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Hi Everybody!

Happy February and almost Valentines’s Day 🙂

This month is PACKED with neato things!

February 9 @5pm I will be doing a quick demonstration at Zinnia(website)

ZinniaDemo1 (flyer).

February 11 • is the ‘Opening’ for Zinnia’s gallery art show,

Burnin' Love

I have two pieces on display there and there are MANY wonderful works that will be on display.






At this Wikipedia link, there is some fabulous information on The Loteria game and it’s history.  I particularly appreciate the art of Gallo and the realistic portrayal of the heart.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loter%C3%ADa_%28board_game%29

February 11 • I will be at Majestical Roof.  If you miss my demo at Zinnia, I’ll be doing one here.  Also, my friend Rain Hannah of Honey & Ollie will be at this show!



February 18 • 11 – 5 I’ll be teaching my first class of the new year at ZINNIA – An Introduction to Metal Clay – Pendants . . . project specific, fast paced. You can sign-up now if you’d like

February 26 • 10 – 6 I’ll be teaching my first class of the new year at Majestical Roof – An Introduction to Metal Clay – Plus . . . project specific, slower paced


Anyone attending the demonstration receives a 15% discount on any Zinnia purchase. After the demonstration: any one signing up for my 2/18 class receives a 10% discount on your class fee. YAY YOU!

If you stop by Majestical Roof on the 11th and sign-up for my first class there: 10% off your class fee.

Coming up in March . . . 3/18 Metal Clay Magic at Zinnia

Have a super-mega-awesome week!
All my best,

Make something everyday . . . even if it’s trouble! – I said that


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