16 DAYS UNTIL CRAFTED at the port of la :)

In the featured image… The Crafted Invitation . . . at the bottom of the pictures of art…in the center…is a fine silver pendant with a big square lab sapphire . . . that’s my work! It since has a new home.  At the Xiem show in May, a lovely young man name Jacques, bought it for his sweetheart as a surprise.

Maybe I haven’t caught you up on what’s happening . . . and I know why ☺

In 16 days, I will be standing in my permanent booth stall in San Pedro. You can learn much more about the overall project here: SQUEEEEE

I actually don’t remember when I really decided . . . but I remember getting an email from my good friend Rain Hannah of Honey & Ollie telling me ‘to check out this link’. She said she ‘was going to sign up, it looked like a very exciting thing’.

So I went to the website and I gave it a cursory glance; supplied them with pictures of my work and an application and . . . “Opening in the Summer of 2012”.

I attended an information meeting and met lovely, talented and tenacious, Ali Zeno and Rachel Robinson  . . . AND “Opening in the Summer of 2012”.

I just finished my last art faire . . . AND “Opening in the Summer of 2012”.

So last Sunday, it occurs to me that I better get in gear and start ordering materials to outfit my store. My daughter created a drawing and I have subsequently put too many moments into a 3d modeling program to make it look more professional.

Gettin' Started

I’m excited to say that I’ve ordered carpet tiles, and wall paper and that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. Painting will get underway on Saturday and I’ll be working on things full throttle Sunday the 17th until Grand Opening on the 28th – summer of 2012 is here NOW.



Back at the ranch . . . the shop . . . the office . . . there had been extensive ‘package’ preparation for possible teaching appointments and my application to become a Certification Instructor for PMC Connection – lesson plans, proposals, ‘proof of life’ on other classes . . . letters of recommendation. I have am now a Certification Instructor with PMCC and can begin teaching Level I Certification classes any time now. If you’ve been watching my news at all, you know I have classes at Otis College of Art and Design, Glendale Community College, Santa Monica College, and Majestical Roof.

In the midst of the business hulabaloo . . . let us not forget, I have a daughter and a son, both of whom I love with the entire fiber of my being. My son lives in the bay area and we don’t get a chance to talk much – and when you see my booth, the lighting will have been his design. Devon is a dancer and this year in competition, brought home the gold, twice!

Devon, A Trophy and Victory Rolled Hair

Opening in the Summer of 2012 . . . 16 days . . .

I would love to tell you that I’ve have handled ALL the THINGS with grace, calm and joy . . . yeah that would be a ‘no’.

While I have been VERY excited for all the happenings and all the happenings are with intent and purpose . . . I have at times been scattered, not read everything, double booked days, been late with custom work, forgot to order things and in general have had many a moment where I have had to stop myself and say “Self . . . Delia Daahling . . . life is what you make it . . . nothing is by accident . . . there is no life by happenstance . . . stand still and consider what you are doing.”

Do you ever have to do that?

More than anything in the world right now . . . I want those that ‘watch’ me to see, hear, and experience that EVERYTHING that is happening in my life, is what I WANT to be happening in my life – the good and the not-so-good.

In early December, after attending the Christine Kane workshop (I told ya’ll about that right?) – Uplevel Your Business, Live event – I sat down and wrote out goals for the coming year. Just about everything I set out to do in 2012 in now a reality.

So, at the beginning of this journal entry, if you will, I said “Maybe I haven’t caught you up on what’s happening . . . and I know why ☺” here’s why.

I’m not used to reaching my goals . . . this is all new territory for me and ultimately there is a part of me that is waiting for the dominoes to fall. Here’s the really fun part though . . .
Dominoes have been falling off the table everyday. I’ve at times been super-mega-awesome clumsy/unconscious/fearful/unclear/mad/sad/downright hysterical – and had to put the dominoes back in the right order – and I really didn’t want ya’ll to see ALL that – not a pretty sight – so I’ve been ‘playin’ it cool’, so as not to scare anyone ☺ I did start this blog post two days ago . . . big header “18 Days . . .” HA! On average, lately, I’m about two days behind ☺

Today – right this minute – when a domino falls . . . if all of them tip over . . . I envision the pattern to be a big question mark, signaling some lack of clarity somewhere in the line . . . and I know, now, without a shadow of a doubt in my mind that I will just handle it . . . figure it out . . . reset . . . and move forward.

It’s time for big girl thoughts and actions . . . there will be no more retreats . . . there will only be ‘oops’ and moving forward in the face of a challenge. That has been one of the greatest gifts of this new territory so far . . . using what I learned, putting tools to work, taking action and eventually it is all becoming [new] regular habit.

I take this opportunity to apologize for the lack of updates. I have heard form some folk that are like “Hey, what’s going on? Are you okay?” particularly in light of last summer when I through in the towel.

I’m terrific! I am awesome! I am realizing dreams! I am teaching every week . . . every month! Spreading the joy of metal clay arts wherever I go! Amy Steelman will also be playing at Crafted and recently took an intro class from me.

Metal Clay joy! Amy Steelman brushes her first piece!

In 16 days I’m opening a store!
Opening this Summer of 2012!

Many thanks to: Rain; Robin; Alison; Rachel; My family, Devon, Blake and Shane; Esther; Lora; Amy; Karen; Paula, Kiana, Amy, and everyone at Otis; Kathy and everyone at Glendale; Kathy and everyone at Santa Monica; Tamara and everyone at Zinnia; Lynn and everyone at Majestical Roof; Christine Kane and everyone at Uplevel; every student I have ever had the honor of teaching and every student I have yet to meet; every customer I’ve ever adorned and every customer I have yet to meet! . . . I have learned from you, I have grown with each experience, I have expanded my heart and soul – Thank you for all you have brought to my life. You have walked this journey with me weather you knew it or not 🙂

I’ll be updating everyday from now until Grand Opening . . . on Facebook, so if you haven’t “Liked” my Phoenix Magyk page yet . . . what’s stopping you!

Ta Ta for now, I feel certain there is something I’m spose to be doing – LOL!

Make something everyday . . . even if it’s trouble!


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