Sooooo . . . it’s been a while since I made a blog post.  I’ve been threatening to :). If you could understand the time necessary to access my blog site and make a post and the time available to me lately for such an activity and factor in how quickly I can make a Facebook status update and consider this immensely long run on sentence then you will know why I haven’t made a recent blog post, although I’ve been told it would be wise to be more regular about such things as a way to improve my business! Are you hitching in air right about now . . . I’m trying to.

I’ve recently completed a 1 day class at Skirball (for Otis), an 8 week series at Otis (which became 9 weeks), two 3 week series at Glendale CC and two 2-week series at Santa Monica. All of which were my first experiences in the venues.

Because Lora Hart moved to Virginia (dammit) and pushed me to apply to these venues (thank you very much) . . . and because they liked me (they really do!) . . . I am, oh-so-fortunate to be teaching at Otis, Glendale and Santa Monica. AND because I generally walk into most teaching dates with a sense of wide-eyed-lets-see-what-happens-with-the-plan enthusiasm . . . Honestly, I’m not entirely sure about the artists I had the privilege to teach . . . but I LEARNED A LOT.  More than I thought I would.

It has been my experience that I always learn something in every class. And my learning experiences far exceeded any imaginary expectation I might have had. There is really too much to share.  I don’t wanna be a tease about such things, but frankly it might bore you. It is exciting to me to have gained such experiences.  One thing I learned above all else was the value of switching gears and being ‘present’ . . . in each room . . . with each artist . . . with each customer . . . driving on the freeway . . . in each experience.

Thank you to everyone I had the opportunity to share a classroom with, this summer!  YA’LL ROCK. Even the rings. . . .

In the midst of all the great teaching experiences  . . . Crafted!

As many of you know, Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles (on par to become the nation’s largest handmade marketplace) opened on June 29. During the ribbon cutting, I was in my booth finishing my set-up. LOL.

In retrospect, while it was the right thing to do, I was really sad to miss the ribbon cutting.  There was so much build-out and build-up that went into opening day.  I had that moment of recognition where I felt not present.

Clearly I’ve moved on.  Had to. At light speed.  My days have looked a little like this:

 and like this . . .


 About Crafted: squeeee, tired, hot, exciting. scary, boring, hot, struggle, flow, love, hate, mad, sad, happy, gleeful, tired, teaching, packing, unpacking, driving, fixing, gluing, nailing, stapling, cleaning sweeping, retouching, happy, sad, frustrated, gleeful, new people, drama, crowded, zoo creature, $5 parking, music, too loud, hot, buy something!, can I answer a question for you, driving, freeway, eating, coffee, more coffee, water, heat stroke,  yelp reviews, bad reviews, good reviews, more clay, demos, hot, fan wars, supportive, controlled, distant, community, growing pains . . .

I’ve gone from “I’m HERE!” to “What do you want?!” (in a plaintive whining way) – in zero to 60 seconds and back again.

And, due to things beyond my control, summer has come and gone and there was no mini-trip for the girlie and me and limited time with my son.

I am BY NO MEANS complaining.

Here’s what I get so far:

1) I am responsible for my life . . . and my choices.

2) being present in any given situation helps me to stay grounded

3) being grounded helps me not to miss things, be a better parent, teacher, and artist.

4) there is nothing ‘wrong’ with me

5) I love what I do

6) I can create a mini-trip in the future 🙂

I love teaching and wouldn’t change that or the venues I am teaching in. I learned more, so I can become a better instructor.

I love sharing my work and I wouldn’t change my choice to be at Crafted. I have learned more, so I can share more and be a more aware artist.

I love my children more than teaching and more than being at Crafted. I have learned more, so that I can be the kind of parent I want to be  . . . and better human in all my affairs 🙂

It’s so nice to have these moments of reflection . . . to slow down and really look around. I’ve accomplished a lot this summer. Many of the goals I had for the year – I have accomplished and it is only August.

School starts soon and I was lucky enough to get out of the house to go to the book store today.  I did not take the freeway 🙂 and I annoyed my daughter with my stopping every few seconds and saying ‘oh look’,

“As if you’ve never seen a book before MOM!”

“Well my girlie, it feels like I haven’t!” I mutter.

“And look at this parking lot and this building and look at that car and the sky – oh MY – the sky . . . and the people . . . who aren’t staring at me as if I am a zoo exhibit and not walking past me because they think I’m gonna sell them something and good gracious, no one is asking me if they can make a RING!!!!” HAHAHAHAHA

It has been an exciting and sometimes stressful summer.  I think I found my cadence finally and am hoping back into some sort of steady-as-she-goes kinda pace 🙂

I hope you all have had a lovely summer!

Now . . . go make something . . . right now . . . even if it’s trouble!

All my best,



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