Wonderful Weekends

Vikki, Me and Mom

Vikki, Me and Mom

I had previously mentioned in a Facebook post that – many weekends are awesome at Crafted, where my store is.

This weekend was exceptionally awesome.

Friday after the ‘house closed, my daughter and I hung out and helped to create décor for the ‘house. I got to talk to some of my fellow store-owners and learn things I had not known. I got a chance to be silly with my community and eat pizza . . . and it was so fun.

Saturday, amidst meeting and greeting, I taught the inaugural new class “Pieces of Your Life”.  A couple of artists could not make it, and I spent the most fabulous afternoon with one artist. One of the things I really enjoy about teaching is making friends. We talked about our children and parenting and the work we do. All the while she diligently worked on a piece that will have a lot of meaning for her. We were so involved, I didn’t even take any pictures.

I’d been working on the concept and “curriculum” for this class for over a year. It really is 1-part creative therapy and 3 parts creation. Or maybe the reverse :).

The artist I am working with has a fond memory from her childhood that she is going to bring to life. I am over the moon for her.

The most UHMAZING part . . .? When she arrived, she was stressed from the drive (bless her – 2 hours). AND she’d been feeling like her work had just zapped all her energy. When she left, she and I were talking up a storm and I anticipated she “flew” home.

That’s how art works. That’s how creation works. It moves you, shifts you, emboldens you, tests you, lightens you, energizes you and when it’s all said and done, brings a message to the world that is unique and so expressive of a life.

And AS IF the weekend could not have gotten better . . .

Sunday was quiet . . . things had been weird. I was mildly irritated. Mostly scared and wanting to go home. Ayup, that happens. 🙂

Mid-day, I come back from a break and there is a couple in the store. I say my standard “Let me know if there are any questions I can answer” – so NOT a sales person. The husband starts to gush about my work . . . it happens sometimes ya know – then he looks at me and says “I just know that you know what to do with this”. He pulls a medallion from his pocket and tentatively hands it my way. I ask for permission to touch it. It’s stamped with some writing and as I read it, I understand how important this is to him.

We spend some time talking about ideas . . . I was flooded with a plan :). We agree, when he is clear to stop wearing his wrist guard, I will make the custom leather cuff piece for him.

They are looking at my work, and gushing, some more . . . yes, gushing. I was so touched *blush*. The wife starts asking about fingerprint charms.

We work out a plan for me to create a locket with her husband’s fingerprint as the top. I am super excited. As I am taking his print, I ask about his accident . . . remember the wrist guard?

He and his wife share the story of how he was riding his new motorcycle on the first day he had it and whammo, he got hit, by an uninsured driver. He has many injuries that are healing and he has a lot of metal holding him together. In short, he is a WALKING MIRACLE.

What’s the best part . . . not a hint of anger, resentment or rage at the driver or his circumstance. He is eight months in to a very long recovery and as he shared the story all I heard was how grateful he was . . . for his gear, his helmet, the doctors and his wife.

You guessed it, it was everything I could do not to start sobbing with joy. Snotting on receipts is never a good thing.

Even more amazing . . .? Her name. She has the same short form of Victoria, my sister had – Vikki . . . and spells it just like that. We lamented how people have a tendency to spell it different and insist that “no, there must be an ‘e’ or a ‘c’” and as the carrier of the name, you are sure there is no “e” or “c”.

As they walked out of the store, and I thanked them, I also thanked my sister for the energetic boost. It makes me feel less loss when I think she can hear me. . . as well as my mom and dad.*

My friend Scott shared once, and I do paraphrase , that we don’t really know where a persons soul goes when they pass from this earthly plane . . . there is more than one plane and if you believe in reincarnation, (as I do), it’s not likely that the spirit or soul of a your loved one is still hanging around.

It’s possible that events collided and I have simply attached meaning, as it suits me, and is relevant to me. I know I was looking to “draw” good energy and work into the store . . . but I don’t believe in “fate”.

AND, the sum of our experience is translated through our lens . . . what we want to believe.

I am still working this out 🙂

What ever I was creating/drawing/desiring, I got the “message” I needed.

I am walking the path that I created and am spose to be walking 🙂

The rest of the day went back to quiet. The flurry was there and then gone.  AND I had a sense that everything was going to be OK.

I am reminded that when I am in a state of love and grace, it is the true way of the world and all the other stuff – is just stuff. Art is one way that I am able to demonstrate love. Healing +100

Much Love and Light,



*For those reading my blog for the first time, or new to my email list . . . and have not read my bio, my sister passed away in 2011; my mother in ’86 and my father in 2013.



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