Metal Clay Art – Classes I teach

HUZZAH!  My name is Delia Marsellos-Traister, Owner and founder of Phoenix Magyk. I am your Adornment Concierge and I teach metal clay arts. The photo below is a recent group of artists from a class I had the honor of teaching at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles – May 2015.

2015-05-30 16.44.22It was an all-day adventure, and despite that wacky look on my face, we had a blast. Two of the artists in that shot have gone on to join me in the Otis College of Art and Design “Silver Clay Techniques” class.

When I teach, I teach from the perspective that there is possibility and transformation that takes place AND you are already an artist. You create something everyday. Creating art is good for the soul and sharing it with others is even better. I give you the framework, the basics, the techniques and then I say, “Ready, SET, GO!”.

Metal clay is an art medium of clay binder combined with fine metal particles. Formed, dried and then fired (torch or kiln) – the binder burns off and the creator is left with fine metal.  The material comes in silver, gold, copper, bronze and other base metals – from several manufacturers. My preferred clay is PMC Silver (Precious Metal Clay) – my favorite clay is PMC+.

I am a Certified PMC Artisan, through Rio Grande. I am a Level 3 Certified Artisan through PMC Connection and a Level 1 and 2 Certification Instructor with PMCC.

With metal clay there is so much that can be expressed and created.  I really see the possibilities. Creation is manifestation of intention for you and those who enjoy your work.

If you’d like to talk with me about any of the classes described below,  send me an email. I might take 24 hours to get back to you from email, and I will respond. phoenixmagyk@icloud

What you can expect when you play with me . . .

Magyk Introduction

In this fun, informative workshop, you will learn and experience the basic techniques for working with Precious Metal Clay (PMC); forming, cutting, texture, pre-fire refining, firing, and finishing. You will be able to design, execute and finish your own individual piece of jewelry (one pendant or a pair of simple earrings). There is nothing more empowering than working with your hands and completing your own creation. We do play with a micro-torch in this class.

We will spend time examining elements of design and intention in our work. There is a comprehensive discussion of tools and equipment.  I demonstrates skills and techniques for you . . . and then I say “Ready, SET, GO”

I maintain a small class size in any venue – a maximum of 12 – in order to be available to assist artists 1:1.

My intention for you is that you leave class feeling confident that you can do this at home and wanting more :).  This class is the beginning of a new adventure.

At Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles – I teach a “mini” version of the full Introduction called Magyk Mini-Intro, which is 3 hours on a Sunday, once per month.

Whether you are in a one day clay, three week class, or you choose the Magyk Mini-Intro or 3 hours, you will have enough understanding of the material and techniques to decide if you want to play more. AND you walk away with a jewelry piece, you’ve made. This experience is for the creative wanting to learn a new medium, experiment and have a good time too.

I also offer online experiences; eight weeks and private coaching.

Check my Calendar page for upcoming class dates and links to register.


Advanced Techniques – High Level Alchemy

Otis – The curriculum, when I teach at Otis College of Art and Design is expansive. It’s 8 weeks of skill training and confidence building. We start with bails, we create hollow forms, including beads and we work with other elements such as ceramic – glazed and unglazed (bisque), and glass. We cover mold making and other colorants as well.

The techniques taught in this program are designed as basic, but relevant to all kinds of projects.  I’ve designed this class for the artist who wants to really develop their skills and at the same time experience other mediums.

You will leave this 8-week experience fully confident to implement many design ideas you have and be empowered to experiment and have fun!

Check my Calendar page for upcoming class dates and links to register.

Liver of sulfur on fine silver

Prismacolor application to textured silver


Hollow vessel from cork armature

Fine silver overlay on bisque

Dichroic glass ‘trapped’ in fine silver







“Celebrate” Lift lid bowl, 2″ in diameter

Secret Spaces: Vessels hold, contain and protect treasures of all sorts – inclusive of secrets and wishes.  In this three-part class you will learn how to use a unique armature for creating a container with a lift lid. You’ll walk away with advanced skill in fine silver slab construction, and seam sealing, texture on non-flat surface . . . as well as your completed work of art. We will also do an overview of box construction and hinges. Loads of fun and skill enhancement!

Whimsical Rings: In this class we will build upon your knowledge of metal clay and design techniques by making your own one-of-a-kind ring. You will learn sizing and accounting for shrinkage in addition to a unique way of making rings that does not require wrapping the clay around a dowel! Texture, setting heat safe stones, patina and polishing will also be covered during class.Artists will leave this 3-week series with one-of-a-kind silver creations and the knowledge and skill to create more in their own studio.

"Dragon Road" Can be seen, touched, and tried on at Crafted.

“Dragon Road” • A Whimsical Ring






Private Parties!  At my Crafted Port LA Teaching space. – Gather a group of friends and let’s have a play date.  I provide all the gear that’s needed.  Participation of the host/hostess is free of charge . . . it’s the least I can do for all the the friends you brought to have a class :)  Let’s coordinate a date – email me!

Mostly OnLine Private Experiences

I’ve created private programs for mentoring the committed artist – both artistically and with the path for their work they may choose: selling, teaching or both. These programs involve a three month, six month, or year long – commitment to weekly work, communication and monthly in-person sessions, as well as weekly emails from me for encouragement, recorded online sessions, printed tutorials and more. And it isn’t inexpensive.

This is an opportunity to work at  your own pace, relaxed in your home/studio and a focus on the things that matter specifically to you.

So if you are ready to really rock it, work mostly from home, play with me, learn a bunch and take your work to a business or teaching level . . . read on.

There’s one catch.  I don’t work with just any ‘ol buddy.  So that I can be of the most service to you and you can get the most benefit . . . you have to apply.

If you think this is something you’d be ready to commit to, send me an email.  I will, within 24 hours send you the application and then we will schedule a time to talk on the phone, or if you are local, we can meet for a beverage :)

I look forward to meeting you in a class . . . mayhaps soon.






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  12. Caryn Unterschuetz says:

    Hi, Your class looks exactly what I am looking for. I am a former art major. Painting in college but then my husband and I opened a pottery studio after getting the bug in a community college class. He is now in the jewelry class and GCC, his back is too bad to throw anymore, and he is already setting up a studio. I have always been interested in dichroic glass and did more sculptural work with paper clay when we had the pottery. I am now interested in the metal clay and how to take some of my paper clay designs into metal clay. Do you have suggestions on how I might proceed. I figured we would get a kiln that would work for both his jewelry and my glass. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you . Caryn

    • Hi Caryn,

      Paper clay is an excellent armature for metal clay. MC can be formed around a PC design and then fired in a kiln. The PC will burn off and leave you with a lovely hollow fine silver piece. I teach this technique at Otis in the 8 week PMC Technique class . . . which (may) begin Wednesday…or next semester [there is currently 1 artist enrolled for that class]. I also teach at GCC. I have a 3 week Introduction class coming up, that starts on the 18th of February… a Tuesday night. Check out their website – Continuing Ed dept. You can always email me directly:

      All my best, Delia

  13. Maryann says:

    I found your name in an email that I got from a store I love in South Pasadena: Zinnia’s! (I think you gave a free demo there tonight, but I live too far away to drive out there on a weeknight.) I am hoping that you do metal clay classes. Can you get back in touch with me and let me know if you do, and if so, when and how much do they cost, etc.?

    Thank you!!

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