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I am a Dave Letterman fan.  I don’t generally go to bed until I’ve seen the top ten for the evening 🙂  So inspired I was by the segment, one day I sat down and created a Top Ten Reasons to take a Metal Clay Arts Class:



























So you can probably guess?  I’ve come up with a new one for your consideration:

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Handcrafted Goodness

10) You love handmade goods.

9) Your item is unique and not mass-manufactured.

8) You were able to have a relaxed buying experience.

7) Handmade everything can be customized to you – ask your artist!

6) Your purchase is cooler than anything you’ve seen in a “big box” store

5) Your gift to yourself or someone else will last much longer!

4) Your purchase allowed the artist to buy something *they* needed.

3) You can tell you friends/loved ones that the item you bought was handcrafted.

2) Your purchase is “go green” with little or no waste on the part of the artist.

1) You made a new friend in the artist you purchased from.  They know more about what you like and need and you can order from them FOREVER!

This is still a ‘work in progress’.  Your feedback would be appreciated 🙂

My shop and home are full of handcrafted beauty that I use everyday.  My tools are stowed in artisan created pottery.  I buy T-shirts for myself and my daughter that are crafted by artisans I know. I have an extensive collection of jewelry and pins that are made by artists.

My top reason for buying handmade is knowing the difference it makes in the life of the artist I have purchased from AND I own beautiful art!  I relate to the idea of this being one’s ‘chosen career’ and what sort of challenges we face.

So as we head into holiday shopping “season” – give a pause – consider the advantages of buying handmade. Consider the experience of shopping in a space like Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles or a local arts fair versus a mall *gasp*. I’d appreciate it if you bought handmade and I know ALL the other artists in the world would appreciate it too!

Be well!

Go make something!

Go find something handcrafted!


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