“Gladiator of Love & Joy” and Touchstones

Some people have suggested, including my business coach, that I prep emails/blogs ahead of time. I’ve been resistant.  This morning I heard some things and remembered why I am kinda resistant.

Hay House produces a “World Summit”.  There are videos and audios of some of the most spectacular minds, world wide, all sharing what they do, how they help people and ways to be more emboldened in life.

I was listening to an audio presentation with Mike DooleyTUT Notes from the Universe. He had a lot to share, and what struck me was the idea, almost necessity, to “immerse yourself in truth”

The truth, at least for me, being that there is good in the world….good in my life…good in humanity.

When the world seems topsy turvy with negative events, it is sometimes a challenge to remember that AND the more I focus on good, the more good I create.

There are a lot of ways that I give myself daily reminders to focus on the magyk of life.  I have books I read, audios I listen to, a vision board, I dance, I sing . . . and what works for me most often is the adornment I wear. Day to day, in particular, I am purposeful about what jewelry I wear.

If I feel like I need a super boost on any day, I wear “Through Smoke”.
You can read about it here: through smoke. In summary, that piece was and still is, about walking through challenges.

Every day, I wear my “teaching” vessel and my light-side, dark-side piece.  “vessel” and “light-side, dark-side” are links so you can see the pieces and accompanying story 🙂

These particular pieces are my go-to-grab-and-remember – why I do what I do and to be in more peace and love during challenging times.

I’m not a Pollyanna. No day is without a challenge, even if it is a very small one . . . like needing to get gas . . . or having forgotten and having to call AAA 🙂 Even small challenges can throw a monkey wrench into a day.

Having a touchstone in my hand (or around my neck) when I cannot look at a vision board or read a book, helps me re-center and handle life’s moments with more grace and ease.

“…be reminded that you are a gladiator of love and joy!” -Mike Dooley, World Summit May 2015.

What do you do? How do you take moments to re-center? Does it make sense to live life with intention?

How can I help you today? What can we create together that will help you – and be beautiful to wear ;). Send me an email . . . lets schedule a call. phoenixmagyk@icloud.com

Here’s what one client had to say:

“Through a process of question and answer, sketching out ideas, concepts and design possibilities in words and actual images, Delia skillfully and very sensitively fashioned a piece of jewelry that really makes my heart sing. Not only that, she intuited characteristics that I wasn’t consciously aware of and fused them into the intention of the final piece, which makes it very special and powerful in holding my highest intentions for my inner development.” – Susanna

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