And Time Passes

classic clock with moving pointer

classic clock with moving pointer

Time. What an interesting thing. Of course centuries ago, time was not a big deal. Days were spent figuring out how to survive. It was just sun up and sun down. People hunted and ate and foraged and created shelter and fought off predators . . . rinse and repeat.

As we have evolved, there are now clocks . . . dates . . . deadlines . . .“work hours”, “school hours” “open hours” “closed hours”. In the hours, we are doing the same thing – maintaining our shelters, foraging for food, resting, eating and fighting off “predators”. For the homeless, that can be rough . . . really rough. For those of us fortunate to have a roof over our heads, not as rough. We just call it something different . . . right?

Why so philosophical?

It’s not because I see time as “precious”. It’s because I value the things that occur during time.

It began, really, after my mother passed away in 1986. Nothing like a death in the family to cause a pause and reality check on what’s important, right?

Since that event, I have been fairly diligent about “family first”, my relationships with others, second, and my relationship with society, third.

Along the way, there have been other events that have occurred, that serve as reminders to me of what my priorities with my time need to be . . . and it is always “family first”.

Under that family first umbrella, are a lot of details. There of course is the need-to-drop-all-other-things-cuz-someone-in-the-family-needs-my-attention/focus/help-right now. There is an understanding that self-care is super important to all the rest. There is also the foraging, maintaining shelter, and fighting off perceived predators :). How do I do all that? I make things and I sell them. I teach things, and people take my classes. Simple, right?

Not really. Making things and teaching things and “selling” that to others can be a daunting task, full of “what if people feel BUGGED by all the times I mention the things.” And “I have to remember to mention all the things on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest” . . . and what are the best ways/words to use to make the invitation . . . and more random, sometimes, doubtful thoughts.

I mention that, because people do get bugged and they drop off from my mailing list and sometimes they send me an email and tell me, they feel bugged.

Then again, there just isn’t time to waste. We just never know what’s going to happen today . . . tomorrow . . . in the next five years.

What if, wearing a handmade piece of jewelry art, really does change your outlook on yourself, your day, your world and as a result, you smile more and that brightens someone else’s day? Or what if, you are wearing an Intention Vessel and in it is the word Love, and because of that, rather than yelling at someone or bashing your car into their rear end, you grab your vessel and you feel an immediate sense of calm?

What if, learning a new art medium brought you time to be quiet and creative? What if it were healing and meditative? What if enhancing your skills in a medium you already play in, brought you more joy . . . the possibility of a new career . . . enriched community experience?

What if you go back to school after 20 years and get that degree you’ve always wanted?

What if, you did nothing?

Sometimes people get bugged and other times they miss out.

Recently I’ve received emails asking me “why was the Skirball class cancelled?” and “bummer, I was going to sign up for the 8-week, but now it is cancelled”, and “what happened to the resin work class at Glendale.”

The classes were cancelled because not enough people signed up, with enough time for me to order material. It happens and I am sorry some folk that are going to miss out.

Let me go back to my discussion of time now. At 1a on Tuesday, I was in the ER with my daughter. She had an event that we are still trying to figure out. She felt faint, I got to her in time, but she slipped from my grasp and landed on the tile floor with a sickening smack to the head and had a small seizure.

She’s had 7 surgeries . . . and this event shook us. It shook us because we had no cause to foist it on to and ultimately that leaves us a little stuck in “now what?”.

We think we have some clues now. We need to take time to do a few things differently. We had a chat about what we are doing with our time, a chat that happens, I am sure in places all over the world, when there is a health “scare”.

And what if we do nothing?

I cannot help but to consider all the things I have said I wasn’t ready for . . . or that I’ll do “when I have more time” or “when I think I can afford it.”

I would not be a parent! I would not be a Certified Artisan. I would not have a business. I would not be teaching anything. It’s a longer list, really.

I’m going to keep inviting you, whether you like it or not :). I hope you’ll reconsider whatever your objections and perceived limitations are, and join me in a class or purchase a lovely. I promise we will have fun and I promise it will enrich your life in some way.

Much Love and Light,IMG_4386


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