A Few Words on Adornment

DSC_0085You’ve all heard me talk about this a lot –

• Adornment speaks for the wearer, as well as communicates a bit about you, before you even speak ☺

• Adornment ought to have resonance and meaning – other wise why would you wear it ? You don’t leave the house with mud on your face.

• Adornment of meaning can certainly be whimsical and delightful and it is not required to be somber.

• Adornment can create community. Think of bumper stickers you have seen on cars, or that you put on your own car. Think of uniforms that you have seen. Maybe you have seen someone wearing a jewelry piece and you recognize it. In all cases you are perhaps drawn to that person because of a sense of belonging and simpatico – or not ☺

• Living a life of intention versus happenstance is super cool and having adornment that acts as a touchstone of that is even cooler. Imagine for a moment, driving in traffic and being able to grab a hard silver object with the word “love” tucked inside and suddenly you are calmer. Imagine for a moment, feeling really challenged in a situation and around your neck is a pendant that was made especially for you, with the intention of “Courage” radiating from it, and you feel more centered, instantly, as you touch it.

• Having a handmade, one of a kind, fine silver adornment, is just plain cool.

How would it feel to express yourself more fully? How would it feel to have a touchstone that brings a new energy to your moment? How would it feel to be reminded of your intentions for a day, a week, a month, a whole year?

Much Love and Light,


When you are ready, I will be here.




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