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Among the many things I hold true, the most important *rule* I live by is living a life of intention . . . is MUCH better than a life by happenstance. You believe that too. It’s why we’ve connected. We also know that in many instances, our adornment speaks . . . louder than our words and carries energy that can help us on our way.

  • You desire a fine silver adornment of meaning that compliments your path.
  • You desire a fine silver adornment that is a touchstone of your intentions for wellness/abundance/courage/energy (and more).
  • You are ready to make an investment in yourself.
  • You are ready to save gas and your valuable time.
  • You live far away and a flight to Cali would be silly.

You are ready to play! HUZZAH!  Let’s get started.

NUTS and Bolts – After you say YES!

Nuts_and_boltsFill out the Magyk For You questionnaire. You will get that in an email after I hear from you.

Nuts_and_bolts Have a Skype conference with me. We’ll schedule a time that is  convenient to both of us, after I get to review the questionnaire. It might be about an hour of your time, so we can get to know each other better.

Nuts_and_bolts Review and approve drawing. You’ll get a picture of my idea via email, a week after our Skype conference. It’s okay if it takes a couple of tries.

Nuts_and_bolts Wait for the piece. – 3 weeks after final approval of the idea (includes shipping time – unless you live out of country, then it might take longer). If I need more time I will communicate that with you in the beginning. Some works takes 4 – 6 weeks, dependant on my schedule and the custom work.

Nuts_and_bolts Get the box, Open the box and be amazed and delighted! HUZZAH!

After I get to know you better, my work begins – with you at the center. Using a combination of traditions, I’ll be able to form a piece that’s perfect for you.  It’s all that behinds the scenes intuitive work I do, to know you and create the fine silver piece of your dreams. Have you read my FAQ’s About Phoenix Magyk?

This will be a lot of fun!  Ask me how I know!

The price includes your finished fine silver adornment with my signature; communication via Skype and email; the intuitive workings and of course the shipping – anywhere in the world! As a extra special bonus, I’ll include the drawing, signed and framed and photo captures of the work process.

You also get my guarantee – If you don’t love it, I’ll re-work it until you do AND if anything should go awry (a stone comes out, the chain/pin breaks – anything) – as long as you haven’t dropped it in a garbage disposal causing the damage – I’ll repair it free of additional costs.  I’ll even pay for the postage. I believe in my work – that much!

Contact me –  I cannot wait to meet you.

Below is just a small demonstration of the process 🙂

If you have any questions, and would prefer not to speak with me live, send me an email:

Fine silver is .999 pure silver, unlike sterling which contains copper. We can also discuss work in bronze.

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