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I finally redecorated the store in an “intentional” way.  If you’ve spent any time with me, you know I am a big fan of intentional living.  When I moved into the expanded space at the beginning of this year, I did it in a hour….with a lot of help….still tromping around in my ortho-boot. It was hastily done, and not as really intended.  I was so grateful for the assistance from my friend Lindsay and my daughter, Devyn.

I have spent the last several months plotting and planning my intentions and I am so far pleased with the result.  There are some finishing touches to be added later and I am SUPER pleased. Many thanks to my friend Lisa and again my daughter, who, as it turns out, has some mad skills with a drill.

In my pictorial (of sorts) are photos representing some experiences I’ve enjoyed the last couple of weeks.

Jean is holding up the first ever fine silver piece she made last Sunday. Just below the store shots is Pat, eyeing me under her head loop during Pieces of Your life. I have been so enriched by these two woman.

To the right of Pat is the rear window of my car, with my Shop Small and Crafted stickers. The last picture is of a new vessel I’ve been working on . . . a Flower of Life symbol, in bronze.

Long gone are the days where I believed in and fell in line with stories about how Indians and Pilgrims got along. What hasn’t changed is that part of me that is compelled to acknowledge that which I am grateful for.

And I do it daily.

Of course, among the daily *things*….like the ability to see, hear, feel, speak, create . . . and love – I am also appreciative and oh so thankful to my customers and clients that take classes, buy from me, follow my journey.  Without you, I would not have the opportunity to do what I love every day.  Thank you!

Be well friends . . . much love and light,



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