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I do realize that it seems to take forever between Blog Posts. On average, I am teaching twice a week and have pretties to make, my stores to tend to and other business affairs to handle and as we know… I am a one woman show.  I love you all, I promise 🙂

I did update my calendar this morning with new dates . . . check it!

Newsletter notes:  I took last week off.  I didn’t mean to take the entire week off from all things Magyk . . . but then there were tax *things* . . . and I’ll just say that I am glad that it’s over for the time being.

Question of the week: “Since PMC is torch fired (generally) can bottleglass be used as a gem stone? Specifically, sea tumbled beachglass of which I have buckets. I know that its melting point is fairly low if the piece is of an older vintage that’s why you could throw an old Coke bottle in a fire ring at the beach and end up with a slumpy blob.  Anyway, I have some small gem sized bits that have been tumbled so much they look like gems themselves- spectacular. – Jen F.

Answer: Dear Jen (and others thinking about this idea), Please do not torch fire glass. You are right when you indicate that glass has a low melting point, and more importantly a low heat tolerance and fracture point. It can sit in a bonfire and melt because it is contained in the heat. Glass generally shatters when hit with high heat and exposed to cooler temps, which is what occurs when doing any torch firing. That’s called ‘thermal shock’. Anytime we metal clay artists use glass/ceramic in our work, it is recommended that we kiln fire. So – check out a bead store or glass store in your area and see if they have a kiln and will fire your work for you. If you don’t have luck with that, bring your work to me and I will kiln fire it for you. Be aware that in my recent test firing of beach glass, it changed color . . . from a lovely sea foam green to yellow. I will be test firing again, to see if a lower temp might prevent this, however, I fired at 1170, which is lower than traditional firing.  I will keep you all posted and if you want me to kiln fire for you, know that there are never guarantees.

Have a question about metal clay/firing/gems/making things?  E-Ask me and it will go in next weeks newsletter.  If I don’t know the answer, I will also find it and provide the resource where I got it. Thank you Jen for being the first to jump in! You may also submit a joke 🙂

Metal Clay Learnin’

Sunday, April 28 – AT CRAFTED – 3p to 6pm •  The mini-intro class is $70 and includes 3 hours of instruction and play time, 18 grams of clay, assorted clay supplies, a gemstone, a take-home sheet and loaner tools. You will walk away with a finished piece, your left-over clay and resources to purchase more supplies. I also offer ‘lifetime’ tutoring and a money-back guarantee. Follow my directives and if you hate your experience when it is over, I am happy to give you, your class fee back.  You can even keep your left-over clay.

Registration closes Sunday – April 21 at 6pm.  Use the link below to make payment and you are registered! I will confirm for all registrants as I receive notice from PayPal:


What people have said about classes:

“This was sooooo much fun!” -Rain C.

“I can’t believe I created a piece of jewelry!” – Xaver P.

“OH MY GOODNESS! Look what I did!” -Deb F.

“This was really fun and I look forward to more classes!” -Esther Y.

“Delia has a great personality that makes learning fun.” -Iris S.

“I felt like I was taught by a real expert.” – Dawn S.

Coming Up in other locations:

• Mark The Date  PMC Certification – Level 1 – June 8 & 9 in Long Beach.  In two days we create 4 pieces covering many skills.  More in-depth forming, stone setting, ring making, bead making, carving, syringe work and more.  After you complete all the projects, you’ll be tired, excited and Certified as an Artisan.  This makes you a big deal and able to qualify at many metal clay suppliers for a discount on materials 🙂 It is not for the faint of heart and it is expensive, however, since I have done all three Level Certifications, I can say it was worth every penny. Go here to see sample projects, a full class description and to register: http://bit.ly/YSxcbT

• In May, I’ll be teaching a four week Introduction-Intermediate Metal Clay Class at Glendale College – there are 8 spots open. We will cover A LOT in 4 weeks.  Go here: http://bit.ly/14OcNtL

Joke:  “What was T-Rex’s favorite number?”


Be well . . . 


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