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I’ve been doing a lot of custom pieces lately, which is soooo fun!

NOW is a really good time to order something for the holidays.  If you would like to gift a Chop, Rune, Tarot, Loteria, or Word Bracelet to someone you care for (or yourself) – contact me VERY soon. Custom work now takes two weeks!

Here are some photos of work I have done lately, and some you will see in the store.


These are new Chines Chops.  Created in fine silver, a lovely patina and a small man-made sapphire.  These are new in the series I’ve been doing… smaller in size, just the symbol and a smaller price $55.oo.


Fine silver ring. Sitting atop is a sweet mouse driver in a purple VW!

A fine silver ring created for Tonya Dooley of Cutie Pie That

That’s Tonya, showing off her bling!

That’s Lisa from Oxford Accessories wearing her new vessel

A fine silver Intention Vessel, gently draped in vines and leaves








In the Clay Magyk store, I carry the work of other artists.  Meet Laura Moore of Billy’s a Bad Kitty; Pam Raymer-Lea of Editor Jewelry; and Robin Foley of Imprecious/Myriad.


Laura Moore – Billy’s A Bad Kitty

Laura has had a life long love of nature, concentrating on the fine details of the structure of plants and bugs. After creating a relief in silver clay, she uses various patinas and surface treatments to bring out the textural detail.

Laura comes from a family with a strong tradition in the arts and sciences. She is a level one Art Clay Certified instructor, and Rio Grande certified in PMC, she also has degree in chemistry, and an AS in Ornamental Horticulture. She has worked in wide variety of mediums such as textile arts, ceramics, and landscape design.


Pam Raymer-Lea – Editor Jewelry


Creativity is who I am.  I have to create!

I began working with metal clay 2003.  I loved the fact that metal clay allows me to devise almost any design I want.  My pieces usually feel like they have come from an archeological dig. I like that rough, human, element in my art. I am moving toward adding the relationship of people to machines and the universe in my work as I change and develop.


Robin Foley – Myriad Designs/Imprecious

Sometimes I make myself a bit crazy with all the stuff I want to make. I was a potter first then I started making these free form ceramic pieces from the excess clay that is a byproduct of throwing a pot on a wheel. This lead to working in metal clay, which inspired the idea for fingerprint charm jewelry and Imprecious was born and officially launched in 2009. Myriad Design is the realm for all my other creative endeavors.

I suppose my Art Center (Pasadena) prepared me to really consider design, innovation, visual communication as well as craftsmanship and production and I apply all these concepts and skills in any creative endeavor. One thing is for sure, I will always be making things.

Come by Crafted to see the work they have shared! I will be adding photos of their work soon.


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