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I am a metal clay arts instructor.

What is metal clay?  In brief, it is fine metal particles, combined with an organic clay binder.  This material can be handled like modeling clay and you can create anything you want. After it is dry, you fire it in a kiln or with a torch, and VOILA! A creation of your desire.

I am a Level 3 Certified Artisan through PMC Connection and a Level 1 Certification Instructor. I’ve been teaching since 2008 and I love that part of my life.

The summer is over (although it remains hot).  My experiences at teaching venues, was as varied as the artists I had the privilege to teach.  I learned a great deal and had a great time.

My fall teaching schedule is in full swing until mid-December.  I am teaching week 4 at Otis College tomorrow night. I had a cancellation at Glendale for a 2 week advanced series.  “Secret Spaces” at Glendale is still open.

What is “Secret Spaces”?

Secret Spaces

Vessels hold, contain and protect treasures of all sorts.  In this three-part class you will learn how to use a unique armature for creating a container with a lift lid. Students will need to bring a votive candle.

We will talk about hinges and other kinds of vessels.

Go HERE to register.

I still have classes coming up.  Check out my calendar for the dates and locations.

At Crafted, if you don’t know, I have a mini-class almost every Sunday.  November classes will focus on holiday gift giving projects :).  I am also excited for the possibility of a bigger class space.  While the demonstration are up by the front doors is more spacious, it is filled with people and my sense has been that it would be too ‘busy’.  The Crafted team has indicated that a classroom space is on the slate for Phase 2.

Here are some pictures of happy Artists that took a class at Crafted.




Shannon and Sue








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I am a mom, artist and teacher!
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