Not Alone Anymore :)

So, I am kinda counting this month as done, even though it’s the 30th 🙂

Month in review: There was the end of the Whimsical Rings class at Santa Monica; There was the beginning and subsequent end of an Introduction to Metal Clay class at GCC. In the middle, were school things for my daughter, a new haircut, my birthday, Mother’s Day and most recently Memorial Day.  THOSE are just the highlighted “events”.  Good times all over!

I am so appreciative of all the b-day love.  I got cards and messages . . . a home cooked meal and flowers from Suzanne (Belandaria Designs). There was candy, cinnamon rolls and purple flowers from Shirlee and Chris (Enchanted Chic); wine from Rachel Waugh (Director at Crafted); and wine from Deb Marjanen (former student and now friend). Of course my fav gift and moments were the ones that involved my daughter and a funny phone call the – day after – from my son :).  I got a lovely journal from my daughter and a gift certificate for tools, from my son.  I treated myself to dinner at my favorite restaurant too!  I love me some Tokyo Waco!  I had a lovely week . . . a lovely month!

I mention Suzanne and Shirliee and Chris and Rachel and Deb, because I love them and they are my friends and I really experienced that on my birthday!  Suzanne was awesome enough to mention me in her recent blog about a similar feeling …. which gave me the additional impetus to speak about my community.

On my birthday, there was an event at Crafted and I was there.  Several people asked “Wouldn’t you rather be someplace else?” Without much hesitation, I said ‘No’. The hesitation was the brief desire for a cruise with my children…but barring that, I could not have imagined doing much else on my birthday. [I did take Mother’s Day off and as luck would have it, my daughter was sick, so I did one of the things I do well, took care of her.] On Memorial Day, I opted to work at the stores. Again, a few people asked “Wouldn’t you rather be at the beach . . . a bbq . . . a party?” And with no hesitation I said “Naw. I’m happy here.”

Here’s the thing, I love being at my stores.  The more I am there, the more opportunity there is to talk about the medium I work in, share my work and it’s intent, meet new people and spend time with my friends  – who make up my community.

Up until opening the stores at Crafted, I was a solitary artisan and kind of a hermit.  I took a class here and there, I spent time at my daughter’s school functions and I ventured out to a few craft fairs over the years, but that was about it.  While I met a bunch of people, most of those relationships have been acquaintanceships.

Since I’ve been hanging out at Crafted, I have developed some great friendships. There are many fellow store owners that I have a lot in common with. We laugh a lot, we tell funny stories about our lives and our studio injuries . . . our interactions.  We share our work; we consult . . . new ideas are born and manifest. There is nothing more exciting than running to a friends store with an idea and sharing the glee!

On the interwebs, Merriam-Webster defines “community” [in part] as:

: a unified body of individuals: as

c : an interacting population of various kinds of individuals (as species) in a common location

I find ‘community’ in classes as well. I spend, any where from 6 – 24 hours with an artist in a class. I learn a lot . . . hopefully the artists I play with do as well. I am forever inspired and new ideas have been born and manifest.  I have developed some lovely new friendships! It’s delightful that no matter the weather or how tired I might feel, when a class is done for the day, I feel so energized! And when class is over for the semester/quarter, I feel sort of melancholy.

Much of community and friendship building is about time…. it’s about tending relationships . . . it’s about an energy exchange. It is certainly easier to tend relationships when you spend a lot of time with someone.

I love being at Crafted. I love meeting people! When I am not playing with my daughter or playing in a class, there is no better place I’d rather play – except maybe a cruise :).

Where do you find community?  How do you tend the garden of your friendships? 🙂

Come to Crafted….. meet my community.  It’s pretty big and filled with good things.

Things coming up and places to find me:

•June 6 begins a new 8 week series at Otis College of Art and Design. Here is a link to learn more:

•June 8 & 9 is PMCC Level 1 – go here to learn more:

•June 18 – Santa Monica College – Intro to PMC – learn more here:

•June 23 – Mini-Intro at Crafted – register here:  that link will take you directly to a PayPal page to pay the fee and register for the class. If you need more information, email me:

Next week I will chat about the lack of separation between “work” and “life” . . . it’s a good thing!

Now…. Go make something… you know you want to.  Below are pictures of new work, presents and good times from the last month.


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