“Make It Lovely”

I heard that from designer, Kristan Cunningham on “The Talk”.  Yes I do listen to some TV . . . and you can view that episode here: the talk

The general gist of the segment was, why not spiff up your environment by using pretty containers to stow stuff like cotton swabs, soaps, lotions and more.

I’m a big fan of this idea.  I happen to believe strongly that one’s home is and should be a sanctuary and more than being concerned about what people ‘think’ when they come into my home . . . what I think and feel is most important.  I’m not a super-serious-OCD-neat freak – close – but I do appreciate neat and tidy and sanctuary like.  You’ll find unlikely containers for many things and kitschy things that delight me, including my own art.

What does this have to do with art or jewelry or metal clay? EVERYTHING!

I am one of the few artists I know that has a home studio NOT at the dining room table.  I did for a while and then in a spare bedroom . . . until three things happened.  My son went off to college, my computer hard drive melted and I stepped on a box of beads. Three years later I am still picking up beads outta that room.  I like to spread out when I work and lay things around so I can see them and I had successfully stepped over that box of beads many times and finally missed the floor.  The significance of my son moving out was that we had converted the 200 sq. ft. space that was a garage, into his room.

I moved into that space (with his permission of course) and it is now my shop/studio. And it is a sacred space.  More often than not, when I walk in to that space, I allow the world outside to drift away.  I rarely answer the phone, I rarely look at email or Facebook (except when I take a break) and I spread out and I play, and create and it is all a form of meditation for me. AND it is sacred time.  When I am in the studio, it is often a chance to reset and center myself . . . I am often able to come back to a consciousness that is about presence in the moment.

So as a sanctuary and sacred space, I make an effort to treat it as such and “Make It Lovely”.  My tools are stowed in pretty containers.  I have pictures of my children on the walls, as well as the pages from the Rio Grande catalog.  I keep my vision bodice in there (see picture), my intention statements are often taped to the wall . . .

My version of a Vision Board

I have faux flowers about and recently I added this little thing: [pic of JOY].

a recent addition and reminder

I am still NOT a super-serious-OCD-neat freak.  You will often find scraps of paper, glue, paint, carbon pieces and bits o’ metal on the floor – and as my friend Robin says to me often, “It IS a shop” . . . as I apologize for the disarray when she stops by to fire.

Diane Dobson Barton has a terrific book on organizing your space, “Controlling Creative Clutter” you can get it here: Dobson’s book“If you have everything out where you can see it, you find it inspires you and helps to free your creative spirit. “ (pg. 14).  Diane also cautions that if there is too much clutter, it cost’s time and “ . . . zaps your energy”.  Been there, done that! I do try to keep things at a dull roar and appreciate the tips I got from this eBook.

Unlike my house sometimes, all the outlets work, I can find everything and since I do not share the space with any of my family, it is undisturbed from the usual controlled chaos – which really works for me J

I teach, work and ‘live’ in that space and love to make it lovely and welcoming for those I invite to share it.

A carved antler piece I picked up from another artist

I feel warm and fuzzy in my shop.  I can take a break from the routines of daily life in there . . . when I feel afraid I seek courage in there, when I feel courageous, I can manifest it  . . . in there . . . through something I create.

Pretty things I stow my tools in

Another pretty...'jeweled' basket for supplies

A Mother's Day present

My daughter painted the piece to the right, before I changed my business name.  I so love it and she is so talented.  I’d share pics of my children if I were “allowed” but they don’t like it.  There are many of them, from birth to current days.  I love to gaze at that often 🙂

Soooooooo . . . big or small? Dining room table or cluster of tables in a room?  How is your studio: lovely? sacred? welcoming to you? a haven? How does it support your work? What boundaries do you create to maintain a YOUR sense of energy?  [For example, I rarely have food in there, other than a little nosh].

Talk about your space . . . how you make it your own.

AND . . . Make something everyday, even if it’s trouble!

All my best,





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