The Adventures of This Mad-Artist

Not angry, – “mad” as in slightly nuts.  However in my own defense, I would say that my eccentricity makes me all the more a better artist – LOL – right?

My car suffered a near fatal fail last week on the way home from my Crafted stores . . . Friday night . . . on the freeway! To say the least it was anxiety producing.

The adventure was really kinda funny – at first.  I had a passenger, which made it a lot less stressful.  I was in contact with my mechanic, which made it a lot less stressful.

After stopping in various parts of LA about 8 times, to allow the car to calm itself and try again for the journey home – when I reached a safe place to land – I cried.

I didn’t cry because I felt helpless, or scared that I was going to get us both killed OR that my car was broken and in the mad rush of my mind, I was thinking “how am I gonna pay for THIS?!”  No, I cried because the highway patrol officer scared the hell out of me when he yelled at me through his speaker – for the WHOLE WORLD TO HEAR.

On the last leg of the journey to get the car off the freeway, I was on the phone with the mechanic, and trying to get a hold of a tow-truck driver.  Out of no where, there is a bright light shinning in the car. I realize there is a helicopter overhead and clearly it’s a police one.  The mechanic says, “What’s that?” I say, “A helicopter”, he says “Get off the freeway!”.

So I start the car, have my friend make the call to our ride, that we are getting off the freeway, and in my rear view, I see the lights.  At this point, I realize something BAD must be happening. At a medium rate of speed, there is a HP cruiser weaving about the freeway lanes…ya know, like a traffic break.  I am on the shoulder, doing about 20mph, JUST trying to get to the next exit.  He stops, I keep plugging along, he YELLS “STOP”!  I stop.  He pronounces that I must stay 300 ft. behind the flashing lights, so I start to back up.  He YELLS again “STOP!” and THEN he says “Think about the other people, IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!”

At this point, I am feeling well beyond anxious and I’ve already had a convo with the ‘verse about “what are you telling me? Oh I know, get the car looked at sooner rather than later.”

He moves on, I wait and then plug along to the next off ramp. Of course civilization was to the left, not the right.

We make it to a gas station.  I think I just parked in the middle of a gas lane.  Our ride arrives – my estranged husband – I open the car door and out I pour in a flood of tears.  “What did he meeeeeeean, ‘It’s not all about you’.  I am thinking of other people, I’m thinking of the passenger I’ve been entrusted with and getting her home (the daughter of a dear friend), and I’m thinking about MY daughter who is home alone, waiting for me and hungry . . . I’m already racing with ‘how will I get her to school’ . . . I’m thinking about the customer I am spose to meet with on Saturday and how inconvenient it will be if she comes in and I am not there and ‘OH goodness, where is her number?’

My friend got home, my daughter got food.  At 10:45 I had no ride for the next morning. At 11:00, I had two rides. By Saturday afternoon I’d managed rides, to and from Skirball for my class on Sunday.

By Monday afternoon, I managed to get to the grocery store, the bank, and get my daughter to and from school all three days.  Monday was a school holiday – thank Zeus!

I have since decided that the YELL on the part of the highway patrol mean-man – was kinda cool.

So why share all this? To say out loud, how incredibly grateful I am for the folk I have in my life.

Many thanks to Suzanne Colucci – getting me to and from Crafted on Saturday; Adrienne Spellman – offering to come from Perris to get me to Crafted; Kristen Gluckman – being a ride ‘broker’ and loading me up to get me home from Skirball (from Santa Monica), Robin Foley – getting me TO Skirball, helping me unload and getting me coffee and breakfast; Pam Raymer-Lea – getting me to the bank, grocery store and post office; Blake Traister – coming to pick Emily and I up and giving me a hug, even though; Les Bohem, Mandy Boesche, Wendi Mittleman – getting Devon to and from school.  Special thanks to Dr. “Hercules” Steve – fixing the Pegasus Two; and Emily Hannah for being the bravest and most patient passenger EVER!  I love you all very much!  Thank you for your generosity and going above and beyond for a friend!

What does any of this have to do with teaching or things I make – A BUNCH!

It’s challenge enough to consider how I will accomplish some tasks in my life without a car.  Holy cow, I have walked out the door three times to go buy polishing pads… and DOH!  Not having a car messes with my rituals a great deal.  Add to that, reaching out, asking for help and needing to rely on others for their support – SUPER SCARY. Yet without that support, I would not have been able to be present for a customer on Saturday or teach on Sunday and Zeus knows, a week home with the girlie would have been unpleasant :).

And more good news – I have been so diligent about remaining centered in the face of all events – there hasn’t been quite the buuuuzzzzzz of anxiety across my shoulders – as there used to be :).

Not driving Devon to and from school has given me a whole extra hour in my day – although I miss it a little.

I’ve saved money on gas!

I’ve had the opportunity to really talk with friends that I don’t get to, in the hubbub of day to day!

I’ve had time to do more work this week and you just know  it is infused with the energy of gratitude and awareness.

A year ago, I might have declared this to be the ‘worse week EVER’. Today, I would declare this week, a SPLENDID one! It’s all good at the Phoenix Magyk desk.

Now – take a moment to think about what is good in your world, and GO MAKE SOMETHING! And if you haven’t seen these new rings, come see ‘em at Crafted this weekend! The first image is Alejandro the Mouse, here is his story:

The other image is of Reversal of Fortune.  Having grown weary of the chase, Max the Mouse created this clever cage for Caldwell the Cat. Max is quite clever and strong considering his small stature.

There are also new vessels that I finished last week and two more on the bench to be fired this afternoon.  As things are working out, the car will be ready in time for me to get to Otis.  We’re playing with hollow forms and glass tonight!

Much love and peace,




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