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My daughter attends a private school . . . a very good one and one that in the train of private schools is moderately priced for what it offers.  She has been in the same school since pre-kindergarten and she is currently in the 10th grade. That circumstance is at risk due to my financial circumstances.

It’s been said many times and statements similar have gone viral: ‘when you buy from a small business [artist] you are helping to pay for dance lessons [tuition].

Many blessings! And thank you for your support.

My son attended the same school, from 1st grade through 12th grade. He went on to attend UC Berkeley and graduated two years ago with a degree in Technical Theatre and Spanish.

By the time my daughter graduates, we will have been a part of this community for 20 years.

This educational environment is very much a part of who my daughter has become   . . . is becoming. It is her social environment as well – with many friends she has had since kindergarten and first grade. Continuing at the same school will increase her chances at college.  Having to leave the school, would be – I dare say – devastating for her.

Many moons ago, I found a fairy stamp hanging around my shop. I modified it to make me happy and more of my own and used it on the side of the Tree Goddess box (see below). You can’t see it in the picture, but she holds up the goddess, as fairies are prone to do from time to time. Having decided to not use her again, the mold I made of her face was tucked away.  She is very unique.

I unearthed her recently and have modified her once again. Her beautiful face reminds me of the tenderness and innocence I see in my daughter . . . in all children really. She represents to me, the hope that possibility brings. She represents the strength of growth and learning. It is fitting that I have revived her  . . . brought her to life . . . modified to represent all the things I hold dear.  Living passionately with purpose; learning and growing every day; the bright future I see for my children and especially the tuition I need to raise for my daughter to continue in her current education track . . . oh and maybe a new pair of shoes J.

I am an artist and a metal clay arts instructor. This is what I do for a living.

Today, I offer up this beautiful piece with the intention that I can put some stress over this bill, to rest. Will you support me?

“Devyn’s Fairy”

Fine silver Fairy holding a poppy with a golden stone in the center; embellished with additional nature elements – she has a bit o’ blue in her hair, just like my daughter.  On the back, the Kanji that represents “Love” and of course my signature.

This is a limited edition piece. I will only make 5.  All contributors to my effort will be entered into a drawing.  At the end of this campaign, Devyn will draw the five names of the lucky winners.

For those donating $25 or more, as material THANK YOU, you will have the option to receive either a “Magyk” charm piece, the poppy from the bigger piece or a fine silver Origami Crane, created by Devyn. For those contributing less than $25, you are still entered into the drawing and will be acknowledged in a future blog post, if you are not anonymous 🙂

A little background . . .

In 2007 when I started on the journey of metal clay MAGYK, I had no idea where it would take me. In 2008 when I decided to do my first show, I was just full of nerves and possibility.  That first show was an epic fail on many fronts or a tremendous learning experience :). I’ve been adjusting my path ever since . . . adapting, modifying, growing, learning.

Last year in 2012 I was able to increase my teaching opportunities and I took the biggest risk of my little business life.  I opened a micro-store in San Pedro, CA. at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles.  As with all new business adventures, since my journey with Crafted, my expenses continue to outrun my income.

The ‘why’ of my business – to bring an energetic compliment to your journey through the adornment I create. Sales of my work allow me to pay bills, allow for extras and be independent of my former spouse. I am also, at least one live demonstration to my children that passion and a willingness to take action leads to spectacular things . . . and really it has in many ways.

I’m just gonna say, while I fly by the seat of my pants more often than I like, and I recognize I have a lot to learn . . . I’m still at it, knowing there is a reason I am spose to do what I do.  Once in a while a Lover of Lovelies comes along to remind me.  Once in a while an artist takes a class and I reminded . . . yes, this is what I am supposed to be doing.

May you enjoy this offering of Devyn’s Fairy.  May it be a reminder to you of possibility, joy, growth, learning and renewal as we head into spring. I’d be honored if you’d own one.

Devyn’s Fairy – back view (pardon the shadow)
Just the poppy with a golden stone in the center. (lab. sapphire)
Devyn’s Fairy with patina (per Devyn’s request)
Origami Crane …created by Devyn
Poppy with patina

LeafMagyk1 DSC_0037


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