Where I’ve been . . . Where I’m heading

Hi Everybody!

I do hope everyone is doing well.

Here’s a photo of me at Zinnia.  I did a demonstration of metal clay there.  There were eager observers and it was a lot of fun!

I’m demonstrating how we torch fire metal clay 🙂

The art show at Zinnia was [apparently] a smashing success. A funny thing happened on the way to Majestical Roof that morning for the show, I had a run-in with a cup of coffee and burned my arm – so I didn’t make it that nite. 🙁  I was sad to miss the fun.  My works on sale there are still looking for a new home and three pieces have been added to the collection of my work at Zinnia.

Even though we got rained out . . . the February 11 event at Majestical Roof was a lot of fun.  I did a demo there too!  And as of last Tuesday, several works of my art are on display and for sale there.  My sweet friend Rain Hannah of Honey and Ollie took some stunning pictures of my work!

Thank YOU Rain Hannah!

Due to the injured arm, I sadly took no pictures that day.

As the time of year would seem to dictate, there were several students lined up for the February 18 class, that had to miss out due to illness (my daughter Devon still battles a two week cold).  I opted to move forward with one student and we had a great time.  Her name is Kathy and if you ever have the chance to meet her, do ask her about warming pieces by light bulb while patina’g 🙂

February 26 • 10 – 6 I’ll be teaching my first class of the new year at Majestical Roof – An Introduction to Metal Clay – Plus . . . project specific, slower paced
Future classes TBA.  Use this Buy Now button to pay – the registration form is sent after you are signed up.

Coming up in March . . . 3/10* Color It Yours at Zinnia – that is a corrected date.  *It was 3/18 in my last missive, which was wrong.  In this class we will add color to our metal work . . . liver of sulfur, metal paint, color resin, prisma color, enamel and a new material that will be a secret surprise I am dying to try 🙂  Use the Buy Now button to pay

I also did a demonstration before my peers of the Prismacolor technique [New Metal Artists Group].  This piece had several layers:

Lastly, to share on my agenda . . . Many of you know that I have spent some time receiving ‘coaching’ to improve the many facets of my life.  Beyond the tremendous support I receive from my closest friends – I view the coaching I receive as incredibly powerful, useful and enriching. Since I am doing some mentoring myself this year it is also a way to recharge and gain new insights to further assist my clients.

I have been privileged to work with Lora Hart in a Mentorial .  In my field and close to home, there has been no one better for me to work with and I have gained a lot!  My work and counsel with Lora has been invaluable in my professional development and recently I had the privilege of experiencing the work she is doing: Crafting Your Creative Voice.  It’s a book she is writing and a new class she is teaching and I was so grateful to get a sneak peak at the whole package!

I’ve been doing ongoing online work in Richard Luck’s programs – talk about a mindset shift!  Going beyond the traditional ‘positive affirmation’ I grew really impressed with his subliminal videos – changes occurred in my thinking, I hadn’t even knew I was making :).  As a former Personal Development Trainer from the 80′ generation, “positive affirmations” were a staple of my work.  Luck’s work takes it to a whole new level.

This is me with Christine Kane at the end of the December event I attended – UpLevel Live.  I have to say, and I do so with conviction – I came back from that event a happier human than when I left . . . for having met her, worked with her and worked with an amazing group of other folk.  Everyone there had a commitment to improving their businesses because doing so would not only improve their life, but enrich the lives of the people they encountered.

Christine has created many programs that speak to the right brain as much as the left brain in developing a creative business.  I particular appreciate her view of marketing – as a good thing – and an effort that must be done authentically.

I found Christine on the ‘intarweb’ while looking up some other ‘stuff’.  She has an ebook on vision boards I got really excited about.  A plain and simple technique that made it a little less mystical and more attainable to me.  Check that out here.

Christine has a training call coming up.  It’s free! The last time I was on a training call with her, I was so excited afterwards that I couldn’t sleep! 🙂 If you want to Uplevel your whole life – I highly recommend that you sign up for this free training call. I’ll be there!

Overall I am a strong believer in coaching/mentoring/counseling – whatever you’d like to participate in :).  I understand first hand that ‘going it alone’ is never a good thing.  Doing that was the end to my business and a period of soul-less existence during some trying times.  I don’t recommend it.

I am happy with where I am and where I am heading.  I am comfortable to ask for help and seek guidance from my friends and mentors on a daily basis.  Sometimes it’s just a cuppa joe and a good laugh.

Check out the resources I’ve shared.  Tell me what you think.  Share what resources you’ve used.  Community in many forms is a very good thing.

Have a super-mega-awesome week!
All my best,

Make something everyday . . . even if it’s trouble! – I said that

Thank you for your time,


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