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Where and When I am Teaching What

7/19 – Magyk Mini-Intro – at Pipe & Thimble Bookstore & Publishing 6p – 9p (click on the title to register) 7/12- is the deadline to register

9/9 – Introduction to Metal Clay -at Skirball Cultural Center – all day (click Skirball to learn more and register) – this class may be full, as of 6/5

Please email me if you have questions:

MAGYK METAL CLAY ONLINE – 6 weeks – this is now a 1:1 experience, not group. Start dates are fluid, based on our respective schedules.

MAGYK BOOST YOUR SKILL – $45 for 50 mins and includes a follow up video – ONLINE! Over Skype! I’ll answer as many questions and demo as many things, as we can cram into 50 mins. Use this link to sign up BOOST   I’ll send and email in 24 hours and we will schedule a time • Monday – Thursday 5pm – 8pm.•

Private private coaching may start at anytime, send me an email to apply: These are 3 mos., 6 mos., and 1 year programs.

WHAT is a Mini-Intro?  Even if you have never created jewelry before, you will be inspired by how easy it is to make striking pieces with metal clay. In this class you will learn to produce a pendant from silver clay.   We will design, texture, fire and finish the piece.  I will walk you through the entire process from concept to completion.

NEXT Certification class . . .

IMG_6227Showing off our rings – Level 1 Certification January 2015

Interested in Certification? Level 1, 2, or 3  Certification These classes take place TBA. The certification program is being discontinued on 12/31/17.

You can learn all the details from the PMC Connection website:

I recommend Certification for those creatives seeking challenge, skill/technique enhancement and have a desire to perhaps teach.

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