HUZZAH! or Why my work is valuable for You.

I so had to laugh . . . a lot . . . at the following thought:  I spend a lot of time talking about adornment of intent or meaning and yet I may not have talked about what that means for you, the Lover of Lovelies.

That was a mouthful I know, and that was the thought. How odd right?  When folk come into the store, I give space for them to look around and if they ask, I will spill my guts about why I work in fine silver and what my vessels are all about and the Runes and the Kanji and The Warriors Creed. I feel fairly certain there are greater descriptors on my Etsy listings then what I have posted before now, in my blog – sorry.

So here is the skinny . . . the 411 . . . the dealio  . . .

I create adornment or pieces of meaning that represent you, the wearer and that also compliment the path you are on. The pieces are hand created in fine silver. This is something I have said out load,  . . . but bears repeating. I have often likened it, also, to why there is purple in my hair – I want people to have a sense about who they are dealing with, before I even open my mouth :).

Why fine silver?  Because of this: “A soft, white, lustrous transition metal, it possesses the highest electrical conductivity of any element and the highest thermal conductivity of any metal.”

This concern I have about what metal I use as a focal, is directed by my belief that all things are energy . . . our feelings, thoughts, actions, and beliefs all interrelate and carry force.

Just for a moment, imagine a time when you felt lousy and then found a reason to laugh. Did your body change? Did things around you feel lighter? The energy of “lousy” was transmuted to an energy of lightness through laughter.

So, if you’re with me so far then you’ll understand that when wearing a piece of meaning/intention, you not only represent your intention, you actually draw to you that intention, without having to give it much thought. It allows us magic in everyday.

Where do I come in? I participate with you in one of two ways. 1) I create what seems like a random piece and inevitably, someone walks into the store and says “THAT ONE is for me!” It has resonated and impressed you and it feels right.  2) You have found me in some way and have asked for me to create something for you. I spend a bit o’ time with you and then I spend some time considering the intent you want and VOILA a piece of meaning is born!

A *thing* about me. It isn’t the ‘me’ that I share too often, out loud, and it really is about time I come out of my proverbial closet. I am an Empath or more succinctly an Intuitive. No, I don’t read minds, and really, I am not a witch 🙂 I am also considered a Mage and, ummmm, no, not related to any video game.  All *this* –  these labels – mean that I practice no particular spiritual path, I am an observer, learner and practitioner of beliefs from many paths/theories.

What does that disclosure mean for you? It means that I have an uncanny ability to have a sense of what will support you the most and that is the space I create from . . . the intention of energy that becomes a part of the piece.

I am so honored to have created a “Trust” Kanji for a client who was trying to get pregnant; a “DARE” ring for a client challenged by taking risks; more-than-I-can-count “URUZ” (strength) Runes for clients walking through all manor of challenges and more-than-I-can-count “Courage” Kanji pieces and much more. It is a beautiful thing to be a part of someone’s journey through my work. And all the pieces are pretty too!

I know for me, there are a multitude of pieces I wear, that have meaning. I often choose pieces, daily, that create an energy of strength .  . . my dad’s watch; my mother’s ring; a fine silver intention vessel that was created by me with the energy of being a teacher in this medium; a fine silver pendant that I created, “Do What You Love and Do It Often” – I wear that when I need an extra umph about making a living as an artist :).

So I just want you to know there is nothing “commercial” or contrived in what I do. I do what I sell, I sell what I teach, I teach what I do, I do what I love 🙂

And of course, being the imperfect being that I am, I am certain, I’ve left something to the imagination. If you have any feedback, or questions . . . ask! 🙂

Be well . . . much love and light, Delia

Who Is Delia and Phoenix/Clay Magyk?

I teach metal clay arts and create and sell my work in my retail store.
I’ve had the incredible honor of teaching well over 200 artists since 2007. And I have had the distinct pleasure of watching several artists I have taught, go on to create businesses selling their work, find healing in the work they do; transforming their own lives in some way.  I love, love, lovity, love teaching.  My greatest inspiration in any given week, is the wide smile that occurs when a novice artist looks upon the piece they just fired.  It’s a smile that gets wider with each brush stroke. To have empowered another to go beyond the limitations they thought existed is a great honor.

I create wearable art jewelry.  More than that, I create adornment with meaning, meant to be expressive of the person wearing it and to compliment the journey of their life. I love, love, lovity love, love creating meaningful work.  From a Rune piece – Uruz, symbolizing strength, to Kanji symbols representing courage; to Warriors’ Creed phrases, that state principals of life . . . each piece is hand made/carved/created, by hand. They are either created for the person meant to have them…who finds them, or the person who commissioned them, having recognized the value of wearing their intent. I liken wearable art to the intent of the clothes we wear or the style of our hair. It all says something about us, before we even open our mouths.

Have you figured it out yet?  My vision . . . my purpose . . . my dream?

To empower myself and others to live a life that is authentic, awake and full of possibility. To be a demonstration to my children, as well as others, that all things really are possible  . . . equal parts of passion and actions can most likely do the trick.


About Phoenix

I am a mom, artist and teacher!
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