenix

I am a mom, artist and teacher!
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