Lunch and Learning – What’s in a Name

Had lunch with a good friend and mentor.  Two hours of me all-over-the-place and her reining me in!

It was a lovely day and I am warmed by the connection and feedback on so many things.

What was most significant to me was our conversation about my company name and MY name.

Company name = Phoenix Magyk . . . in 2008 it started out as Phoenix Rizing . . . due to the rises and falls of a creative business I felt I was done ‘rising’.  I changed it to Phoenix Designs.  When I incorporated I called the business Phoenix Magyk, LLC.

Why all this confusion?  It hit me when I got home . . . as things usually do.

In my participation in another business, it was believed that a cool name, a cool art logo and incorporation gave one ‘cred’ . . . and there is more to it, but that’s the short story 🙂

Here’s the dealio now.  I am my business.  I’m it!

I create the jewelry that folk adorn themselves with and I am the only (within the ‘business’) teacher that teaches others to play with metal clay!

AND it’s about NOT hiding behind a ‘company’ name any more.  It’s a common paradigm. Blame can be placed on others even if they are phantom.

I am good at what I do. There is no sense in giving folk the impression that some elf behind-the-doors of Phoenix Magyk is making things happen – or not.  All though a group of elves would be very cool.

I am responsible for what gets done and what doesn’t get done, as much as I am responsible for the beauty and learning that takes place from my creations and my teaching.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m hanging on to Phoenix Magyk.  “Phoenix” is a nickname and it has significance for me spiritually, energetically, and emotionally. The ‘taking on’ of the nickname Phoenix marked a time of significant changes in my way of thinking.

The way that Magyk is spelled is significant.  It is an ‘old way’ of spelling – Middle English . . . and it is unique in a sea of “magic” this and “magic” that, generally relating to cleaning and weight-loss products.

It is also about a belief I have about life.  Life is MAGYK when we want it to be.  Life is filled with possibility and opportunity on many levels, even in our ‘darkest’ of times.

What does this have to do with the work I do?


I don’t make baubles for the sake of baubles.  The pieces I create are born of the magyk of possibility. The process is transformative and when you get right down to it wearing adornment is transforming to the spirit . . . think about that one for a minute.

When I teach, I encourage the idea that we are all artists.  Being creative is good for the soul.  The process enlivens and emboldens us.  While I recognize that the medium I work is is not for everyone, I still teach from the perspective that we are all artists.  It’s MAGYK!

The process of working in metal clay is MAGYK!

You take a material that appears, to be clay (with fine metal particles). You form it as you wish. You allow it to dry. You can use a torch to set it ablaze and VOILA!  The ‘clay’ burns away and you have pure metal in your hands! Is that some cool alchemy or WHAT?!?!? Is it MAGYK?  I think SO!

Now, what’s the significance of the name Delia . . .?

Delia is of Greek origin and its meaning is “from Delos.” The island of Delos was Artemis‘s birthplace – Artemis, daughter of Zeus and twin to Apollo. Strength and creativity ALL the way around!

Delia is my birth name and also my mother’s name.  She was a Spaniard,  my dad is a Greek.  Both my parents were/are incredibly creative and talented – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – so to speak 🙂

This name has power and meaning and it’s mine! It is relevant to who I am and what I do!

Today, I embrace standing in my name, Delia, of Delos, sorta realted to Artemis 🙂

. . . at least until I can talk a judge into changing my name to Phoenix Magyk!

Hope you had as great a day as me!

All my best,



“Make something everyday, even if it’s trouble!” -Delia


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I am a mom, artist and teacher!
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