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New in the store: IMG_1349

The three new works are representative of transitions. “Through Smoke” is about traversing challenges, despite not always knowing what’s on the other side . . . a gift of wisdom from my father. “Rest Easy” is about slowing down sometimes, taking time, to take it in, not worrying . . . a gift of wisdom from my sister. “Veridical Gal” is about being honest with self and being in integrity . . . a gift of wisdom from my mother.If you are new to my newsletter, this may seem strange and out of context. Let me give you a brief update: In June of this year my father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. In July of 2011, my sister passed away after a fight with cancer. My mother passed in 1986, also after a struggle with cancer.

My father’s passing was jarring, to say the least. The three pieces, as I have said, are representative of the transition . . . and more so, my effort to dig deep, and create pieces of meaning that are about transitioning from challenge and surviving loss to thriving. They serve as beautiful reminders of some of the best I received from all three of these family members.

I offer them to you, by custom order, in case they might work for you as the stated intention :). Each piece is constructed by me in fine silver and hand colored – currently in red . . . a power color 🙂 $75 each on silk hand dyed ribbon. They are at my Phoenix Magyk store at Crafted in San Pedro, if you’d like t see them in person. For the time being, you can order via email. I hope you enjoy them.

Other news: • I was on KTLA last Sunday the 21st. Here’s the link if you’d like to view the like 30 seconds I was in the story 🙂 Don’t blink at the beginning or you will miss me http://ktla.com/2013/07/21/see-the-handmade-art-of-los-angeles-with-crafted-la-2/#axzz2ZhdvyPS5

• This weekend, the City of San Pedro celebrates 125 years! Here is a link for the Daily Breeze story. http://www.dailybreeze.com/news/ci_23763577/san-pedro-will-celebrate-port-towns-125th-anniversary   *Tonight will be First Thursday in downtown… mostly 6th street. At the Warner Grand Theatre, there will be some food vendors from Crafted and next door at fiNdings there will be store owner goodies, also from Crafted. I’ll be there Saturday night! Here is a link for the findings store: http://findingsartcenter.com/

• As part of Long Beach’s First Friday, I will be at Beach Crafters this Friday, that’s tomorrow, doing a few demos – 7pm. On August 28th I will be teaching a Mini-Intro at the store. There is additional information below and here is a link for their website: http://beachcrafters.weebly.com/

I’ve finished a three week series at Santa Monica and the Otis series is coming to an end. Teaching in college venues will begin again in September. Also, I will be taking some *I’m not available* time off from Aug. 19th – 25th. That does include the weekend and the Crafted stores will be closed. It’s a great time for some renew/reset/refresh time for me. And when I say, I will not be available, I really mean it 🙂

Metal Clay Learnin’

Sunday, August 18 – AT CRAFTED – 2p to 5pm (note time change) • The mini-intro class is $70 and includes 3 hours of instruction and play time, 18 grams of clay, assorted clay supplies, a gemstone, a take-home sheet and loaner tools. You will walk away with a finished piece, your left-over clay and resources to purchase more supplies. I also offer ‘lifetime’ tutoring and a money-back guarantee. Follow my directives and if you hate your experience when it is over, I am happy to give you, your class fee back. You can even keep your left-over clay.

**Registration closes MONDAY – **August 12 at 10am. Use the link below to make payment and you are registered! I will confirm for all registrants as I receive notice from PayPal:

I am taking registrations for August 18, also at Crafted. Use this link to register early: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=XXB8G2A2KN5B8

Tutoring: Can take place at Crafted – best on Fridays. Please contact me at least 24 hours ahead of time – one week in advance, if you are going to need clay. ALSO if you have taken the Mini-Intro and feel like you’d enjoy a refresher, let me know. For the price of clay, you may sit in on any class.

What people have said about classes:
“This was sooooo much fun!” -Rain C.
“I can’t believe I created a piece of jewelry!” – Xaver P.
“OH MY GOODNESS! Look what I did!” -Deb F.
“This was really fun and I look forward to more classes!” -Esther Y.
“Delia has a great personality that makes learning fun.” -Iris S.
“I felt like I was taught by a real expert.” – Dawn S.

Forgotten what metal clay is? Fine particles of metal, combined with an organic binder. The clay like material can be formed in similar ways to modeling clay. Once dried it can be fired with a torch (small butane) OR kiln fired. The binders burns off, the metal bonds and VOILA you have a finished piece of art. It can be tumbled, soldered, enameled and patina’s.

A Mini-Intro at Beach Crafters in Long Beach. It’s the same mini-intro I do at Crafted 1p – 4p August 28 – that’s a weekday. Beach Crafters is located on Atlantic Ave. email me for more details. You can use this PayPal link to register: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=55BJY962S6ZSG

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