The “ROOF”

I had a lovely Saturday in the courtyard at the Majestical Roof. The “ROOF” is a wonderful gallery space where the works of many artists are on display and for sale, including some of my work 🙂 Every Month they allow artists to set up – share and sell their work and meet and greet the public.

My good friend Scott Smith, came by for a visit . . . with Trixie, his awesome dog. It was such a welcome surprise to see him. Scott is a Reiki Master and Energy Worker . . . hmmm great present for someone?!

My good friend Rain Hannah of Honey and Ollie was also there. Here is some of her beautiful work:

Rachel Leathers of Hearts of Stone was also there.  She has a gorgeous piece that I covet and will not share the photo of, cuz I wantz it, however, I’ll share this:

I met Elizabeth Serna of Tairona Enterprises and acquired this beautiful piece:




Then there was Savannah of Savvy Would.  This beautiful young lady handcrafts clothing, awesome leather neckware and the most awesome bags. Savannah is going to make a couple of shirts for me that I’m real excited to have 🙂

Finally there was funny, dear, sweet Carmelita and her sister.  Carmelita does found object art. I was most enamored with her collage boxes and had to have “Golden Girl”.

GG is now hanging out in the Magyk shop, keeping watch over me!  I looooove her. Carmelita also made this:

I made new friends, spent time with ‘old’ friends, ate sweet treats offered from Rain, and heard great music.  The live music is one of the best things about playing in that courtyard!

I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine.  If you are looking for exceptional gifts for the coming Mother’s Day . . . check out the websites of my friends (as well as mine :)) and if you’re local, check out Majestical Roof.  There is designer handmade clothing, jewelry, paintings and art of all kinds.

I’ll be teaching a Introduction to Metal Clay class there on June 5 and 6 too! Details to come.

All my best,


Make something everyday . . . even if it’s trouble!


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