Diamonds? April Birthstone

OK…. if you know me, you know how I feel about diamonds.


unheated white sapphire from Sri Lanka

While highly praised for centuries and hyped as “A girl’s best friend” and “two months of salary…” – I ALWAYS recommend a natural white sapphire to my clients before I will assist them with a diamond.  When my clients are insistent, I refer them to the best people I know in the business.

K…wanna know the coolest thing about sapphires….besides that they are often white?  Sapphire comes in over 450 colors/color variations AND they are more durable than a diamond.  That’s right….I said that.  While diamonds are a 10 hardness and Sapphire a 9 – sapphires don’t have cleeeeeeeavage 🙂  WOOHOO. And while they don’t have the same refraction (rainbowy colors in light) they are still awesomesauce….less expensive and just down right pretty.


I have maybe one white sapphire in stock over a carat….that is natural, and I have a large selection of sizes and shapes in smaller carat weights.  AND I have a large selection of all kinds of sizes and shapes in synthetic sapphire (remember, a synthetic sapphire has the same mineral/chemical components as it’s natural counter part).  Send me an email when you’d like to know more.

Why I don’t like diamonds?  Wuhl . . . I don’t want to be too negative, especially for those who appreciate diamonds . . . wear them and love them . . . and here’s the deal . . .

Diamonds are born with natural fracture points called cleavage. It’s one of the reasons that they are truly difficult to cut.  Unless you pay more than about $1000/ct. for a diamond, you are likely to get a “commercial grade” diamond with cleavage, which if the diamond gets knocked around, will cause the diamond to break – and that is something most jewelry store employees don’t have the guts to tell any one.

“Miner’s cut” diamonds from the 18th century, are pretty dang cool, but hard to find – and they were obtained/sold in a time before the Big Box Diamond industry began to control the flow, cutting and selling of diamonds. The cleavage was pretty much ignored and one could see enough fire to make it worth having. (some history on cutting

Around 1900, better cutting methods came along, thus the inevitable emphasis on cut, color, clarity and carat weight.  Around this time the price started to jump, various controls started to take place and ultimately people starting considering it an “investment stone”.  BTW, if someone is looking for a “used” diamond, it is highly unlikely they will pay more than what you paid for it . . . just saying . . . a diamond has to be of extraordinary quality and mayhaps worn by royalty, before anyone is going to pay more for it, than what was paid for it.

And I’m just not gonna talk about “Blood Diamond”.

This might seem like a pretty negative take on things . . . and it kinda is.  I am just not a fan of all the hype about diamonds and the misconceptions people are ‘sold’ and I especially dislike the controls on the market.  DON’T be hypnotized. 🙂

In the meantime . . . be well….live with intention!

Much love and light,



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